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Nov shopping Experience : Awesome

As promised.. here comes my first review of online shopping in India..
I proved in my last post how Right now is THE best itme to be lazy.. all thanks to the emerging eCommerce in India.
Today I’ll be sharing my shopping experience with is an India based online electronics shopping website which offers a large array of electronics products and gadgets at amazingly low prices.

So few days ago mom said she wants an Ozone electronic safe and wanted me to drive her to the market so she could buy one.
As lazy as I am..especially On sundays or on any other holidays.. or on just any other day. I’m very resistant to step outside the house.. I just love to lay down and watch Sitcoms all day doing Nothing..

I told her to just sit beside me while I showed her different models available online.. and she finally liked the one available on, a friend of her bought the same few days ago at much higher cost, from a regular shop, than the price on On letsbuy it was 52% less on MRP and they were also running a 10% off campaign..

She was a little worried about What If we pay and they never deliver.. Then I told her about the Cash On Delivery option.. though I paid using my debit card as 10% disccount was not applicable for COD products.. and I trusted Letsbuy enough to pre pay the ammount.

She asked me if I’m sure that they’ll be sending genuine product with warranty and all.. I told her about their 45 Days replacement guarantee in addition to warranty offered by Manufacturer and she was amazed (Although not as amazed as When I one time ordered 250g Kale Chane online from .. but thats a story for another day :D). I was happy that she was liking this eCommerce thingy.. If I could get her like this.. this would save me from so many trips to the market.. 😀

So we placed the order.. and I wished that everything should go well so my mother wont hesitate next time I tell her to buy online instead of going to the market.
The webpage mentioned that product would be delivered in 2-4 days.. and it was indeed delivered in just two days..
And the packaging Oh my gawd!
So many layers of Bubble wrap was taped around it that even if you drop the package from 5th floor.. the impact wouldnt reach inside the package..
I actually had to use Knife to tear off the packaging.. [See pics]

Click on thumbnails to enlarge..

Package taped with bubblewrap.Unpacking...Still Unpacking...Lots of Bubble wrap to play with afterwards ;)Thermocols inside bubblewrap for extra protection :OUnboxing complete! ;)

After spending 10mins on unpacking I finally took the safe out and gave to mom.. She was very pleased with the process… and amazing service by goOd people at letsbuy.

Overall I had a great experience with Letsbuy. Timely Delivery, Great prices, Awesome packaging, genuine products and lots of bubble wrap to play with afterwards 😀

So on a scale of Awesome to Awful, I give Awesome to Letsbuy.. Do share about your experience, if you have any, in the comments below..

Next I’ll be posting my experience with stay tuned.

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Right now is THE Best time to BE LAZY thanks to online shopping in india

Indian ecommerce story

Although online shopping in India have brought with it many benefits for us as a user, there is one thing that I am most thankful to.. It lets us be as lazy as we can..  Had we born some 40-60 years back.. we wont be able to be this lazy as we are today.. What rubbish you say?? Let me take you back in time to prove it..

Imagine a lazy kid in early 1900s

If Mom told him to go buy some stuff from the market.. He’d comb his hair.. Wear a clean shirt.. Try not to forget pants.. Then walk down to the nearest market.. Enter store.. Walk back to the home to pickup the forgotten shopping list.. Walk back again to the market store.. Find items.. Pay bill.. Carry shopping bags and at last walk back to home finally. And here goes his day down the drain which he could have utilized laying on the couch.. Listening to the radio..

Then came 1970s

70s mom tells a lazy kid to buy some stuff.. He’d stand up from the couch.. Walk to the landline phone.. Walk back to pick up the shopping list.. Walk again to the landline and call the mart, wait till they pickup.. Call again.. Line busy.. Call back again.. Explain what you want to the guy on the other side.. And after a half hour long lame conversation finally go lie on the couch again and watch television.

And Now

Mom SMSes the list.. Lazy kid.. Already sitting in front of computer.. Opens a new tab in the browser.. Visits an Online shopping (eCommerce) portal.. Places an order and BAAM!

All done.. Without needing to get up from the couch or wait for some creepy guy delaying picking up the phone pretending to be busy.. And he could utilize all the remaining time to do what he do best.. Be LAZY.

Right now is THE best time to be lazy.

 You can buy from Electronics to gadgets to grocery to clothes.. Anything and Everything is available for online shopping in India.

I’m a big fan of online shopping (eCommerce). I do 90% of my shopping online. Mobiles, Home Appliances from Letsbuy, Clothes, Shoes from 99labels & Jabong , Perfumes & other cosmetics (for mom n sis) from Purplle , books from Flipkart & Infibeam, Groceries from MyGrahak , coOl stuff from Whack and whatnot from eBay..

Ebay-Letsbuy-naaptol-myntra-homeshop18 logos

Needless to say.. I’m very very LAZY.. 😀

How lazy are you??  And how are you saving your trips to market?? Also share your favourite eCommerce portals and what you shop from them??

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