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HowTo: Build Backlinks for Your Blog

Building backlinks for your blog is one of the main things to do to get better rankings and more visits. When you build backlinks, the presence of your blog increases further and makes more people know about your blog. Building backlinks might be a problem for some people if they are not well experienced or are just starting up with a blog. Well, it is very true that building backlinks is very beneficial but it requires you to do some work. Read further to learn about some of the ways to build the backlinks for your blog.

Importance of Backlinks for a website or blog

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most used ways for building backlinks for your blog. You write a post for some other blog with your blog’s backlink in the author bio and if the post is published, you get the backlink. Usually, the guest authors target blogs with Page Rank 2 or more. Even blogs with Alexa rank less than 100K are much targeted. Well, if you are willing to turn into a guest author, try posting in groups and ask for the PR2+ blogs. You will get a lot of them. Or to begin with just write to us at: mailme[ a t ] to author a guest post for the Binary Log. We are PR 3.

Posting in Forums

Posting in forums also helps in building backlinks for your blog and the best thing is that it is quicker than guest posting. If you try this out, make sure that you post in some popular, high ranked forums and you also have to make sure that you follow the guidelines of the forum. Just add your blog link in the signature. Adding it in the post may not be a good idea. Also make sure that you never spam! Spamming will result in a permanent ban of your account. You should try out Digital Point as it is one of the most famous forums in the world.

Link Exchange

This is another quick method for building backlinks. In this, you have to place somebody’s blog’s link on your blog and in return that person will place your blog’s link in his/her blog. This provides as a good method for building backlinks quickly and it also proves good for not only one, but two people at the same time. Another variation of this is 3-way link exchange. In a 3-way link exchange if you own two (or more) blogs, you can ask some other fellow blogger to link back to your first blog and in return you can link him from your second blog. This will help to boost your rankings higher and thus will bring more traffic.

Comment at Do-Follow Blogs

There are certain blogs that are do-follow. It means the links on those blogs help in increasing the page rank. First step is to find blogs with the CommentLuv plugin. Search for a list of blogs using this plugin and you will get a good list. Now, the commenting process begins. You just have to make sure that you don’t spam in between the comments because you will get a link without it. Also, write some productive and relevant comments. Don’t just copy-paste the comments.

Do comment with your opinions about the points that are shared in this post.

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Do-Follow vs No-Follow back links – Which should I use?

Do-Follow Links vs No-Follow Links

Emerging as one of the internet’s biggest debate, No-Follow and Do-Follow often tends to confuse the webmasters when it comes to link building. Some say No-Follow links prevent the search engines from crawling back to your site thereby proving inefficient in improving your page rank, whereas some say building too many Do-Follow links might give a wrong impression to the search engines who are constantly looking to bust spam links, and then there are some who think building some No-Follow links along with Do-Follow will help you escape the claws of search engine and you can work on to get better rankings.

What exactly are No-Follow and Do-Follow links

No-Follow is an HTML attribute attached with your hyperlink which prevents the search engines from crawling back to your site thus ignoring you a SERP boost.

Do-Follow is not a tag or attribute as the links which are not No-Follow are automatically considered as Do-Follow. These links actually passes “link juice” from the originating site to the linked site helping them in acquiring more traffic to their, hence boosting their SERP.

Planning To Host a Blog: Take Right Decision

Google uses many algorithms to rank web pages, one of them being the number of in-links to your pages. It is up to the webmaster whether to host a No-Follow or a Do-Follow blog. Running through some of the pros and cons will help you decide better.

Pros (No-Follow Links)

1. Prevents spamming – Spammers looking to extract link juice will think leaving a comment on such a site will be a mere waste of time. This will filter out the top commentators providing genuine feedback.

2. Preserves link juice – Giving a No-Follow tag to all your external links will help you preserve your link juice and work towards attaining a higher page rank.

3. Helps develop trust – Search engines develop a trust for your blog as you are avoiding spam comments.

Cons (No-Follow Links)

1. Reduced blog activity – People looking for back links to their pages will always avoid a No-Follow blog making it difficult for you to get more traffic to your site.

