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Bryan Adams’ postponed Delhi concert called OFF – Ticket Holders to get full refund

UPDATE: Click here for the procedure of the Refund Process

The much awaited “Bryan Adams’ Concert” in New Delhi is finally called off after getting postponed and rescheduled from the original date and venue 15th February, NSIC Ground, Okhla to the 20th February, Gurgaon.

This time it was called off due to “logistical issues”.

“The singer is performing in Kathmandu on Feb 19 and in London on Feb 21. However, Bryan Adams will return to India this year to fulfill his commitment to his fans. People who have purchased the tickets online and through retail outlets will get a complete refund
-Sujit Jain, Managing Director – Netsurf Entertainment

This is a HUGE Dissapointment for all the fans.. Although the organizers are promising that they will bring Bryan back in September to perform in Delhi.. But who can tell..

I myslef was super excited when I first read about Bryan Adams coming to New Delhi for performing.. but this time due to some financial crunches wasn’t able to buy the ticket.. but if the organizers really did Re-organize the concert in september.. then who know maybe I will also be standing there in the crowd and screaming with the Legend.. 😉

And again I feel pity for those who bought the ticket.. had their hopes up.. and now are left with no choice but to get their tickets refunded.. Especially for my friend Abhishekh Mishra. 😛

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Bryan Adams’ Delhi Concert Postponed

UPDATE: Click here for the procedure of the Refund Process

In the morning when I updated my status this:

Mere bina Bryan Adams ke Concert pe jaane wale.. bhagwan kare baarish aa jae aur concert cancel ho jae 😀
Dedicated to Abhishek Mishra

Little did I know.. that concert is going to be cancelled for real.. 😀

I so pity on Abhisekh right now… Sorry bro.. really sorry.. Loss is mine too as now I know you wont record it for me 😛

So what actually caused the cancelation??

Here’s what..

The organizers of the mega event failed to get mandatory clearance (NOC – Non Objection Certificate) from Delhi Police, Traffic Police and Fire Department which led to the mass disappointment of the thousands of fans.

The Primary reason stated by the authorities for not providing the organizers with the NOC was SECURITY and OverSale of tickets.. Around 10K tickets were sold for a venue to  hold 6K people.

We were not okay with the venue, the traffic and the vehicle parking arrangement, neither with the tickets being sold in numbers exceeding the capacity. We have had several objections since day one and based on that, we haven’t given them an NOC. How can they go ahead if we didn’t give any clearance? The concert is postponed. We had a meeting with the organisers and we explained what all they need to do in order to get all clearances. Unless they get approval on all those factors, the concert cannot happen. You can speak to them for rescheduled dates.
-Virender Chahal, additional Commissioner of Police (South-East)

Now What??

Don’t worry If you spent the money on the ticket its not wasted.. the concert would be rescheduled to a new venue most probably on 20th Feburary in Gurgaon..

The official site for selling the Concert’s tickets – also posted a notice on their site stating the postponement of the concert..

Per instructions we have received from the organizers, the Bryan Adams concert in Delhi has been postponed. For customers who have booked tickets online and through retail outlets, please DO NOT go to the NSIC venue to pick up your tickets. Details of the new venue, date and time will be available later this evening. Should customers choose not to attend the rescheduled concert, their ticket purchases will be refunded. The process of ticket exchanges/refunds will also be announced this evening. Please check this space for more updates.

Excerpt from HERE

Why Only In Delhi??

The Bryan Adams concerts in bangalore and in Mumbai went smoothly then why only in Delhi this SH*T happened?

Viraf Sarkari, director, Wizcraft International Entertainment tells why..

Getting licenses for events in Delhi is a very tedious process. There are 25 licenses one needs and for the longest time now, we have been trying to tell the authorities through the Event and Entertainment Management Association that there needs to be a single window clearance for permissions for such large-scale events.

And its not the first time that any Mega Event got cancelled due to Security concerns in Delhi..

Remember Grand Opening of Delhi Eye by Shah Rukh Khan?? and there many more too..

So lets see what happens next and how hard the organizers try to “Make a Night To Rememeber” by Delhi fan base of Bryan Adams.

Did you bought the tickets too?? What’s your take on it?? Feel free to shout out in the comments below..

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GoOgle’s Valentine doOdle inspired from Robert Indiana’s Love Artwork

Just came across another interesting doodle by GoOgle for this Year’s ( 2011) Valentine day.. which upon hovering wishes you “Happy Valentine’s Day from Google & Robert Indiana

google valentine doodle - robert indiana

This doodle of goOgle is inspired by a famous artwork of Robert Indiana an American Artist and the LOVE artwork is one of his best known work..

GoOgle’s doodles are making web search fun and enjoyable for us from years.. as long as from 1998 and if you by chance miss any of them heres where you can see the old doodles..

Incoming search terms:

  • robert indiana
  • Robert Indiana LOVE
  • love artwork
  • love robert indiana
  • love nyc
  • new york love
  • love indiana
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  • love sign new york

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Videocon launched 0 Paisa Per Second

Videocon 0 paisa per secondWohoo! I guessed it right..

