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HowTo: edit comments on facebook

FaceboOk just rolled out another new feature..  And this in fact is something that was much awaited.. You can now edit comments on facebook.. Earlier facebook only allowed to edit within firs few seconds of posting the commenet by pressing delete and the comment would again appear in the textbox and you could edit the text and post it again..

But now you can edit comments on facebook in its truest sense.

To edit Comments on Facebook follow the below steps:

1. Hover over the comment an click on the Pencil icon Pencil Icon

Click on Pencil Icon

2. Click on Edit.

Click on Edit

3. Edit your comment and Press enter to save or Esc to cancel.

Press Enter or Esc to cancel

Edit comment and press Enter

Now The edited comment history would be visible to all who can see this comment.

Edit history


Since the edit history is visible to all you won’t be able to troll people like you used to do on goOgle buzz but still its a very useful feature.. And I feel FB came up with this very late..

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