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HowTo: Solve Alan Turing goOgle doOdle

On Alan Turing’s 100th Birthday GoOgle has came up with Alan Turing’s goOgle doOdle. It is an interactive doOdle inspired from Alan Turing’s Turing Machine. This time there’s a very well chance that many (most) people may not understand what this doOdle is about… Any one who has a background in Computer science and engineering must have heard of Alan Turing. He’s famously known for his Turing Award, Turing Test & Turing Machine. He was born on 23rd June 1912(Exactly 100 years ago) and today’s doOdle is in honor of him.

I remember Turing test and Turing Machine from my Theory of Automaton Exam which is considered the toughest subject in Computer engineering. It was a really tough subject to clear in one go.. But I’m glad I did it.. 😉

Who was Alan Turing?

Alan TuringAlan Turing was an English mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and computer scientist. He was highly influential in the development of computer science, providing a formalization of the concepts of “algorithm” and “computation” with the Turing machine, which played a significant role in the creation of the modern computer.

Alan Turing is widely considered to be the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. In 1936 he conceptualized a device that is used to simulate the logic of a computer algorithm and is helpful in explaining the functioning of a CPU. The Device is called Turing machine.


What is a Turing Machine?

The “Turing” machine was described by Alan Turing in 1936, who called it an “a(utomatic)-machine”. The Turing machine is not intended as a practical computing technology, but rather as a hypothetical device representing a computing machine. Turing machines help computer scientists understand the limits of mechanical computation.


Turing Test

Turing testThe Turing test is a test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior. In Turing’s original illustrative example, a human judge engages in a natural language conversation with a human and a machine designed to generate performance indistinguishable from that of a human being. All participants are separated from one another. If the judge cannot reliably tell the machine from the human, the machine is said to have passed the test. The test does not check the ability to give the correct answer; it checks how closely the answer resembles typical human answers. The conversation is limited to a text-only channel such as a computer keyboard and screen so that the result is not dependent on the machine’s ability to render words into audio.


Turing Award

The ACM A.M. Turing Award is an annual prize given by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to “an individual selected for contributions of a technical nature made to the computing community”. It is stipulated that “The contributions should be of lasting and major technical importance to the computer field”. The Turing Award is recognized as the “highest distinction in Computer science” and “Nobel Prize of computing”


Alan Turing google doOdle

GoOgle’s today’s doOdle is actually a Turing machine. It requires 6 different puzzles to be solved.. with each puzzle solved successfully a letter of Grey GoOgle text on the top left corner is filled with color.. And When all 6 puzzles are completed.. the whole logo is filled with colors.

The game begins when you click on the green Play button. Aim is to reproduce the binary code displayed on the top right box.

Click on Green play button to start

Use the principles of TOC to complete each puzzle tofill the whole goOgle logo with colors.

In case you don’t remember any concepts or logics of Theory of Automaton (most likely you won’t.. so don’t be embarrassed) then here’s the solution.

Solution of  Alan Turing goOgle doOdle

So did you understood this latest doOdle by goOgle on Alan Turing’s 100th Birthday?? Share your views in the comments below.

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Google Piano: Google Honors Bob Moog with Another Awesome Musical Doodle

Hello guys, Google has done it yet again and this time it’s even more AwesomeR with the all new GoOgle Piano doOdle…

GoOgle Piano – Piece of Awesomeness


This amazing Google Doodle is a tribute to Bob Moog who was an American pioneer of electronic music, best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer.

Robert Arthur “Bob” Moog (pronounced /ˈmoʊɡ/ mohg) (May 23, 1934 – August 21, 2005), founder of Moog Music, was an American pioneer of electronic music, best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer.

Bob Moog’s innovative electronic design is employed in numerous synthesizers including the Minimoog Model D, Minimoog Voyager, Little Phatty, Moog Taurus Bass Pedals, Moog Minitaur, the Animoog ios app, and the Moogerfooger line of effects pedals.

Source: WikiPedia

I’m starting to think that this Google Piano Doodle (actually a synthesizer) is even coOler than last year’s Google Guitar Doodle.

