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5 Important Singapore Incubator Schemes to Look Out For

Business incubators are prodigious sources of help for start-ups because they not only offer funding, but are frequently sources of business guidance and technical knowledge. Some even offer admittance to accounting or legal services and open doors to wide business connections.

Incubators work in inimitable hybrid models of funding, endowments and equity. Depending on the scheme, incubators can match funds raised up by the entrepreneur or give out cash grants. They can also take an equity stake in the start-up for the funds they have provided.

Let us take a quick look at five different options offered by incubators.


The Incubator Development Program

The Incubator Development Program offers up to seventy percent grant support to incubators and venture accelerators which have programs to help develop start-ups.

The grant covers the cost of hiring guides, as well as expenses sustained from market services and events. Grant also covers the cost of hiring incubator managers and offers funds for training and shared services plus equipments for start-ups.

Singapore Incubator Programs

Singapore Incubator Programs

Incubator for Disruptive Enterprises and Start-ups (IDEAS) Fund

The IDEAS Fund is an incubator fund for early startups and emphases on identifying and guiding startups with disruptive revolutionlatent. It places about $500,000 to $600,000 on a single investment. It is appropriate for companies in all sectors.


It is coped by Innosight Ventures, a Singapore-based venture capital firm, and financially reinforced by the National Research Foundation.

Jam Micro Funding Scheme

The i.Jam Micro Funding Scheme offers up to $250,000 in seed funding, with two tiers of funding. Tier 1 – Funding comprises of grants of up to $50,000 for selected startups through selected incubators. The grants will be used to offset up to 100% of start-up costs (subject to a cap of $50,000 for each start-up) over a determined period of two years.

Tier 2 – funding is for startups which have positively met and surpassed performance indicators for their projects under the i.JAM Reload Tier 1 Funding, or i.JAM phase 1.

They will then be suitable to apply for funding of up to S$100,000, if they are eligible. This is managed by the Collaborating Digital Media Programme Office.

NRF Technology Incubation Scheme (TIS)


Under the TIS scheme, the National Research Foundation (NRF) Singapore can co-invest up to 85% of investment, covered at S$500,000 per company, into a Singapore-based start-up that is suggested by a Technology Incubator (TI).

The TI will then co-invest the remaining 15% of investment into the start-up. The TI will also offer active mentorship and guidance to the start-up. As an incentive, the TI can buy over NRF’s stake in the start-up within three years by refunding the capital plus interest.


Fast-Track Environmental and Water Technologies Incubator Scheme (Fast-Tech)


Singapore-based companies which are less than Three years old can apply for this scheme, which offershelp through a repayable grant which will be up to S$500,000 per company or up to 85%, either is lower, over two years

If the company accepts the grant, 1/3 of the permitted grant quantum will be advanced to the company. The remaining grant is paid to the company on a compensation basis. This funding is managed by the Environment and Water Industry Program Office.

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Choosing PowerPoint Templates

As i’ve already mentioned, in my earlier posts that PowerPoint Templates, play an important role in generating good audience response and catch attention of your boss and clients with neat and simple design.

However, it is not always easy to design your own template for the presentation, it requires a lot of expertise and time as well. To save you from the trouble, there are several hundred sites which offer free Templates for you’re presentation. Also read how to check IRCTC PNR Status.

Benefits of using Templates

  • Save hours of time, used up to design the layout for your presentation.
  • Why pay while you can play around with thousands of Free templates, which are specifically designed and professional crafted for specific presentations.
  • Impress your co-workers by implementing a good templates.
  • There are also interactive and 3D templates available which makes the experience more intuitive.

Choosing PowerPoint Templates

Here comes the most tricky part, since there is a flood of templates in the internet, it is not possible to choose only one. So here’s an intuitive guide to help you choose.

  • First research the category of your presentation.
  • Choose a templates from the similar category.
  • Choose templates with subtle and bright colors, dim colors wouldn’t perform well on projectors.

View PowerPoint Plantillas for more tips.