2. Hard to get link juice to your site/blog – It would eventually become harder to get traffic to your site as commenting only on Do-Follow blogs can help you gather in-links.

Pros (Do-Follow Links)

1. Encourages Traffic – Loved by most webmasters, a high ranked Do-Follow blog always attracts more traffic to it.

2. Marketing point of view – As a marketer, you can encourage people by using the plus point and attract more visitors.

Cons (Do-Follow Links)

1. Increases spam activity – People looking for some link juice will always show up on your blog/site with some useless comments.

2. Sacrifice your authority – Providing links to every person will reduce your credibility. It is always advisable to be selective in whom you reward.

The Final Verdict

Do-Follow links will give you human traffic as well as SEO traffic whereas No-Follow links will provide you with human traffic which is still the best thing to achieve. Thus as some say, maintaining a balance between No-Follow and Do-Follow links would work the best, it is always advisable to ensure proper management of your links.

About the author: Rubela Jhonnie is a blogger and a writer. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on most expensive car in the world attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on BMW 7 Series.

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GoOgle’s honors Eadweard J. Muybridge’s work on his 182nd Anniversary

GoOgle’s today’s doOdle is a Vintage type video of a horse running and running and running.. Whats so special in it? Lets find out..

Today’s doOdle is in the honor of Eadweard J. Muybridge. Today is his 182nd anniversary. Happy Birthday man..

He is known for his work on capturing animal locomotion using multiple cameras, and his device for projecting motion pictures called zoopraxiscope.

To read more about his life Navigate to his wikipedia page. He was an interesting person actually.. or atleast read this section: Stanford and the galloping question this briefs on how and why he started this work on motion capturing which set the stage for cinematography.

Here is some of his work: [Source: Wikipedia]

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How to Access WordPress Bypassing The SOPA Blackout and along with some major websites are blocked today in protest against SOPA and PIPA. Although we do support the cause but in case you want to access the WordPress Support Forum, here is the way.

P.S: Not all WordPress sections are accessible via this hack but you can access some support sections like this.

In order to view the regular WordPress Support Pages and not the black screen with message (see below) you need to disable the JavaScript in your browser.

WordPress SOPA Blackout

Steps to disable JavaScript in Major Browsers.

# Mozilla Firefox users click here.

# Google Chrome users goto this page (chrome://settings/content) (copy the link and open it in new tab) and select “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript” or you can go through these step by step instructions.

enjoy 🙂

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How to Access Wikipedia Bypassing The SOPA Blackout


You can also drag the bookmarklet below to your browser’s bookmarks bar on top and click it to access WikiPedia without disabling the JavaScript.

show.wikipedia <== (Drag this bookmarklet)

Wikipedia’s English version is blocked today in protest against SOPA and PIPA. Although we do support the cause but in case you want to access the Wikipedia English articles, here is the way.

In order to view the regular Wikipedia pages and not the black screen with message (see below) you need to disable the JavaScript in your browser.

Steps to disable JavaScript in Major Browsers.

# Mozilla Firefox users click here.

# Google Chrome users goto this page (chrome://settings/content) (copy the link and open it in new tab) and select “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript” or you can go through these step by step instructions.

enjoy 🙂

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4 Simple Computer Tips to Speed up Your Broadband Internet

There are many internet service providers out there offering good broadband internet connection services. But some questions that tend to put confusion in our mind do arise when we have used a particular broadband internet for quite some time and we notice that our broadband internet connection is not working as it used to in the earlier times. In such situations, should we contact our internet service providers for help or try and take the risk of solving the problem by ourselves. Lucky you are here, the simple tips I will be giving here are worth the risk because there’s no risk involved in applying them to your wavering broadband internet condition. More so, the tips here does not involve you tampering with your broadband internet at all, so if after applying the tips here you don’t get the desired results you can still go back to your internet service provider.
Read moreRead more

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HowTo: Insert profile picture in faceboOk chat

Earlier Facebook chat used to be my last choice of communication.. all this changed when faceboOk introduced the modern messaging system code named project Titan. Post this I have never gone offline on FB chat to avoid chatting on it or told any one to come on gtalk instead..

