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Here’s to the Crazy One! – A Tribute to Steve Jobs

Here’s To The Crazy One. The misfit. The rebel. The trouble-maker. The round peg in the square hole. The one who saw things differently. He was not fond of rules, and he had no respect for the status-quo. You can quote him, disagree with him, glorify, or vilify him.
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore him. Because he changed things. He pushed the human race forward. And while some may see him as the crazy one, He was genius. Because he was crazy enough to think he can change the world – and he DID!

Its been an year since you were promoted to glory.. and still not a single day pass by when you are not remembered on this planet of ours.

Well you dont know me very well but if u did.. you’d know these things about me:

  • I’m very-3 lazy..
  • I dont read novels or buy any books.. especially expensive ones..
  • I’m a crazy blue person.. means I love blue like crazy..
  • I love Mitsubhishi Lancer more than any other car and would love to own a blue lancer some day..
  • And most importantly I hate Apple products but I’m crazy about you..  And so much that I even violated the “Not to buy expensive books” rule of mine and bought your biography despite having its PDF in my tab.. and not for reading.. but for keeping it as my holy sort-of-a book.


A place to bow to every morning

A place to bow to every morning

I dont’ know how and when you dented my universe but you did.. maybe it was when I first saw Pirates of silicon valley.. or maybe when I heard your Stanford speech.. or maybe when I saw your Macbook air presentation.. I don’t remember exactly when.. but you did..

I remember being amazed by Bill Gates(‘ wealth) when I was a kid, and to dream about becoming the richest person in the world.. Sorry But I didn’t knew about you back then.. It was you who made me realize that “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter… Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters… “

The phrase that you popularized “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” made a deep impact on me.. I have decided to live by it.. I have it hung over both my workplaces.. home and at office.. I even bought the domain name and plan to maybe start an eCommerce for Entrepreneurs on it.. or maybe something else.. but for entrepreneurs only..

My Laptop DEXTER, Showing off his Steve jobs' wallpaper... ;)

My Laptop DEXTER, Showing off his Steve jobs' wallpaper... 😉

I can go on and on about how much I love your stories like.. When you once fired a whole team of engineers, telling you this can’t be done, saying I’m the CEO and I know it can be done.. Or when you Dumped the original first ipod in the aquarium and pointing out the bubbles and telling engineers see there’s air.. remove it! 😀 or my best one that how u always managed to drove a SL55 AMG without any registration plate.. YOU, sir, were a real Trouble Maker… 🙂

A shooter called 'Steve's Job' named after Steve

A shooter called 'Steve's Job' named after Steve

Now that you’re gone I know one thing on my bucket list will always remain pending (in this lifetime).. that’s “Sharing an Apple with Steve Jobs”. But just a few days ago I visited a bar and in the menu on the fist page there was a shooter named after you called “Steve’s Job” It just gave me some kind of goosebumps and without thinking twice.. I ordered it.. It was rye whisky, apple liquor and apple juice.. and It was simply amazing.. it goes without saying that its now my favorite shooter.. Even though its not the same.. but I think now its the closest I can get to “Sharing an apple with Steve Jobs” this time..

For your Death anniversary I got this tee printed in your memory and decided to wear it the whole day.. Its amazing right.. I know.. 😉

My tribute on Steve Jobs' Death anniversary

My tribute to Steve Jobs on his Death anniversary

For your next birthday, 24th Feb, I plan to celebrate it along with other RodinHooders as a “Dress up like Steve day” although its too early to plan it.. but I guess its about time to incept the plan..

And finally.. Even though My profile picture resembles a fairly popular pose of yours.. Its not that I want to become like you.. or to become the next you or next someone else.. its just that I want to mark a bigger dent than yours on our little universe but with your blessings and teachings.. and that I like that pose of yours very much.. 🙂

Your’s Truly

Snehil Khanor

P.S. I’m sorry for completing this letter so late.. I began it on 5th only.. but couldn’t complete it until today.. Apologies.


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Best New year Resolution – Happy New year 2012

With the very click of this Publish button that I am gazing upon.. we’ll enter 2012 and 2011 will cease to ForEver! (power of my button 😉 )
Welcome 2KXII 2K12 nay! 2012 feels much better.. so we are gonna reference it like this only for the rest of the year..