Two days back I wrote a post on Videocon’s new campaign on Bye Bye 1 paisa which paid condolences to 1 paisa per second and the site launched by videocon to pay your condolences and also there was this option to guess “Who’ll succeed 1 paisa per second” and stand a chance of winning an android phone.

And I guessed there 0 pasia per second and it is indeed 0 paisa per second… Yes videocon is launching 0 paisa per second..

How is it possible??

In yet another innovative scheme of videocon it launched 0 paisa per second scheme.. As per the scheme if you buy a selected model of Videocon mobile phone you’ll get Daily free local 10 to 30 minutes upto six months to one year depending upon the handset.

The mobile set comes with a free sim card from videocon mobile services having a lifetime validity.

The following handsets are bundled with the 0 paisa per second scheme..

  1. V202
  2. V1292 (Dual SIM: GSM+GSM)
  3. V1404 (Dual SIM: GSM+GSM)
  4. V1428 (Dual SIM: GSM+GSM)
  5. V1676 (Dual SIM: GSM+GSM)
  6. V7400 (Android smartphone)
  7. V7500 (Android Smartphone)

Here is the detail of the scheme with each mobile set:


So now let’s see if I win an android phone or not.. 😛

Will sure tell if I do.. 😀

Incoming search terms:

  • videocon sim card scheme
  • videocon sim card offers
  • videocon sim offers
  • videocon 0 paisa per second
  • 1 paisa per 2 second
  • 0 paisa per second
  • videocon
  • videocon sim card offer

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Bye Bye 1p Campaign by Videocon Mobile Services

I just saw a very appealing array of advertisements on TV while watching Dance India Dance during commercial break.. The commercials paid condolences to 1p/s call tarrif in a very innovative and creative way..

The commercial just talked about paying condolences to the 1p per second and didn’t explained what it was actually about (ofcourse it has to be about something).. It just shows this website address at the end of the comercial

Even on the website there was nothing else other than paying condolences  to 1p/s.. I looked everywhere.. then I foundthis little link of Terms and Conditions by reading which I came to know the site belongs to Videocon Telecommunications Limited.. But that also wasn’t enough info..

So I did what I always do to solve my quests.. I goOgled.. and found out that this is a campaign started by Videocon to promote its GSM services already launched in 10 circles and soon to be expanded to all 22 circles across India.

Videocon also have a beautiful.. literally beautiful website up and running to pay the condolences to the 1p per second call tarrifs which definitely means videocon is gonna bring some even cheaper call rates..They already have a 25p per minute local and STD calls Special tarrif Voucher (STV17) in Mumbai Circle.. Now that’s an awfully cheap tarrif..

UPDATE: On the website there is also an option to guess “Who will succeed the 1p/sec” and win an Android phone.

Have you also seen the Ads?? What do you say about it??

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IP addresses are running out : Is this the end??

By now you must have read about the exhausting IP addresses as on Yesterday (3rd feb 2011) the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced that it has distributed the last batch of its remaining IPv4 addresses to the world’s five RIRs (Regional Internet Registries), the organizations that manage IP addresses in different regions. These Registries will begin assigning the final IPv4 addresses within their regions until they run out completely, which could come as soon as early 2012.

So an IPocalypse is on its way.. Should we panic? Should we run?? How can this happen.. How can they do this to us.. Now what are we gonna do.. This just cant be happening.. This is not happening right??.. This all is just rumor.. like faceboOk ending on 15th march and world endin in 2012..

Easy Easy..
This is gonna happen.. it is unavoidable and this was known from ages..

So is this it? Is this the end..

Replacement for IPv4 (current protocol of IP addresses – the old number patterns) – IPv6 has been in place for years
I’m assuming u to be familiar with the IP addresses.. even if you aren’t here is a brief explanation on what exactly an IP address is…
As your home is associated with a unique address, in the same way your computer is also assigned a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address when you connect to the Internet. The current protocol, IPv4, allows for approximately 4 billion unique addresses.. which we are running out of..
If you have even a li’l bit of techie in you.. you must have heard of something called IPv6. IPv6 provides a wider pool of IP addresses. Although IPv6 has been available since the ’90s, not many companies, ISPs, or other organizations have implemented it. As the last blocks of IPv4 addresses are assigned, adoption of a new protocol is essential.. we need to migrate the internet to a newer version of Internet Protocol… IP version 6 (or IPv6 for short) for the continued growth of the Internet. IPv6 will expand Internet address space to 128 bits, making room for approximately 340 trillion addresses.. enough to last us well into the forseeable future..

What sould we do?
As ISPs begin rolling out IPv6 service to their customers, consumers will need new routers and gateways that support IPv6 to participate in this next generation Internet. So..
  • Any new product you buy that can connect to internet.. make sure its IPv6 ready.. and
  • Keep an eye on what happens during World IPv6 day. That will be a big demo of how smoothly IPV6 transitions will go.

Got any other question regarding exhausting IPs?? shoot em’ right at me in the comments below..

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