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HowTo: Hack a wi-fi network

Doesn’t it suck when you see your laptop’s catching so many wi-fi signals but none of them is accessible.. don’t you feel like “I wish I could some how break the password and dive into the deep oceans of the information” I beleive everyone should be able to have free internet. If someday I make it big enough and I’ll be having ample money.. I promise I’ll provide free wifi hotspots all over the places.. “Let there be INTERNET”.. even If I don’t get rich.. I’ll become a politician and would make Internet a Fundemental right to every citizen.. Now that would be something..

That’s enough with the Castles in the air.. now lets get back to reality..
What I can do for you right now is that I can tell you how to hack a wifi network to access Internet.. Some would call it stealing.. some like me won’t..
I’ll call it Sharing.. Sharing is what on which the whole Internet is build upon…
So.. Here’s how we do it..

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