Last year I started this blog on this very day in this very hour.. and welcomed 2011 with somewhat open arms.. and here I am today not as much as welcoming 2012 but saying goOdbye to 2011..
Before I loose myself into this newest of years.. I’ld like to remember the year just gone by.. The year in which we won the worldcup.. The year in which Osama died.. The year in which I moved to a new place.. The year in which I almost bought an apple product.. The year in which I started a new job (that too at a startup).. the year in which I made a perfect omelette..  The year in which I lost my Idol – Steve jobs.. The year in which I bought a book worth 700 bucks  :O (Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson) (against my policy of not buying expensive books or any books at all)..

2011 had its ups and downs and like a sine wave my life experienced the newest lows and the highest highs.. but in the end.. with all the lemons that this year threw at me.. I learned to squeeze them into 1 part tequila & 1 part triple sec and make a nice margarita out of them.. 😉

This year, like past 3, is also starting with me burried under the burden of the books that I have to complete reading for my ongoing university exams. Last year I promised to publish list of my resolutions but I never did.. cause I never made any.. I just went through what life threw at me.. enjoying it! But for this Year I have made one.. just one.. and no its not 1024*768 its a very simple one.. “To be Happy”

The short list of things I look forward to in 2012:

  • My trip to Kasmir (paradise on earth) in Mid Feb.
  • Completing B.Tech
  • Starting UP
  • Maybe Sky Diving
  • Buying a Blue Lancer 🙂
  • End of World..
  • and many many more surprises..


So, I conclude this year with hope that next year is gonna be a even a better roller coaster ride.. full of scary falls and exciting rises.. and not to forget.. the twists and turns.. I wish to strike a few more things off my bucket list.. I hope to become a full time entrepreneur But with all these wishes aside I mostly aim at my one point resolution which I want all of you should also resolve to..  just.. be.. Happy 🙂

This may not have been the best of the years.. but I’m saying goOdbye to it without any grudges or regrets.. and welcoming 2012 with many new hopes and some old ones too.. I wish for myself and for you that 2012 keeps us hungr, foOlish and alive..

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Said goOdbye to an old, Very Dear friend today..

GoOd Ol' Friend

GoOd Ol' Friend

Said goOdbye to an old, Very Dear friend today..
A friend whos been alongside for the last 6 years..
A friend whose responsible for Whatever I am today.. Whatever I’m gonna be tomorrow..Whatever I know.. Whatever I’ve learned.. Whatever I’ve ever done.. and Whatever I’m gonna do in future..
A friend with whom I’ve played the games, listened to the music, saw the movies, shared the laughs with and the tears too..

Said goOdbye to an old, Very Dear friend today..
Said goOdbye to My First PC.. The good ol’ HCL eZeebee
I still remember 6 years ago when it greeted me the first time displaying the “Welcome” screen.
Earlier I was not ready to let go of him.. but then I realised how its of little help to me and can be of so much use to somebody else.. its now time for him to make another kid happy.. do everything what he did for me for some one else now..
Its like an End of an Era.. Will always remember the time spent together..
You’ll be remembered.. Always.. 🙂

On behalf of Dexter , Dexter the II, Mandy & Myself.

P.S. for those who don’t know..
Dexter is My Dell Studio Laptop
Dexter the II is My HTC smartphone
Mandy is My Acer Iconia Tab A500

P.P.S: For those of you who are looking for a word to call me.. Then lemme help you.. yes I’m a “Geek”.

Last Group shot:-

eZeebee, Dexter, Mandy and me & Dexter the II on the other side of the pic

eZeebee, Dexter, Mandy and me & Dexter the II on the other side of the pic

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Happy 64th Indian Independence Day

So its that day of the year again.. One of the three National Holidays, Kites day (Though I dont know how to fly one) and most importantly the Day our Nation got freedom 64 years ago.
Read moreRead more

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Seventh Murder in 7 Khoon Maaf

Saat-Khoon-Maaf-Unsolve-seventh-murder-mysteryA few days back I went to watch 7 Khoon Maaf.. Latest flick starring my once celebrity crush.. Piggy Chops..

