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Still play goOgle guitar doOdle!

Check out GoOgle’s Piano DoOdle

Already missing goOgle's guitar doOdle??
Miss no more.. you can still play, record and share your tunes using goOgle guitar doOdle here..
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GoOgle guitar doOdle lets you Play, Record & Share

You can still play goOgle Guitar doOdle. To play goOgle Guitar doOdle now, Navigate here.

Earlier yesterday when I covered the goOgle’s guitar doOdle, created as a tribute to Les Paul – Inventor of Electric Guitar on his 96th Anniversary, there was no Recording or sharing option on the Guitar doOdle.. but now when I revisited to play some more (before it goes away) I was amazed to see a new “Recording” mode there.

Earlier where there was a button to activate keyboard mode on the doOdle so you can play with your keyboard keys, now there was a Recording button which starts recording as soon as you hit it.. then you can start playing using your keyboard keys and after you finish recording it provides you with the URL to share your recording with your friends or you can also playover your recording..

GoOgle Guitar doOdle - Play, Record & Share

GoOgle Guitar doOdle - Play, Record & Share

I wonder when guitar doOdle will be removed from the goOgle homepage, will recordings also be removed or they would be archived forever. . and as recording actually plays on a goOgle guitar only..  if they do decide to archive then maybe this doOdle will also be Online forever so we can play, record and share on goOgle Guitar whenever we want.. I really wish goOgle do that.. otherwise  just letting users to play with it only for a day  and then taking it away from them would be such a waste..

Now to see an e.g. click here to listen to the awesome Star Wars theme created with the goOgle guitar doOdle.

To play it like a pro you need to know what button corresponds to what chord:

C Major = 1, 3 5, 8

F Major = 4, 6, 8

G Major = 5, 7, 9

and also

1= Q A Z
2=W S C
3=E D C
4=R F V
5=T G B
6=Y H N
7=U J M
8=I K ,
9=O L .
0 =P ; /

This means Key 1, q, a, z are equivalent..

Now Here are some of the popular tunes which you can play and record on goOgle Guitar doOdel:

London Bridge 5654-345-234-345-5654-345-2-5-31

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 11-55-66-5-44-33-22-1-55-44-33-2-55-44-33-2-11-55-66-5-44-33-22-1

Titanic Theme K KK K JK K JK L P L K KK K JK K JK KL G

UPDATE: List of Songs that you can play using goOgle guitar doOdle

Now go create your own jingle and don’t forget to post your link in the comments.. and maybe I’ll feature your jingle in my next post..

This goOgle doOdle is supposedly the most loved doOdle or maybe second after Pacman doOdle.. personally before the new recording feature my rankings were First Pacman and then this Guitar doOdle.. but now with recording option guitar doOdle is ahead of Pacman doOdle 😛

But for what it matters both of the doOdles managed to waste much of our time.. 😀

Update: GoOgle have decided to keep up the awesome google guitar doOdle for one more day 🙂

GoOgle tweeted declaring extension of goOgle Guitar doOdle for one more day

GoOgle tweeted declaring extension of goOgle Guitar doOdle for one more day

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