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Differences between Office 365 and Office 2013

Microsoft recently announced some intuitive updates to both these service. Office 365 and Office 2013 are two terms, many users get confused with.Microsoft office 365 has been designed for those who require IT support & the latest administrative tools. Office 2013 is an upcoming version of Microsoft Office, as desktop and cloud-based suite for Windows and Mac. Cloud Suite is designed for the general PowerPoint users.

Office 365 is a set of subscription based software services which needs monthly or periodic payment of fees to the Microsoft Corporation. Office 2013 is a suite of various desktop based applications. Office 365 was announced in the autumn of 2010 but was publicly released on June 28, 2011. Development of Office 2013 was started in 2010 & came to an end on October 11, was planned to release in the first quarter of 2013.

Microsoft office 2013 is through the subscription of office 365.Office 2013 support is comprised of a few operating systems such as windows RT, windows 8, windows 7, windows server 2012, windows server 2008 & R2. It is available in 33 languages.

PowerPoint 2013

Products listed in Microsoft Office 365

  • Microsoft Exchange online
  • Microsoft SharePoint online
  • Microsoft Link online
  • Office professional plus
  • Office Web Apps

Office Web Apps takes your presentation and online exposure to the next level with the set of tools.

New features of Office 2013

  • Ribbon interface with a  flat UI look and delicate animations while typing in Word and Excel.
  • New graphical options in Microsoft Word.
  • New lines of alignment while moving the objects.
  • Online picturorial support.
  • Resume exactly where you’ve paused in MS Word & PowerPoint.
  • New slide designs, animations & transitions in PowerPoint 2013.
  • Support for & in Outlook.
  • Support for Skype and Yammer.
  • Various new Chart diagrams in Excel 2013.
  • You can merge shapes to create millions of new shapes.
  • The most significant update of Office 2013, Microsoft added various integration and bridge options for PowerPoint to sync with cloud storage.
  • Easy data recovery options.

Author: Nekkanti is a PowerPoint Expert who blogs at PPT Templates blog

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Easiest Way to Create Flow Charts in PowerPoint

Flow Chart is a visual representation or algorithm or a system. It has invariable importance in programming as well as sometimes during business management, Flow charts are one of the most popular PowerPoint presentation types. I will you show you how to create flow charts on the go

  • You can access flowchart custom shapes either through Insert menu or Shapes tab from the ribbon. There are several flowchart shapes, if you are aware of the functions of each specific shape in a flowchart, go ahead and use them. There are several shape functions such as calculation, decision, input/output e.t.c, Just Google it
  • You need to create a layout for your basic flowchart. Once you have the idea of the flowchart you are going to create. First create the shapes required. You can format and position them later
  • Arrange them in order to maintain the flow. Once you’ve done that, you can connect those shapes either by using arrow shapes or lines or connectors.  From Shapes select Lines and drag them towards each other. To make sure each shape is connected to form a flow chart
  • Now using Word art or just Text Box, you can add labels to your flow chart. Once you’ve done that. You can start coloring the flowchart and add life to it. Make sure the text is legible

Easier way to create Flow Chart

To help you position your Flow Chart shapes and easily create the layout. Go to View -> Grids and Guides for easier designing.

If you don’t want to put up with all this and want to create a spectacular flowchart within seconds. You can make use of Free Flow Chart templates available on the web

Author: Mahesh is a social media analyzer at a top I.T firm in India. He frequently works with PowerPoint and shares his knowledge through PowerPoint Tutorials and also shares PowerPoint Templates

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Top 5 PowerPoint Alternatives

Best PowerPoint Alternatives

Due to it’s whopping price, PowerPoint may not be a choice for everyone. Though Microsoft claims PowerPoint as the standard for presentations, there are few better software with much intriguing feature. It is futile to spend hundreds of dollars on a productivity suite (MS Office) if do not use it by professional

Here’s a list of Best PowerPoint Alternatives in my opinion.


Probably the best and spectacular alternative of PowerPoint. It’s infamous ‘Zoom’ a feature makes it stand out of the league, Your presentation can be stored and access through the web directly.

