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Why Windows 8 tablets from Acer and Toshiba will challenge iPad’s dominance

Acer Windows 8 tabletWhispers in the technology world suggest that the latest offerings from Acer and Toshiba, namely their Windows 8 tablets, will provide a real challenge to the previously dominant Apple iPad. What, if any, evidence exists to substantiate this claim?

What’s happening in the market?

Asustek Computing, Toshiba and Acer are all lined up to unveil a new range of tablets that will run the new Windows 8 system within the next week, with the expectation that Apple’s market dominance will finally be challenged with credible alternatives to the iPad.

Acer will be displaying its new tablet based on the latest Microsoft software at Taipei’s Computex show and Toshiba will be presenting a new notebook-based device and tablet. However, the manufacturers have asked to keep all information about the products off the record, as Acer and Toshiba haven’t yet made public their plans and there’s a great deal of secrecy surrounding the grand unveilings! Meanwhile, Asustek will be presenting a new series of tablets that use detachable keyboards, which resemble the current transformer model.

About the forum

The Computex Show is held every year and provides a large forum for the computing industry to sell its wares before consumer demand peaks in the second half of the year. Computer manufacturers who are allied with Microsoft will be using the event this year to showcase their long-planned, much-anticipated reply to the iPad product launch, not to mention machines that operate Google’s Android system, which account for more than 90% of the tablet market.

Windows 8 is also going to be the first software version to work on processors that use ARM technology, which is a special type of chip manufactured by Qualcomm and Texas Instruments amongst others. ARM is expected to dominate the mobile phone industry for the next few years. This same technology, ARM-based computer chips, is already used to power the popular iPad.

This use of ARM chips has been a snub for Intel, which has previously been the exclusive chip provider for Windows computers along with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). So far, Intel has over 80% of the PC-based chip market, but hasn’t yet been able to translate that market success into smartphone or tablet dominance.

Tablet Sales

Toshiba is using chips made by Texas Instruments in its processors and the Acer tablet has been built around Intel’s chip technology. Microsoft is planning to show off its Asustek device via a presentation from VP Steve Guggenheimer at the event on the 6th June. The show will provide a first look at Microsoft’s intended tablet hardware, which aims to chip away at Apple’s dominance in the tablet market. Windows PC sales have slumped in the past couple of years as customers increasingly opt to buy tablets, so Microsoft is under real pressure to offer a comparable product.

The market for tablets

Certainly the tablet market is set to grow between now and 2015, with an anticipated increase of 70% or more. Traditional notebooks are anticipated to have an annual growth rate of 8%. The June event in Taipei will showcase these new product offerings and a second wave of phone products and computer innovations have been lined up for the following year.

Other launches and displays will include a new test device based on Snapdragon’s processor from Qualcomm. Corporate sponsors of the show haven’t yet released plans or details about their releases, but the event is always a huge success.

In the meantime, the market continues to watch with interest to see what products and innovations are launched in the tablet market. In this competitive industry, innovation is key and customer expectations continue to grow with each product innovation and subsequent launch. The manufacturers certainly have tough competition in the form of Apple’s ubiquitous and highly successful iPad, but the challenge is there for those ready to take it.

About the Author:

Roxanne writes on the mobile and technology industry for a range of consumer publications and websites. A keen mobile fan, Roxie opts to find Orange SIM only deals online and check that she’s on the best tariff.

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