Then FB added tons of other features to the chat like calling, video calling and whatnot..  now they have made another little but unique addition to the system.. you can now insert your mutual friend’s profile picture in the chat with your friends.

All you need to do is just write [[username]] and send it on the chat.. if the person haven’t selected the username yet then you can use his/her profile-ID instead..

It makes use of the goOd old Graph API to access the user’s image from this url:

For e.g:

I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do with this system but it really is one coOl feeature..

Insert profile pics in Facebook's chat

Also, I don’t think much people will be able to use it because no one even really remember their friends’ username.. let alone profile IDs.  And people today are too lazy to open a new tab of their friend’s profile to see their username or profile-ID. It would have been better if it was something like that of tagging system. Mark Zuckerberg.. If you are reading this.. take this advice.. I won’t ask for royalty or anything.. 😉

P.S. you too remember that its my blog’s Bday this sunday.. be ready with the presents 😉

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4 Reasons Why a Mobile Internet is one of the Best forms of Broadband Internet

The internet is now a major part of our lives and it is even inevitable considering the fact that the works and lives of so many of us depends on it. There are several multibillion dollar companies that depend on the internet to succeed and there are also countless small business owners who would vanish should the internet disappear.
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Nov shopping Experience : Awesome

As promised.. here comes my first review of online shopping in India..
I proved in my last post how Right now is THE best itme to be lazy.. all thanks to the emerging eCommerce in India.
Today I’ll be sharing my shopping experience with is an India based online electronics shopping website which offers a large array of electronics products and gadgets at amazingly low prices.

So few days ago mom said she wants an Ozone electronic safe and wanted me to drive her to the market so she could buy one.
As lazy as I am..especially On sundays or on any other holidays.. or on just any other day. I’m very resistant to step outside the house.. I just love to lay down and watch Sitcoms all day doing Nothing..

I told her to just sit beside me while I showed her different models available online.. and she finally liked the one available on, a friend of her bought the same few days ago at much higher cost, from a regular shop, than the price on On letsbuy it was 52% less on MRP and they were also running a 10% off campaign..

She was a little worried about What If we pay and they never deliver.. Then I told her about the Cash On Delivery option.. though I paid using my debit card as 10% disccount was not applicable for COD products.. and I trusted Letsbuy enough to pre pay the ammount.

She asked me if I’m sure that they’ll be sending genuine product with warranty and all.. I told her about their 45 Days replacement guarantee in addition to warranty offered by Manufacturer and she was amazed (Although not as amazed as When I one time ordered 250g Kale Chane online from .. but thats a story for another day :D). I was happy that she was liking this eCommerce thingy.. If I could get her like this.. this would save me from so many trips to the market.. 😀

So we placed the order.. and I wished that everything should go well so my mother wont hesitate next time I tell her to buy online instead of going to the market.
The webpage mentioned that product would be delivered in 2-4 days.. and it was indeed delivered in just two days..
And the packaging Oh my gawd!
So many layers of Bubble wrap was taped around it that even if you drop the package from 5th floor.. the impact wouldnt reach inside the package..
I actually had to use Knife to tear off the packaging.. [See pics]

Click on thumbnails to enlarge..

Package taped with bubblewrap.Unpacking...Still Unpacking...Lots of Bubble wrap to play with afterwards ;)Thermocols inside bubblewrap for extra protection :OUnboxing complete! ;)

After spending 10mins on unpacking I finally took the safe out and gave to mom.. She was very pleased with the process… and amazing service by goOd people at letsbuy.

Overall I had a great experience with Letsbuy. Timely Delivery, Great prices, Awesome packaging, genuine products and lots of bubble wrap to play with afterwards 😀

So on a scale of Awesome to Awful, I give Awesome to Letsbuy.. Do share about your experience, if you have any, in the comments below..

Next I’ll be posting my experience with stay tuned.

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