That’s not all. Prezi also has some drawbacks: Although the developers have put their best for an easier interface, it is still not too simple to start learning. You need to spend a few days to familiarize with the interface and tools. One notable loophole the developers haven’t considered is the Flash format (in which the presentations are rendered) isn’t compatible in most of the upcoming devices


SlideOnline is a collaborative tool for creating web presentations. It has an intruiging interface which allows you to directly upload and share the presentations with your friends,. It is gaining popularity each day. It’s downside is it’s limited features and single layout but lack of annoying ads persuades me to use it

The application allows you to import slides directly from PowerPoint. On the other hand, unlike Prezi, SlideRocket doesn’t pose any problem to mobile users since HTML5 version provides access to presentations from mobile browsers.


The only free program that can compete with Powerpoint is OpenOffice Impress .
Presentations can be easily created utilizing the massive library of clip art and 3D drawings, animations and different display modes.

Alternatively, Impress can also create presentations and flash swf file to be embedded into websites

Google Docs

Google Docs is a web application, it is easy to use, fast to load and allows you to create new presentations, you can also collaborate with other users. You can change the theme and the background of the presentation, add text, images and videos, import individual slides and much more.

Author Bio: Gautham is a Technology blogger who designs templates for PowerPoint Templates and Free PowerPoint Backgrounds

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Here’s to the Crazy One! – A Tribute to Steve Jobs

Here’s To The Crazy One. The misfit. The rebel. The trouble-maker. The round peg in the square hole. The one who saw things differently. He was not fond of rules, and he had no respect for the status-quo. You can quote him, disagree with him, glorify, or vilify him.
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore him. Because he changed things. He pushed the human race forward. And while some may see him as the crazy one, He was genius. Because he was crazy enough to think he can change the world – and he DID!

Its been an year since you were promoted to glory.. and still not a single day pass by when you are not remembered on this planet of ours.

Well you dont know me very well but if u did.. you’d know these things about me:

  • I’m very-3 lazy..
  • I dont read novels or buy any books.. especially expensive ones..
  • I’m a crazy blue person.. means I love blue like crazy..
  • I love Mitsubhishi Lancer more than any other car and would love to own a blue lancer some day..
  • And most importantly I hate Apple products but I’m crazy about you..  And so much that I even violated the “Not to buy expensive books” rule of mine and bought your biography despite having its PDF in my tab.. and not for reading.. but for keeping it as my holy sort-of-a book.


A place to bow to every morning

A place to bow to every morning

I dont’ know how and when you dented my universe but you did.. maybe it was when I first saw Pirates of silicon valley.. or maybe when I heard your Stanford speech.. or maybe when I saw your Macbook air presentation.. I don’t remember exactly when.. but you did..

I remember being amazed by Bill Gates(‘ wealth) when I was a kid, and to dream about becoming the richest person in the world.. Sorry But I didn’t knew about you back then.. It was you who made me realize that “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter… Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters… “

The phrase that you popularized “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” made a deep impact on me.. I have decided to live by it.. I have it hung over both my workplaces.. home and at office.. I even bought the domain name and plan to maybe start an eCommerce for Entrepreneurs on it.. or maybe something else.. but for entrepreneurs only..

My Laptop DEXTER, Showing off his Steve jobs' wallpaper... ;)

My Laptop DEXTER, Showing off his Steve jobs' wallpaper... 😉

I can go on and on about how much I love your stories like.. When you once fired a whole team of engineers, telling you this can’t be done, saying I’m the CEO and I know it can be done.. Or when you Dumped the original first ipod in the aquarium and pointing out the bubbles and telling engineers see there’s air.. remove it! 😀 or my best one that how u always managed to drove a SL55 AMG without any registration plate.. YOU, sir, were a real Trouble Maker… 🙂

A shooter called 'Steve's Job' named after Steve

A shooter called 'Steve's Job' named after Steve

Now that you’re gone I know one thing on my bucket list will always remain pending (in this lifetime).. that’s “Sharing an Apple with Steve Jobs”. But just a few days ago I visited a bar and in the menu on the fist page there was a shooter named after you called “Steve’s Job” It just gave me some kind of goosebumps and without thinking twice.. I ordered it.. It was rye whisky, apple liquor and apple juice.. and It was simply amazing.. it goes without saying that its now my favorite shooter.. Even though its not the same.. but I think now its the closest I can get to “Sharing an apple with Steve Jobs” this time..

