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Anonymous sent message to all Reliance Internet users and threatened media to Expect them…

So I was just browsing around the internet you know Fb and stuf.. and suddenly when I clicked on a notification I was instead sent to another page at the below link.

And the below message was displayed there..


Told you not to mess with free speech and lesser with Anonymous

Government of India, you know what you did wrong. you caused out twitter account to be blocked now we will show you what anonymous is capable of doing.
We give you 24Hours at maximum to give our twitter account back and apologize
Give @OpIndia_Revenge BACK
We will unleash hell and shiver on you

Greeting government of India, you were bad really bad. One of the worst governments the world has. Yet we tried our best not to go too tough on you, and then you decided to cross over us, bad guys bad idea.
We tried to do a slow, non violent protest and government decided to cover out mouths we will not sit idle while our freedom is take away. We will continue our non-violent protest and guess what you will never beat us, ever.
When we started to speak truth, the government of India forced our online twitter account @Opindia_revenge to be suspended.

Dear People

People We for 1 entire week attacked government websites, run by your money and no one in your government cared, then we decided to hit the Rich guys in the entertainment and IPL and Reliance and your government sprang into action. Shame on this government. It is time you people realized that this government don’t care about you. If we had attacked what belong to you they wont have minded. But if at all the smallest scratch appears on the rich and elite they are up and ready to act. Time you throw away these puppets of the rich and replace it with a new system that respect the constitution.Here is a list of all sites block by the governement and reliances Injustice !!


Don’t get ready to jump up and down and make a big show, because we know you are worse that what the word worse can explain. You and the ruling parties share profits in every corruption and then play a drama to fool the people. People realize that they are nothing but the ruling party itself just making mockery of every system that is in place and the people who voted them to power. you guys have no right to act as saviors of people.


You are meant to be the 4th estate of democracy. The supporters and guardians of people and their rights but you have failed and we don’t tolerate the kind of actions you are taking now. plotting with the government that is trying to abuse its own people and help corporations steal and befit from the weakness of your people. Media you cover us or not we will do what it takes to fight for peoples rights something you guys are scared to shit to attempt. If you can then show us you are not advertisement sucking leaches and tools of the government to enslave the people. We may have expected the US media to behave this way but not you guys who talked about not being influenced by anyone. EXPECT US

We are Anonymous
We are a Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect Us.. You should have.

This is brought to you by => #OpIndia #AnonymousINDIA #TeamVoid
Twitter => @OpIndia_back
Dear Reliance users if you wanted to visit a site but could not 😛 Please use the following links .. If the site is not here please wait for you “Awesome” ISP to fix this “technical” Issue 😀





Or Go ahead and use this
TOR(also useful for “blocked” sites

They have threatened Indian govt. to give them their twitter account otherwise there will be a hell lot to pay for…
And I think they also threatened the Indian media who are not very actively covering the recent activities of Anonymous India Operation?? As they warned them to “EXPECT US”.

Did you get the same message too??

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Offer tribute to Steve Jobs

Its hard to accept that Steve jobs is no longer with us.. I’ve been a very big fan of the guy.. Not a day pass by when I don’t talk about him in the office or at the college.. so much that Early in the morning I got calls from people informing me that He’z no longer with us. And some even posted on my FB wall.. When I got the first call and logged on to the internet and goOgled “Steve Jobs” I skipped a heart beat when I saw on the wikipedia result

Steven Paul Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) was an American computer entrepreneur and inventor

Steve Jobs Dead

I set up this website to pay tribute to him and you can also offer your tributes to him there..

Here’s to the crazy one. The misfit. The rebel. The troublemaker. The round peg in the square hole. The one who saw things differently. He was not fond of rules. And he had no respect for the status quo. You could quote him, disagree with him, glorify or vilify him. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore him. Because he changed things. He pushed the human race forward. And while some may see him as the crazy one, he was genius. Because he was crazy enough to think he can change the world, and he did.

RIP Steve jobs.. You were and would always be a mentor.. You may no longer share the world as ours.. but your thoughts continue to exist.. Now its time for you to make “Other World” a better place.. In whatever world you may be.. Stay Hungry Stay FoOlish

Just visit and offer your tributes to the Hungry Foolish man  – Steve Jobs

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Howto: Register for CAT 2011

So it’s the time the most awaited management exams comes out with the registration forms.

Though, many first timers are caught unawares with the system being followed.

Although, in recent years CAT has simplified the entire process.

A sale voucher is to be bought at an axis bank near you.  To find an axis bank follow the link

The sale voucher is to be filled with the details correctly and you receive a voucher card along with the receipt. The card is for INR 1600.

There is a grey area, indicating voucher number which is to be scratched with a coin to reveal the unique number for proper authentication.
Read moreRead more

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HowTo: Watermark your Images with Indian Tricolor Flag

Happy 64th Indian Independence Day! 🙂

Show your true spirit of Independence by watermarking your social networking profile pictures with Indian National Flag – Tricolor (Tiranga).
Here is an easy to use tool that you can use to watermark you images if you dont know how to use Photoshop to watermark images.
Read moreRead more

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  • i want to edit my photo with indian flag
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  • photo editing with indian flag

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If world ends today (and I tell you how).. This could be my last post

End Of The World-21 may 2011

End Of The World-21 may 2011

I’m a believer.. I believe in all sorts of shits.. ghosts.. magic.. superheroes..  aliens.. Jedi’s and even Santa..