I’m not any film critic and this is not a review.. if you came here searching for a review then you know where the cross button is..
I’m writing this post today to share and discuss with you guys the unsolved mystery in the film.. The 7th Murder.. While I was getting out of the theater every one was talking about who could have been the 7th victim.. as the movie shows only 6 husbands whom Susana (played by Priyanka Chopra) murdered and her 7th husband was Jesus as she became a nun in the end.

Mr. X in the red shirt with funny mustache.. NO! 7th victim can’t be Jesus as he’s already dead remember..

The movie is actually based on a Short story “Susana’s seven husbands” by Ruskin Bond who also played a role of the priest in the movie who officiates Susana’s 7th marriage with the Jesus.

I have came up with three possible explanations of the 7th murder mystery..

1) If you consider Aunt maggie jumping into the house set on fire by susana a victim of susana.
2) If you consider the Dog that she shot dead with his father’s pistol when she was a child as a murder.
3)  Killing herself (not actually) but her identity and past life.. and beginning a new life as a nun.

I don’t want the crap that “If you consider maggie as a victim then Mr Khan was also her victim..” NO he wasn’t he was the victim of the character (whose screen name I don’t remember, and I’m too lazy to open a new tab and goOgle it..) played by Naseeruddin Shah

Thats all my little brain can think of.. So I invite all you brighter minds out there to come up with other possible explanations.. and I don’t know if my blog is popular enough.. but who knows.. Vishal Bhardwaj sir.. If you are reading this.. then please throw some light at this.. a little light.. please.. c’mon..

I even wonder if theres even any mystery there.. maybe the movie makers just wanted to retain the number “7” as it is in the original title “Susana’s Seven Husbands”.. who know..

So start shooting comments below.. about what you feel about this unsolved murder mystery in the film

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  • 7 khoon maaf 7th murder

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A New Term – Binary Log (copyright 2011)

Last midnite I came up with this new term “Binary Logs” for Blogs..

Binary as they are viewed on a computer which understand only one language i.e Binary
Log as they are “written records” as in WebLog ( word from which the word “blog” is actually derived)

But as I shared my invention with Anuj.. he simply responded with a quick ‘yuk‘ .. 🙁 (broke my heart for sure..)
While i tried to convince him that this term is gonna be legendary and would be used in future in books in lines like…

‘The term binary log was first coined by Snehil Khanor in 2011 in his personal blog (Snehil Khanor’s Binary Log)’

He didn’t bought it well ..
Moreover he gave a whole new absurd meaning to it.. Herez the excerpt..

aj: this binaryLog is english binaryLog OR eng. + hindi binaryLog? (binary+people)
me: :O

Way to go mr. Anuj.. 😉

So what you guys think about this new term.. Do share your views down here..
Meanwhile I’ll go back and dig my Computer Graphic Books..

Keep Rocking.. \,,/


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Welcome 2kXi

Hello World..

This ones my first journal.. and this very first entry.. in the very first hour of the very first day of a very new year and moreover a very new Decade..

This year is starting like very last two.. yep.. with exams going on.. but happy thing is.. that now its only one more left.. 🙂

I have never blogged before like this in my life.. n m nt gonna lie..the idea IS indeed an inspiration from the movie “The Social Network”

But I guess blogging regularly is going to be one of my Resolutions of this new year 2k11 (more on that later)..

I’ll also soon begin co-authoring for another blog named “iamgoOgleChild” with my Partner anuj.. actually i must have started it by now.. but you know.. exams 😛 and before starting it i’m sneaking behind and writing this post first.. 😛

This year is starting with lots of ideas on our mind many of which would be executed before the first half of this year.. well yeah.. good luck with that one..

And this post is not complete without the mention of my beloved Passion.. My Dream.. My Love.. WebSthal .. Well a mention is just a mention.. more on that later too.. 😛

So meanwhile the world soaks up in the joy of this very new day.. i must go back to my Microprocessor book which is staring right at me..

Happy New year 2kxi!

Have A blAAst… cheers 😉

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