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The release date and the possible features of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

The upgraded version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is looking to launch at the Google’s I/O event which will held in May. The first phone which is looking to get the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is the mysterious Motorola X. Another possibility is the manufactured smartphone of LG electronics, the Nexus 5.

Although, no official words are yet said by Google on the release date and the features, everything is yet said on rumors only. Enhanced social networking support, improved performance, support to multiple devices, and multiple selection in contacts, better video chat options, performance profile, and Google Babble can be some of the basic features of the update.

With each new release of any Smartphone, tablet, update or any other gadget, technology is growing up very fast. These gadgets are most welcomed in our life and eagerly accepted as a part of life but, we always forgot the Operating System while we accept the gadgets. Let me remind you that in 2011, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was launched by Google which was seen in the Nexus, and in 2012 the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version that arrived powering the super Nexus 7.

This year too, a new Android version is going to launch by Google and it is going to release soon. Currently, all the Smartphone users’ uses social networking sites to keep their interest in mind, Sony integrated Facebook and LG incorporates Facebook and Twitter by default in their flagship smartphones. A list of services are provided by the Google like the Gtalk, Google+, Google voice etc.

The Google Babble is latest project of the company which will centralize all the news feeds and notification at one single place. It is looking that the Google Babble will be installed in the update.

These are some of the features that may be available on new version. We all are waiting eagerly for this new update from Google. Samsung has already announced that Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy S3 would be eligible for receiving the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie update.

This post is written by Divyansh Peswani. He is currently blogging at Top Mobile Info 

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Free PowerPoint Templates

Templates play a vital role in organizing and beautifying your PowerPoint Presentations. Believe it or not, 90% of your audience are much appealed by the design rather than the conduct according to a psychological survey conducted on a group of people.

So it’s always better to appeal the eyeballs in order to appeal your sales and conversions. However you may not have time for designing or the budget to get it designed. Here, Powerpoint Templates Free download come into play.

Tips for Choosing a Template

There are thousands of templates floating around the interwebs. It could be overhwhelming to choose just one out of the innumerable template. So follow these tips and shortlist a theme.

  • Choose a subtle theme having standard color scheme.
  • Choose a design best suitable for your needs. For example if you are presenting on health and awareness, you could you a template with pulse animation for example or a subtle heart vector as background illustration.
  • Never choose dark colors, because it could fail to render on projectors in bright rooms.
  • Do not use transitions sounds as it may sound unprofessional.
  • Maintain a uniform theme and color throughout the presentation.

Also check out our range of 3D PowerPoint Templates for more spectacular themes.

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Gantt Charts in PowerPoint

Gantt Charts are an illustrative medium or basically a chart to represent a schedule, or a timeline of a project or  an organization. It follows a revolutionary Work Breakdown structure, which makes it easier for the audience to understand the illustrated data.

Gantt Charts in PowerPoint

However, Designing Gantt Charts is basically very complex using native techniques of powerpoint.

A lot of tools and applications provide Gantt Chart generation capability, but it is never easier to import these charts into your PowerPoint Presentation. The only way i found working, is to convert it into a image. However, all the data will be lost and the chart can’t be edited later.

However, you can create Gantt Charts manually in PowerPoint itself using native basic functions.  You need to insert numerous shapes and placeholders to design a timeline or a chart. However, it would take literally hours to design manually.

So instead of spending hours and investing thousands, you can leverage OfficeTimeline, a free plugin extension for PowerPoint. It offers a wide range of pre-made Gantt Chart/Timeline templates. All you need to do is, configure the numbers and the desired text. It is integrates and saves you trouble importing charts.

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How to Create PowerPoint Timelines in Seconds

No matter, You are a professional or an amateur in PowerPoint, Creating Timelines is never a child’s play, I personally spend hours trying to design the proper template and layout for my timeline

Office Timeline

What are Timelines

Timelines are simply visually attractive illustrations of the timeline of various events, milestones or memorable happenings pertaining to your company or personal life.