For your Death anniversary I got this tee printed in your memory and decided to wear it the whole day.. Its amazing right.. I know.. 😉

My tribute on Steve Jobs' Death anniversary

My tribute to Steve Jobs on his Death anniversary

For your next birthday, 24th Feb, I plan to celebrate it along with other RodinHooders as a “Dress up like Steve day” although its too early to plan it.. but I guess its about time to incept the plan..

And finally.. Even though My profile picture resembles a fairly popular pose of yours.. Its not that I want to become like you.. or to become the next you or next someone else.. its just that I want to mark a bigger dent than yours on our little universe but with your blessings and teachings.. and that I like that pose of yours very much.. 🙂

Your’s Truly

Snehil Khanor

P.S. I’m sorry for completing this letter so late.. I began it on 5th only.. but couldn’t complete it until today.. Apologies.


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Using HTML5 to Design PowerPoint Presentations

In my earlier post, I’ve discussed how you can convert your presentations into a web format or a video and embed it on your blog. Here’s how you can replicate PowerPoint presentations on the web with HTML5 without having to use PowerPoint at all.

All these frameworks utilize CSS3 and HTML5 technologies, make sure your browser is HTML5 compatible.


Impress.JS is a flexible javascript framework which implements latest CSS transitions and effects to generate an online presentation. It was intended to clone Prezi. Although Prezi is considered as the best alternative for PowerPoint, it still costs you 150$ an year.
It also replicates Prezi’s infamous zoom interface. You can also script and configure several transition effects

HTML5 Rocks

Licensed under Apache 2.0. As it’s name suggests, it is a set of slides is initially designed to introduce the new HTML5. It’s structure can simply afford to build your own layout with all the bonus examples of HTML5 features already implemented in the framework.


Reveal.js utilizes CSS 3D Transforms to replicate PowerPoint transitions., Reveal.js is an HTML template to make presentations in the form of two-dimensional matrix. Several modes of transitions can be configured such horizontal sliding and vertical modes. Reveal.JS also has a unique Reveal transition which utilizes CSS Opacity and transform properties to create a fade out -> Reveal effect.

Robo Deck

The main advantage of this framework is that if the presentation is available online then it is possible to synchronize the visitors on the current slide via Web Socket Requests.. Note that it is still in beta stage and does require lot of annoying bug bashing before any large scale web application development with it

Author Bio:– Savanth is an experienced web designer. He designs various PowerPoint Presentations at his blog

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How to Convert a PowerPoint Presentation into Video

PowerPoint is the most widely used tool for designing presentations, but one huge thumbs down of PowerPoint is it’s compatibility issue. Your presentation can only be presented on a PC with PowerPoint installed. You may not find many PowerPoint users dime a dozen because of its hefty price tag. However, if you convert PowerPoint to movie, things may be different, because converting PPT to movie means no constraints on the compatibility.

You can also share your presentation on social networking sites for maximum publicity and exposure.

1. Convert PowerPoint to Video in Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker comes by default with Windows O.S. It is completely free and doesn’t require you to spend a penny

Step 1: Open Microsoft PowerPoint. Go to File -> Save As. On the “Save as type” option, choose any image format you wish. There are 6 image formats you can choose from: … * Gif, * jpg, * png, * tif, * bmp. However, JPG and PNG formats are the most recommended because of their small size and quality retention.

Step 2: Click “Save” and a dialog box will appear, Choose “Every Slide” option. A few seconds later, a window should appear “Each slide in your presentation has been saved as a separate file in the folder: ***”. Open the folder, you can find all the exported images here.

Step 3: Run Windows Movie Maker, import all the photos you have exported and add them to Storyboard.

Step 4: Add music files, video effects, animations and transitions you like in the Storyboard

Step 5: Export the storyline into a video format. Preferably the local playback for maximum quality. .

One major drawback of this process is, the original transitions from the presentation file will be lost and you will need to configure transitions through Movie maker, this might take a couple of minutes

PowerPoint Sharing Websites

SlideOnline is an intuitive platform for sharing PowerPoint Presentation online. This site allows you to share your PowerPoint presentation through blogs, websites, YouTube and even iPod. I

After uploading your presentation on the site, the presentation will be converted into a Flash Video/File. An email will be sent to you as soon as your PowerPoint video has been processed. However, this process may take some time depending on the size of the PPT file. Alternatively, you can choose SlideShare or Authorstream.

