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HowTo: Enable Facebook Timeline now

So the facebook says this timeline feature of their’s will be available for everyone in a few coming weeks.. right now its only available to open graph developers..

So if you want it you can either wait for “a few weeks” or you can follow the below given steps and get it right away..

  1. Just login to your faceboOk account and goto
  2. Add the developers application to your account by allowing the permission which it asks for
  3. Then after allowing look in the top-right-ish corner and find a button to “Create New App”
  4. Name it anything and enter any 8 letter word as a namespace, agree to terms and click continue
  5. Now find “Open Graph” in the left side bar and click on it
  6. Now in “Get Started with Open Graph” section fill in the fields anything.. for e.g people can read a blog and then click on “Get started”
  7. Now on next screen do “Save Changes and Next” for all three steps.
  8. Now you’ve completed the process.. wait for a few minutes and goto your home screen and you’ll get a notification inviting you to enable the new Timeline

Her’s a screenshot of the invitation:

Facebook Timeline Developer release

If you don’t get the notification just don’t panic and wait a few more minutes.. It may take a little time.

Did this worked for you?? If yes how’d you liked the new Timeline?? Do tell in comments below..

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Time travelling with Facebook Timeline

Facebook introduced TimeLine and I just can’t get enough of it.. Every minute I’m discovering some new feature hiddens ome where in the big bulk of changes..

The best one I found uptil now is Time Travelling.. Yes now Facebook enables you to travel in time.. and NO, not just to view your past sories/events/albums/videos.. you can even upload or add stories/events/albums/videos in you timeline in the past..

Now isn’t that awesome..

I was always fascinated with the concept of time travelling and parallel universe travelling.. though real time travelling is few years away,  facebook has enabled us to time travel in our digital life though.. and I soon expect them to release something for enabling us to travel to an alternate parallel universe..

So I was feeling very bad when I remembered I forgot to wish myself on my birthday this year.. but now with this awesome facebook timeline.. I can totally go back in the past and make up for that..

Time travelling with Facebook Timeline

And obviously you can also just travel through your timeline to relive your old memories that you’ve posted on faceboOk..

Time travelling with facebook timeline

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