I’m going to show you, how you can leverage Office Timeline, an intuitive Timeline Maker to design Timeline and templates in few minutes.

How to Use Office Timeline

  • First Download Office Timeline application from the link mentioned above. The basic version is free, Download it and install the add-in.
  • Run PowerPoint, you should be able to see a new tab on your ribbon titled ‘Office Timeline’. Click on it to start the wizard.
  • There are several patterns to choose from like Gantt, Intervals e.t.c.
  • Once you choose your desired pattern type, proceed to add milestones (intervals), you can customize the shape or the specific milestone.
  • Click Finish, to finalize the timeline and insert it into the current slide.
  • Once published, you can also tweak the timeline using the settings tab. You can modify the milestone data, the shapes and the intervals without any hassle.
  • For detailed tutorials of this simple app, Check out the range of video tutorials in the ‘About’ tab.
Author Bio: Gautham is a passionate writers who currently blogs at PowerPoint Timelines blog


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Differences between Office 365 and Office 2013

Microsoft recently announced some intuitive updates to both these service. Office 365 and Office 2013 are two terms, many users get confused with.Microsoft office 365 has been designed for those who require IT support & the latest administrative tools. Office 2013 is an upcoming version of Microsoft Office, as desktop and cloud-based suite for Windows and Mac. Cloud Suite is designed for the general PowerPoint users.

Office 365 is a set of subscription based software services which needs monthly or periodic payment of fees to the Microsoft Corporation. Office 2013 is a suite of various desktop based applications. Office 365 was announced in the autumn of 2010 but was publicly released on June 28, 2011. Development of Office 2013 was started in 2010 & came to an end on October 11, was planned to release in the first quarter of 2013.

Microsoft office 2013 is through the subscription of office 365.Office 2013 support is comprised of a few operating systems such as windows RT, windows 8, windows 7, windows server 2012, windows server 2008 & R2. It is available in 33 languages.

PowerPoint 2013

Products listed in Microsoft Office 365

  • Microsoft Exchange online
  • Microsoft SharePoint online
  • Microsoft Link online
  • Office professional plus
  • Office Web Apps

Office Web Apps takes your presentation and online exposure to the next level with the set of tools.

New features of Office 2013

  • Ribbon interface with a  flat UI look and delicate animations while typing in Word and Excel.
  • New graphical options in Microsoft Word.
  • New lines of alignment while moving the objects.
  • Online picturorial support.
  • Resume exactly where you’ve paused in MS Word & PowerPoint.
  • New slide designs, animations & transitions in PowerPoint 2013.
  • Support for & in Outlook.
  • Support for Skype and Yammer.
  • Various new Chart diagrams in Excel 2013.
  • You can merge shapes to create millions of new shapes.
  • The most significant update of Office 2013, Microsoft added various integration and bridge options for PowerPoint to sync with cloud storage.
  • Easy data recovery options.

Author: Nekkanti is a PowerPoint Expert who blogs at PPT Templates blog

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Easiest Way to Create Flow Charts in PowerPoint

Flow Chart is a visual representation or algorithm or a system. It has invariable importance in programming as well as sometimes during business management, Flow charts are one of the most popular PowerPoint presentation types. I will you show you how to create flow charts on the go

  • You can access flowchart custom shapes either through Insert menu or Shapes tab from the ribbon. There are several flowchart shapes, if you are aware of the functions of each specific shape in a flowchart, go ahead and use them. There are several shape functions such as calculation, decision, input/output e.t.c, Just Google it
  • You need to create a layout for your basic flowchart. Once you have the idea of the flowchart you are going to create. First create the shapes required. You can format and position them later
  • Arrange them in order to maintain the flow. Once you’ve done that, you can connect those shapes either by using arrow shapes or lines or connectors.  From Shapes select Lines and drag them towards each other. To make sure each shape is connected to form a flow chart
  • Now using Word art or just Text Box, you can add labels to your flow chart. Once you’ve done that. You can start coloring the flowchart and add life to it. Make sure the text is legible

Easier way to create Flow Chart

To help you position your Flow Chart shapes and easily create the layout. Go to View -> Grids and Guides for easier designing.