Like  Google Guitar Doodle, there are options to play, record & share what you compose. Also included is a direct Google+ button to instantly share your recording(s) and a direct link to your recorded tune. With this awesome Piano Doodle, Google has also given controls like a mixer, oscillators, a filter and an envelope. Amazing right?? Although I don’t understand half of it.. and I’m neither will you…

And like GoOgle guitar.. You can also play this doodle with your Keyboard’s keys too.. coOl right..

Now lets see if this also become as popular as the last year’s Les Paul goOgle guitar doodle which GoOgle had to put up one extra day on home page on popular demand.

Now go nuts and compose millions of tunes.. and don’t forget to share your compositions in the comments below…

And also tell us whats your take on its comparison to the Les Paul goOgle guitar doOdle…

If you have forgotten or for any reason(like alien abduction or something) have never heard of google guitar doodle.. here you can still play it.. Google Guitar Doodle

We’ll post some awesome tunes that you can play on Google Piano soon.. 🙂

Meanwhile from FireFox:

Meanwhile From FirefoxNo wonder chrome’s the most used Browser now. 😀

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GoOgle’s honors Eadweard J. Muybridge’s work on his 182nd Anniversary

GoOgle’s today’s doOdle is a Vintage type video of a horse running and running and running.. Whats so special in it? Lets find out..

Today’s doOdle is in the honor of Eadweard J. Muybridge. Today is his 182nd anniversary. Happy Birthday man..

He is known for his work on capturing animal locomotion using multiple cameras, and his device for projecting motion pictures called zoopraxiscope.

To read more about his life Navigate to his wikipedia page. He was an interesting person actually.. or atleast read this section: Stanford and the galloping question this briefs on how and why he started this work on motion capturing which set the stage for cinematography.

Here is some of his work: [Source: Wikipedia]

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My take on GoOgle’s Valentine Day 2012 doOdle

And goOgle is back with another innovative doOdle.. If you haven’t seen yet.. see now on goOgle homepage.
And this time its on the allegedly most romantic day of the year.. This time there’s a story line to the doOdle.. I don’t remember any other doOdle with any story line.. although I wont trust my memory at this hour of the night when I’m already half asleep.. so I recommend you don’t do either..
Anyways back to the current discussion.. the doodle shows a “miserable loser guy”.. just like you and me.. but a little more miserable..

The “Miserable loser guy” is trying to “patao” (or cajole.. Yeah.. I know english.. I just chose not to flaunt my knowledge of it..) a “Miserable loser girl”.. I mean come on.. she’s skipping rope in the middle of the day in a park that too on valentine’s day.. Even I got better plans than that.. (like playing chess on my tablet in my office when my boss is not looking at me.. FOREVER EVER EVER ALONE..)
So this “Miserable loser guy” we’re toking about.. he is trying to patao this girl.. wait.. I think I said that already.. ohk.. let it be.. m too lazy to delete it now..So, in his first attempt that “Pathetic loser guy”.. wait.. Not pathetic.. that “Miserable loser guy”.. although we must agree that he’s pathetic too.. so lets settle on that “Pathetic miserable loser guy”.. he tries to cheap out.. and present this “miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day” with a cheap single bud of flower (m sure he didn’t bought it.. and plucked it from some old lady’s garden).. And as any miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day should ideally do.. she ignored him..

Pathetic miserable loser guy gifting rose

But our “pathetic miserable loser guy” here is no ordinary “pathetic miserable loser guy”.. he goes back to home.. asks his mommy for some allowance in advance and bought her a nice pack of chocolates.. but as one should expect from a “miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day”.. she ignored him again..

Pathetic miserable loser guy gifting chocolates to Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day

COME ON “pathetic miserable loser guy”.. think of something better.. So this time our “pathetic miserable loser guy” goes back to his home and stole his little brother’s favorite dinosaur tee-shirt and the “miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day” ignores her yet again.. although this time I don’t blame her.. I mean come on “Pathetic miserable loser guy”.. you’re better than this(I Guess)..

Pathetic miserable loser guy giving stolen dino tee to Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day

But this time he sunked to even lower levels..he stole a baloon from some little kid playing in the park.. and as expected got ignored from “Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day” yet again..