If you are using PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint 2013 has an intuitive feature. It lets you export the presentation into a video format directly without any external plug-in hassle.

Click File – Export Tab. Choose ‘Create a video’ and select your desired format (.WMV or .MP4) from the dropdown and click OK..

For a much quicker conversion, you can use a video converter or screen cast.

George is a tech enthusiast who blogs at his irctc blog.

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Best Email Clients For Android

This Guest Post is by Akshay Jain from representing Remote Help Desk Support, making business processes simple and affordable.

Having an email account has become a necessity in today’s world. It’s like your online identity and is the best way to have communication on the internet. Always keeping stick to the laptop or PC is not a simple or say is an impossible task. Do you know that you can use your Android gadget to for email purposes? Yeah, it’s possible and can be done via the email clients. There are many email clients developed for the Android that we can download from Google Play. But which one to download?? Don’t worry, this list will help you in doing so.

1. Gmail

Gmail is the most popular email service and is from the search giant Google. Google has developed the official Gmail app for Android. You can receive messages and can compose email to others, while on the move. You can set the push mail feature to receive the alerts for all incoming emails. Moreover, if you have more than one Gmail account, then you can stay active in all from the single place.

2. Hotmail

Hotmail is the official Android app of popular email service, The app enables you to keep logging into your Hotmail account, send messages and receive emails. Push mail is also supported in this app. You can attach photos, documents and files to your message and can also view the docs in the incoming emails, within the app itself.

3. K-9 Mail

Presently, nobody wants to stick to one email service. Most of the people prefer to use multiple email services. For all those people, K-9 Mail is recommended app to have on their Android gadget. You can track the incoming mails of all email services you use. You can compose message and can attach media files with it. Protection from spam mails, Password manager are also part of its long features list. Moreover, you can switch between your email accounts with total ease.

4. MailDroid

Another good email client for Android supporting multiple email account feature is, MailDroid. Set the push email service On and start receiving alerts for incoming emails. Compose a message, change font size, color and a complete look of the message within the app. Attach files and view the photos, documents, presentations coming with the incoming emails. Want to compose same message from different email accounts? Don’t waste time by writing the message again and again. Simply write it once and select as many no. of email accounts, you want to select and compose it.

5. Yahoo Mail

Having an email account has become a necessity in today’s world. It’s like your online identity and is the best way to have communication on the internet. Always keeping stick to the laptop or PC is not a simple or say is an impossible task. Do you know that you can use your Android gadget to for email purposes? Yeah, it’s possible and can be done via the email clients. There are many email clients developed for the Android that we can download from Google Play. But which one to download?? Don’t worry, this list will help you in doing so.

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Get SEO Training in Urdu to Earn a Better Future

The web may be the next large factor in Pakistan and around the globe. Watch has become switching to i-business. Essentially an internet site is needed to operate on the web, however the story does not finish here. Creating a website is useless unless of course you receive visitors to it. You will find tactics which, when implemented brings visitors to an internet site. These tactics are classified as Search engine optimization which means Seo. If you are a who owns an internet site, or are intending to build one for the business you should know Search engine optimization. Learning Search engine optimization is simple when you get the best teacher. Search engine optimization learning Lahore is now able to easily acquired from Google licensed specialists. Google is actually a internet search engine enhancing the public find what they’re searching for on the web. It results in websites that are based on the search placed through the user. According to its ranking, the web site is displayed upon its search. Search engine optimization is all about ranking your site greater within the searches. This allows your site in the future on the surface of the searches which means you get the most traffic.