If you don’t want to put up with all this and want to create a spectacular flowchart within seconds. You can make use of Free Flow Chart templates available on the web

Author: Mahesh is a social media analyzer at a top I.T firm in India. He frequently works with PowerPoint and shares his knowledge through PowerPoint Tutorials and also shares PowerPoint Templates

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Top 5 PowerPoint Alternatives

Best PowerPoint Alternatives

Due to it’s whopping price, PowerPoint may not be a choice for everyone. Though Microsoft claims PowerPoint as the standard for presentations, there are few better software with much intriguing feature. It is futile to spend hundreds of dollars on a productivity suite (MS Office) if do not use it by professional

Here’s a list of Best PowerPoint Alternatives in my opinion.


Probably the best and spectacular alternative of PowerPoint. It’s infamous ‘Zoom’ a feature makes it stand out of the league, Your presentation can be stored and access through the web directly.

That’s not all. Prezi also has some drawbacks: Although the developers have put their best for an easier interface, it is still not too simple to start learning. You need to spend a few days to familiarize with the interface and tools. One notable loophole the developers haven’t considered is the Flash format (in which the presentations are rendered) isn’t compatible in most of the upcoming devices


SlideOnline is a collaborative tool for creating web presentations. It has an intruiging interface which allows you to directly upload and share the presentations with your friends,. It is gaining popularity each day. It’s downside is it’s limited features and single layout but lack of annoying ads persuades me to use it

The application allows you to import slides directly from PowerPoint. On the other hand, unlike Prezi, SlideRocket doesn’t pose any problem to mobile users since HTML5 version provides access to presentations from mobile browsers.


The only free program that can compete with Powerpoint is OpenOffice Impress .
Presentations can be easily created utilizing the massive library of clip art and 3D drawings, animations and different display modes.

Alternatively, Impress can also create presentations and flash swf file to be embedded into websites

Google Docs

Google Docs is a web application, it is easy to use, fast to load and allows you to create new presentations, you can also collaborate with other users. You can change the theme and the background of the presentation, add text, images and videos, import individual slides and much more.

Author Bio: Gautham is a Technology blogger who designs templates for PowerPoint Templates and Free PowerPoint Backgrounds

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Using HTML5 to Design PowerPoint Presentations

In my earlier post, I’ve discussed how you can convert your presentations into a web format or a video and embed it on your blog. Here’s how you can replicate PowerPoint presentations on the web with HTML5 without having to use PowerPoint at all.

All these frameworks utilize CSS3 and HTML5 technologies, make sure your browser is HTML5 compatible.


Impress.JS is a flexible javascript framework which implements latest CSS transitions and effects to generate an online presentation. It was intended to clone Prezi. Although Prezi is considered as the best alternative for PowerPoint, it still costs you 150$ an year.
It also replicates Prezi’s infamous zoom interface. You can also script and configure several transition effects

HTML5 Rocks

Licensed under Apache 2.0. As it’s name suggests, it is a set of slides is initially designed to introduce the new HTML5. It’s structure can simply afford to build your own layout with all the bonus examples of HTML5 features already implemented in the framework.


Reveal.js utilizes CSS 3D Transforms to replicate PowerPoint transitions., Reveal.js is an HTML template to make presentations in the form of two-dimensional matrix. Several modes of transitions can be configured such horizontal sliding and vertical modes. Reveal.JS also has a unique Reveal transition which utilizes CSS Opacity and transform properties to create a fade out -> Reveal effect.

Robo Deck

The main advantage of this framework is that if the presentation is available online then it is possible to synchronize the visitors on the current slide via Web Socket Requests.. Note that it is still in beta stage and does require lot of annoying bug bashing before any large scale web application development with it

Author Bio:– Savanth is an experienced web designer. He designs various PowerPoint Presentations at his blog

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