Pathetic miserable loser guy giving stolen pathetic miserable baloon to Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day
Then he realsied.. He’s really goOd at stealing.. and then he steals some more stuff.. like a pie.. television set.. magician’s cap.. a teddy bear.. a heart shaped baloon and one more weird thingy that I can’t recall what its called..And I guess there was an paper plane too.. but ALAS! “Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day” still ignored him.. NOW COME ON MISERABLE LOSER GIRL SKIPPING ROPE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY ON A VALENTINE’S DAY.. what else do you want..

Pathetic miserable loser guy giving stolen gifts to Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day
Now If I would have been the director.. i’ld have taken the the “Pathetic miserable loser guy” to the bar and there he’d sink in the alcohol until he’ld have passed out.. but as this is not reality.. weird things can still happen here..

So what this “Pathetic miserable loser guy” do.. he stole some other “miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day” ‘s skipping rope and starts skipping beside “miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day“.. And what happens next is history.. she leaves her rope and starts skipping with him on his rope..

Obviously I don’t get this part.. If any lady reader can explain this part to me I’ll be happy to take her for a coffee today..

only possible explanation I can think of is that “Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day” ‘s hands were really hurting from all that skipping rope all day on the valentine’s day.. and she just wanted a break so he threw her rope and started skipping on his’.

Pathetic miserable loser guy skipping together with Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day

Pathetic miserable loser guy and Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day finally together

Then doOdle shows six other couples – “Alien octopus with an astranaut”.. “Princess and a Frog holding skipping rope”.. “Dog and a cat.. holding skipping rope”.. “another pathetic miserable loser boy and miserable loser girl”.. holding skipping rope.. “A couple of gay fellas”.. not holding skipping rope (This prove’s men are intelligent).. “A cookie and a milk carton”.. holding skipping rope.. aah! great.. now m hungry..

Pathetic miserable loser guys and Miserable loser girls

So moral of the story is: If you are single on this valentine’s day.. and you’re not gay or not wandering somewhere in space with one eyed alien octopus.. GO BUY A DAMN SKIPPING ROPE!
Now I really regert all those years of loneliness when the secret of becoming a couple was something as stupid as something like “Skipping rope”.. shya!

By the way if any of you miserable loser wondering which song is that in the background of the doOdle..

Its “Cold, cold heart” from Tony Bennett

Lyrics of which goes like this..

I tried so hard, my dear to show
That you’re my every dream
Yet, you’re afraid each thing I do
Is just some evil scheme
A memory from your lonesome past
Keeps us so far apart
Why can’t I free your doubtful mind
And melt your cold, cold heart

And if some other pathetic miserable loser out there whose wondering why even Valentine day is celebrated?? Here’s why..

Valentine’s Day is observed in honor of one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. The day first became associated with romantic love in the High Middle Ages when the tradition of courtly love flourished. Source:Wikipedia



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GoOgle’s holiday doOdle puts a smile on your face – Happy Holidays :)

Another awesome goOgle Xmas doOdle is here..

If in any case you haven’t noticed the awesome yet.. herez what you gotta do..

Close your browser.. shutdown the PC.. go and get a jug of water… and spil it all over your computer..

Seriously.. you dont deserve to own a PC..

But you know what.. as today I’m in all christmasy mood.. and thats essentially due the this amazing doOdle.. I’ll excuse you this time.. and as my Xmas present to you I’ll also tell you how to notice the “Awesome” in it..

At first you’ll be seeing a nice image of neon lights forming the word goOgle surrounded by Xmasy decorations..

GoOgle holiday DooDleNoticed that buttons below the alphabets… they are there for a reason you know.. Now press each button.. although pressing against it wont open the door to the secret world of narnia.. but still just press it.. Each button will turn the alphabet above it into a christmasy element..

G turns into snowflake
o turns into Santa clause
O turns into a bell
g turns into a snowman
l turns into a candle &
e turns into a giftbox

Once you have done pressing all the buttons.. the doodle will sing you Jingle Bells.. 🙂

goOgle's holiday doodle

Now if doesn’t brings smile on your face than you really either gotta go read that story with some Scrooge & Christmas carols.. or you should take a blade and cut your cheeks to make a smile on your face (like the Joker of Batman).

