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All you need to know about – Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability

After a long delay of 3 years Mobile Number Portability (MNP) has finally came to reality today (20 jan 2011) . Mobile Number Portability (MNP) will finally be available all over India from 20th Jan 2011.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allows the subscriber to change his/her Service Provider without changing his/her mobile number. The number gets ported to the new provider. Subscriber can even switch from GSM to CDMA and vice versa and also can change from Prepaid to Postpaid and vice versa but within his circle only as inter-circle portability has not been implemented yet.

MNP Service Areas

To Port:

  • SEND: PORT <space> mobileNumber to 1900
    e.g. PORT 9873000000 to 1900
    This is a unique number that will be maintained along with your mobile number in the master database managed by a third party firm. For zone I, Syniverse has been appointed with the MNP and related issues while for zone II, it is Telcordia.
  • You will get back a unique Porting code with expiry date
  • Approach the Service provider you want to opt for with this unique code before the expiry time of the code.
    Carry your address and ID proof/ photograph/ application form.
    You’ll get a new SIM card for your new connection.
    Apart from Retention of number everything is same as getting a new connection.
  • The new operaor will then contact existing operator and ask for permission and if approved will text you a Date and time mentioning when your phone will go through no-service period while porting.
  • On the set date and time the existing operator will disconnect the number and new operator will claim it. MNP would mantain a central database.
  • While porting your phone will be out of use for couple of hours between 12Am and 5Am.

Cost of porting: Rs 19/-

Reasons to switch mobile service providers

Reasons to switch mobile service providers

Now a few questions which I’m sure would be popping in your head..

How frequently can I Switch among Service Providers?
Once switched you can’t switch again for atleast 90 days. So choose wisely and don’t end up with the some provider even worse than the previous one.

Will my Prepaid balance be carried forward to the new operator?
NO. So make sure you use all of it before the porting time. 😛

How much time the whole process would take?
Seven working days. Fifteen in case of J&K , North East.

Now how will I know if the number I’m calling is of which particular network and if Free minutes would be applicable or not?
Beats me. Every thing has its own pros and cons.. and this is one of the cons.

So all in all its a great power put in the hands of user which will ultimately benefit the user and wil initiate healty competetions among service providers.

Speacial thanx to Anuj for sighting a little mistake in the post.. and “ye line mujhse likhwai gai hai” 😛

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