Because it is a known proven fact that most Pakistanis fight to comprehend the British language fully. So for his or her understanding, Search engine optimization learning Urdu can also be available. This gives Pakistanis to simply know very well what Search engine optimization is about and just how whenever they carry it out on their own websites. The question arises here why must a website owner learn Search engine optimization? As already talked about above, it’s important to understand Search engine optimization to ensure that you are aware how to create traffic aimed at your blog. Since the majority of the website proprietors are extremely busy to employ Search engine optimization for their websites on the daily business, they delegate the job to those who are experts about this. This can be a growing trend in Pakistan and around the globe. An individual who knows Search engine optimization could possibly get employment easily today that pays well. Every job hunter must keep themself up-to-date using the altering trends to ensure that he might obtain a job. Search engine optimization learning Lahore allows someone to learn Search engine optimization perfectly. Learning the skill of ranking greater in search engines like google enables employment seeker to go in the IT industry easily in Pakistan.

Everybody can’t be a graphic designer, developer or perhaps a content author because these require some abilities. If you don’t have such abilities you may still secure employment within the IT sector knowing how you can do Search engine optimization. Because it is a quick growing industry in Pakistan and particularly in Lahore, youngsters ought to learn about this. The web has become just about everywhere in Pakistan. The days are gone when purchasing a pc was restricted to the elite. Today almost everybody includes a computer both at home and even laptops. So it’s suggested to obtain Search engine optimization learning Urdu and open new horizons for the future. Find out about it today and you can secure highly compensated jobs within the quickest growing industry in Pakistan.

Author Bio

This post is written by LazyBloggers who works in a SEO motive company.

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MDU Rohtak B.E/B.Tech Result [19 September 2012] pdf / txt

Result is out for MDU!

Check your result here.. These are your marks out of 100. Internal marks are not in this list.

MDU ROhtak B.E/B.Tech Result pdf/text (.PDF format)

MDU ROhtak B.E/B.Tech Result pdf/text (.XLSX format, that is, MS Excel)

Best of Luck 🙂

P.S. This file I received in my eMail.. Although Some ppl are saying this may be fake. Since MDU’s site is not opening I’m not able to confirm.. Will do once the official site is UP
UPDATE: ITS NOT FAKE! I’ve confirmed with the result on site. Only difference is that this list may be the list of marks without Grace.. as I’ve observed that in many cases the marks in the line of 30+(I encountered case uptil 34 only) are increased to 40 in actual result.

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PowerPoint 2013

Latest Features of PowerPoint 2013

Consumer Previous of Office 13 has been recently update which left many users impressed with these updated tools.

My first Hands on PowerPoint 2013 via the consumer preview revealed Microsoft did a complete overhaul from it’s predecessors. The new touch, cloud storage and web functionality brought in many additional feature sto impress it’s users who have been faithful to this product since over a decade

1. Metro Interface: PowerPoint now sports a all new Metro Interface completely optimized for touch screen users (Tablets) running on Windows 8. The Ribbon UI prominent from it’s predecessor Office 2013 is improved and works conditionally when Powerpoint is being run on a Tablet.

2. Improvised HomePage: The HomePage or the Homescreen which is displayed when the user launches the application, is improvised featuring web and local templates to work with and the sidebar consists of links to your recent works. Additionally you can sign in your Windows Live or MSN account from here

Powerpoint 2013

3. Color Schemes: PowerPoint 2013 Templates will now sport multiple color schemes you can easily choose from. You no longer to need use a rather completely new template or edit the whole template to change the color scheme, you can use it with different colors by default

4. Cloud Storage: You can now directly upload your PPT to your SkyDrive Account. There hasn’t been any update whether it adds compatibility to DropBox, GDrive e.t.c, Uploading PPT was previously possible through Google Docs plugin which directly integrates the presentation with the Google Docs account

5. Support for Web Elements: PowerPoint 2013 has updates it’s support for web resources like photos, videos e.t.c, You can directly embed videos, photos from the web, doesn’t require local streaming. As mentioned above, You can also import these elements from your Cloud Storage account

6. Support for Multiple Resolutions: If you going to present your PowerPoint presentation in a widescreen monitor, you no longer to need to manually edit the aspect ratio and resolution which is a hefty task. The Powerpoint 15 has built in, default support for widescreens, say Goodbye to all the hassle

Microsoft also did various UI changes in PowerPoint 2013. Everything feels smoother, from your movement with the cursor if you type, for the way animations show up in your presentation. Microsoft in addition has tried to improve the feel and look of the interface

Author Bio:- GowthamN is a PC addict who digs on latest updates from Microsoft, Macand Apple. He manages PowerPoint Presentation site

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