If you noticed yesterday’s doOdle then you’ll see that this is actually an extension over yesterday’s doOdle.. so tomorrow being the Xmas I am hoping an even better doOdle will appear overflowing with even more awesomenes.. :))

P.S. Happy Holidays! 🙂



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Happy 64th Indian Independence Day

So its that day of the year again.. One of the three National Holidays, Kites day (Though I dont know how to fly one) and most importantly the Day our Nation got freedom 64 years ago.
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Alexander Calder 113th Birthday goOgle doOdle

Today we woke up (as I sleep early now a days.. Earlier I used to see these at midnight.. miss those days…) to see another cool doOdle on the homepage of goOgle (Nothing in comparison to goOgle guitar doOdle though). Todays doOdle is in tribute to the American artist Alexander Calder.
Read moreRead more

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Watch and Track total Lunar Eclipse Live on YouTube & goOgle

Total Lunar express is in progress right now in space and as well as on goOgle doOdle too.. 😛

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the earth so that the earth blocks the sun’s rays from striking the moon. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, there is always a full moon the night of a lunar eclipse. The type and length of an eclipse depend upon the Moon’s location relative to its orbital nodes.

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Still play goOgle guitar doOdle!

Check out GoOgle’s Piano DoOdle

Already missing goOgle's guitar doOdle??
Miss no more.. you can still play, record and share your tunes using goOgle guitar doOdle here..
Your love Drives us. Show your appreciation by liking us on FaceboOk and sharing this post with your friends.

Other useful links:
njjoy! 🙂

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GoOgle guitar doOdle lets you Play, Record & Share

You can still play goOgle Guitar doOdle. To play goOgle Guitar doOdle now, Navigate here.

Earlier yesterday when I covered the goOgle’s guitar doOdle, created as a tribute to Les Paul – Inventor of Electric Guitar on his 96th Anniversary, there was no Recording or sharing option on the Guitar doOdle.. but now when I revisited to play some more (before it goes away) I was amazed to see a new “Recording” mode there.

Earlier where there was a button to activate keyboard mode on the doOdle so you can play with your keyboard keys, now there was a Recording button which starts recording as soon as you hit it.. then you can start playing using your keyboard keys and after you finish recording it provides you with the URL to share your recording with your friends or you can also playover your recording..

GoOgle Guitar doOdle - Play, Record & Share

GoOgle Guitar doOdle - Play, Record & Share

I wonder when guitar doOdle will be removed from the goOgle homepage, will recordings also be removed or they would be archived forever. . and as recording actually plays on a goOgle guitar only..  if they do decide to archive then maybe this doOdle will also be Online forever so we can play, record and share on goOgle Guitar whenever we want.. I really wish goOgle do that.. otherwise  just letting users to play with it only for a day  and then taking it away from them would be such a waste..

Now to see an e.g. click here to listen to the awesome Star Wars theme created with the goOgle guitar doOdle.

To play it like a pro you need to know what button corresponds to what chord:

C Major = 1, 3 5, 8

F Major = 4, 6, 8

G Major = 5, 7, 9

and also

1= Q A Z
2=W S C
3=E D C
4=R F V
5=T G B
6=Y H N
7=U J M
8=I K ,
9=O L .
0 =P ; /

This means Key 1, q, a, z are equivalent..

Now Here are some of the popular tunes which you can play and record on goOgle Guitar doOdel:

London Bridge 5654-345-234-345-5654-345-2-5-31

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 11-55-66-5-44-33-22-1-55-44-33-2-55-44-33-2-11-55-66-5-44-33-22-1

Titanic Theme K KK K JK K JK L P L K KK K JK K JK KL G

UPDATE: List of Songs that you can play using goOgle guitar doOdle

Now go create your own jingle and don’t forget to post your link in the comments.. and maybe I’ll feature your jingle in my next post..

This goOgle doOdle is supposedly the most loved doOdle or maybe second after Pacman doOdle.. personally before the new recording feature my rankings were First Pacman and then this Guitar doOdle.. but now with recording option guitar doOdle is ahead of Pacman doOdle 😛

But for what it matters both of the doOdles managed to waste much of our time.. 😀

Update: GoOgle have decided to keep up the awesome google guitar doOdle for one more day 🙂

GoOgle tweeted declaring extension of goOgle Guitar doOdle for one more day

GoOgle tweeted declaring extension of goOgle Guitar doOdle for one more day

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