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Will Personalized Search have an impact on Online Marketing Strategy?

In today’s technology-assisted era, most of us rely on the Internet to educate ourselves, get to know about new things, and accomplish our responsibilities. For most people, a session on the Internet initiates with the search engine. It is the first website we visit on the web when we are in need of valuable information; such is the trust we have on search engines. Whether the search engines repay the faith and trust piled on them is a debatable subject, but in most instances they do, and they have been doing it since the dot-com bubble.

The competition in the search engine space has intensified over the past decade as more people rely on search engines to guide them to their queried online location. As a result, most of the Internet service providers have their own search engines, but the dominant players in this space are Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s Bing. To fuel the competition, leading e-commerce companies such as Ebay and, and social networking companies such as Facebook and Twitter have commenced their own search engines.

Amid all this competition, a new concept of ‘personalized search’ has been stirring up the already stiff market competition in the search engine space. Well, then what is personalized search? It is a search which is customized to suit an individual’s interest which goes outside the search query entered by the user. The personalized search generally functions with the information accumulated by search engines on groups, communities, and region-specific demographics. Search engine operators have also developed explicit models to garner information about user preferences based on their web usage history.

Personalized searches can be a breath of fresh air in the online marketing arena, as SEO experts have to chew over new user-centric perspectives and neglect traditional SEO practices. The new search method liberalizes websites from the stranglehold of search engines that play a vital role in publicizing a website. In turn, it prompts web designers and SEO experts to focus on creating quality content that suit or match the requirements of users. With personalized searches, the focus will shift towards building and designing content that will provide an engrossing search experience to the user.

On the flip side, personalized searches can prick traditional online marketing strategies and SEO concepts. The prime hurdle when it comes with personalized searches is that it would curb the scope of web search and confine searches within individual interests. The problem here is that there could be other relevant websites that were recently developed and were ignored by search engines during indexing. Another major disadvantage of personalized searches is that they do not integrate with social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook, which could result in exclusion of valuable data relating to your friends and niche interests.

The bottom line is, as long as there is an option of choosing between personalized search and traditional search, the decision can be left to the user’s discretion.

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Vodafone revealed a Faster, Smarter, Better ZooZoo: A Super 3G ZooZoo

Its a Superman.. Its a Batman.. Its Rajinikanth.. NO! Its a ZooZoo.

Vodafone today revelaed a supernatural ZooZoo with a 3G logo, Something like eye patch and a Cape n everything..
The 3G Super ZooZoo seems like a hybrid of Superman, Mr. incredible and our favourite Rajinikanth.. going into the telephone booth for changing up like superman.. flying high in the sky saving people around.. stopping trains from falling off the bridges.. and running faster than the bullets..

I already said earlier how m a great fan of creative advertisments like these and Vodafone ZooZoo ads are already a benchmark for the Indian advertisment industry.

Vodafone ZooZoos already being hugely popular in IPL returned this time in ICC cricket world cup 2011 all excited up about watching something supernatural in the sky..  You must have seen those ZooZoo ads ending in “Fact or Fiction?“, “UFO or Alien?“, “Bird or Plane?“, “Dream or Reality?”  if you have been following the world cup..

The new character correctly signifies what vodafone is offering its customers – a FASTER, SMARTER and BETTER 3G broadband experience with top 3G speed at 21.1 Mbps.. now thats really super..

Heres the advertisement video if you haven’t seen it yet..

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Feb spoofs GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial

If you live on the planet earth (asuming I’ve readers from some other planets in a galaxies far far away too.. 🙂 😛 ) you must be knowing about the Super Bowl and also what it is best known for (obviously other than football) The Advertisements Aired during its television broadcast..
This graph below showing cost of 30 second advertising spot during superbowl pretty much speaks for its popularity..
cost of 30 second advertising spot during superbowl

Cost of 30 second advertising spot during Superbowl

The speciality of these advertisements is the ammount of  innovation and creativity put into them..
Advertisment industry is one of my favourate industry because of the innovation and creativity applied in it.. We all really do praise a nice Ad every once in a while and say to ourselves.. wow! nice what a concept.. don’t we?? this year came up with an innovative spoof of GoDaddy’s popular GODADDY GIRL ADVERTISMENTS
The video says for itself.. so I won’t say anything else.. 😉

Here are some of the GoDaddy Girl Advertisements:

To watch all other GoDaddy Girl Advertisements go here..

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