If a news channel tells me that some unsuccessful, desperate for attention group of old scientists and a some dhongi babas computes that today (21st may 2011) might be the judgment day.. i.e. our last day on this planet.. I don’t deny them.. I’m just sad that I may die studying (With Exams going On 🙁 )

And since the storms have already started here in New Delhi, India.. I’ve more reasons to believe in them.. I mean it was so hot yesterday.. I bet it was some where around 44 45 degree Celsius.. and now there’s cold wind accompanied by thundering clouds.. something surely is cooking UP there..

So how is it exactly gonna happen?

Well I don’t know but there’s this dude – Harold Camping who claims that the Bible tells us how.. This is what he told in an interview to New York Magazine:

When we get to May 21 on the calendar in any city or country in the world, and the clock says about — this is based on other verses in the Bible — when the clock says about 6 p.m., there’s going to be this tremendous earthquake that’s going to make the last earthquake in Japan seem like nothing in comparison. And the whole world will be alerted that Judgment Day has begun. And then it will follow the sun around for 24 hours. As each area of the world gets to that point of 6 p.m. on May 21, then it will happen there, and until it happens, the rest of the world will be standing far off and witnessing the horrible thing that is happening.

He also predicts that the Rapture – Beginning of the ending of the world as we know it will take place on 6P.M. on 21st May 2011 and the end of the world will take place five months later on October 21, 2011. He previously predicted that the world would end in September 1994.. (The year Internet actually became a mode of communication worldwide.) LoOk how that worked out.. although a powerful Earthquake did strike Japan the very same month.. but the world didn’t came to an end.

You can know more about this person here and to know more about his prediction go here..

So still there is a very goOd chance that this could be my very last post.. and to make it worst this could be the last time I’m typing on my Android.. 🙁

But to even worsen it.. this could be the last post you’re reading.. 😛

So I just wanna wish you that if you die.. you may reborn in planet Krypton with all the cool superpowers Superman have.. or may I just wish for you that you stay alive.. former one is much coOler.. isn’t it?? 😉

So All I wanna say is Stay hungry.. Stay foOlish.. but most of all.. Stay Alive.. 😉

And if you are still alive do let me know by commenting on this post and tell what n how do you exactly feel about still living n breathing on this day.. 🙂

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50 years since First Human SpaceFlight

Chances are you have already noticed goOgle’s today’s doOdle.. In case you haven’t then I demand you to have a look at it right NOW.

50th Anniversary of the First Human SpaceFlight goOgl'e doOdle

50th Anniversary of the First Human SpaceFlight goOgl'e doOdle

Saw it? Yuri Gagarin.. The name sounds familiar doesn’t it??  Ofcourse it does.. Its the name almost every one knows.. Children are made to learn this name in the early classes and along with it an interesting fact.. that he was THE FIRST MAN TO GO INTO OUTER SPACE.

50 years have gone by since he took his and mankind’s first flight to the outer space.. On this very same day exactly 50 years ago i.e 12th April 1961, Yuri Gagarin a Russian astronaut or cosmonaut as what they are called in Russia  took off on his VOSTOK 1 – First Human Space Flight in history from the Russian launch pad and propelled to outer space, took a good round of earth and landed back on Russian soil safely. It took him just 108 minutes to circle around the earth and return to home land.

The event took whole world by a big surprise.. even Russians as Russia was a very secretive place back then, no announcements about the mission were made beforehand and most people came to know about it only after the man was back on the earth after his space expedition. This made Yuri Gagarin a celebrity and moreover changed Image of Soviet union (Russia) overnight from a backward oppressive society with a frightening array of nuclear weapons to a technological advanced nation.This milestone was one of the many benefits of the United States and Soviet Union Technological competition also knows as Space Race.

Painting of Yuri Gagarin and VOSTOK 1

Painting of Yuri Gagarin and VOSTOK 1

There are many interesting facts about this first human spaceflight:

  • Vostok 1 remained in orbit for 108 minutes and in that time it managed to orbit the earth once.
  • Entire flight was automated as Neither Russian scientists nor the doctors knew how the weightlessness would affect a man in space.
  • Gagarin’s controls were locked to prevent him from taking control of the ship. A key was available in a sealed envelope in case it became necessary to take control in an emergency.
  • Yuri gagarin did not landed with his spacecraft. He was ejected from the spacecraft 23,000 km above the earth and parachuted down as scientists were unsure if astronaut can land safely with the spaceship.
  • Three press releases were prepared, one for success, two for failures. It was only known ten minutes after burnout, 25 minutes after launch, if a stable orbit had been achieved.

Now if you are even 1 bit like me then the alphabets on the helmet(chances are it may not be called as helmet, but who cares :P) of Yuri Gagarin saying CCCP would bother you.. why CCCP.. what does it stands for?? USSR I can understand.. but whats this CCCP??

Actually CCCP is USSR only.. Its a thing called Cyrillic alphabet, used by Russians. USSR stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics which is equivalent to Soyuz Sovietskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik (in Russian) which is again equivalent to CCCP is USSR(in Cyrillic alphabets) which brings us to our CCCP.

I might have missed a fact or two.. If you know any then do share with us..

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Combat or Competition: A National Holiday..oops Bunk

Yes you guessed it right.. Its about Indo-Pak match which is gonna be started in just few hours from now.. 4 hours 12 mins and 32 seconds to be more precise 😛India - Pakistan Semi final worldcup 2011 Combat or competition

If I were Prime Minister of India.. I would declare this day a national holiday.. or at-least a half day.. because work gonna stop anyways.. so better make it an official off.. why being so selfish n going to see the match live alone where as people of the nation will have to work.. sorry Mr. PM No hard feelings.. but still.. 😛

I also pity my college faculty who will have to goto the college wheen all the students are participating in the national bunk..

National bunk.. whoa thats something..and yes its true.. I read in Delhi times today that

A survey says 60% of corporate India is on leave for the Indo-Pak match today

But its not the first time.. work have suffered a lot many times in history before durring the clash of the two neighbouring nations..

As I previously stated.. I’m not that a big fan of Cricket.. but when it comes to Worldcup and that too Indo-Pak.. I’m crazy like many others..

Now as the clock is ticking.. m waiting eagerly for the clock to strike 0230pm.. I’m gonna go complete some bank stuff.. uff the paperworks.. and a small very small meeting.. just for the sake of it.. (I hope my partners don’t read my blog :P) but m gonna keep my one eye on the clock and gonna free myself before 0130pm.. yeah 1hr margin is a must.. Don’t even want to miss pitch report and the toss 😛

India - Pakistan Semi final worldcup 2011 Combat or competition

So while I’m gone I ask you one thing.. Is it just a competition today or something more…like  a Combat??

Do reply.. I wanna see what is India thinking of this day.. even Pakistanis are invited to comment and share their feelings..

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Supermoon from nehru planetarium. Video:NDTV Coverage

Here i am standing in the queue to watch the supermoon at nehru planetarium.. i recorded here a video of the NDTV reporter and thot of uploading it to my blog..

Now m trying to take a pic from the telescope with my phone as am not carying my cam..
1 guy here took a pic from his cam and its awesome… have requested him to mail me the pics..will upload if he mails.
Also attaching some pics from naked eye..

Update: got pics of the pics of supermoon..
Now m waiting here for getting a telescope view of saturn which is expected to show up at around 8:15

Update 2: Tried many times to upload video. But couldnt.. will try again in the night..
Update2.1: upload successfull 🙂

Update3: saw the saturn and its ring.. it was awesome.. couldnt capture it with cam though..

P.S: This post was written from my mobile phone using wordpress for android.. so please ignore typos 😛

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HowTo: get refund for cancelled Bryan Adams’ Delhi concert

Refund Pricedure for Bryan Adams Delhi Concert ticketsNetsurf Communications Pvt. Ltd. today (24th February 2011) started the refunding procedure for the cancelled Bryan Adams’ Delhi concert tickets.

KyaZoonga have been appointed as its Ticket Refund Processing Agent for the cancelled Bryan Adams’ Delhi concert.

You’ll have to follow the following process to claim your refund for the cancelled concert tickets :-

Those who bought the tickets online:

  1. GoTo and fill out the application form before 2nd March.
  2. Refund process will start on 3rd of March on First Come First Serve basis. The ammount to be refunded will be credited back into your credit card, debit card or net banking account that you used for purchasing the tickets online.

Those who bought the tickets from retail outlets:

Those who bought the tickets from retail outlets like Planet M, Furtados, Landmark etc.. will have to visit the KyaZoonga’s Delhi office between 24th Feb to 2nd March – 11am to 5pm except for Sundays.

KyaZoonga’s Delhi Office Address:

13 institutional Area
Lodi Road
New Delhi – 110003

To claim you refund you must be carrying the following essential documents:

  1. e-voucher confirmations (if you hadn’t picked up your tickets).
  2. Physical ticket along with the confirmation numbers (if you opted for courier).
  3. Government issued Photo ID that matches name on the e-voucher confirmation.

If sending some one else to collect cash refund on your behalf they will be needing:

  1. A letter of authorization along with them.
  2. His/Her original Photo ID along with a photocopy to be submitted.
  3. Send your original Photo ID and its photocopy to be submitted.

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Even goOgle soaked up in joy and excitement of Cricket World Cup 2011

Just in case you haven’t checked it out already.. goOgle’s today’s doOdle shows that even goOgle is soaked in the excitement and joy of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 starting today with the Inida vs. Bangaldesh fixture at 1430 IST (0830 GMT)

Heres the doOdle if you missed it..

goOgle's cricket world cup 2011 doOdleI’m already a big fan of goOgle’s doOdles.. if you are too or you want to become one.. you can check out the doOdle archives from here ..

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