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The release date and the possible features of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

The upgraded version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is looking to launch at the Google’s I/O event which will held in May. The first phone which is looking to get the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is the mysterious Motorola X. Another possibility is the manufactured smartphone of LG electronics, the Nexus 5.

Although, no official words are yet said by Google on the release date and the features, everything is yet said on rumors only. Enhanced social networking support, improved performance, support to multiple devices, and multiple selection in contacts, better video chat options, performance profile, and Google Babble can be some of the basic features of the update.

With each new release of any Smartphone, tablet, update or any other gadget, technology is growing up very fast. These gadgets are most welcomed in our life and eagerly accepted as a part of life but, we always forgot the Operating System while we accept the gadgets. Let me remind you that in 2011, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was launched by Google which was seen in the Nexus, and in 2012 the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version that arrived powering the super Nexus 7.

This year too, a new Android version is going to launch by Google and it is going to release soon. Currently, all the Smartphone users’ uses social networking sites to keep their interest in mind, Sony integrated Facebook and LG incorporates Facebook and Twitter by default in their flagship smartphones. A list of services are provided by the Google like the Gtalk, Google+, Google voice etc.

The Google Babble is latest project of the company which will centralize all the news feeds and notification at one single place. It is looking that the Google Babble will be installed in the update.

These are some of the features that may be available on new version. We all are waiting eagerly for this new update from Google. Samsung has already announced that Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy S3 would be eligible for receiving the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie update.

This post is written by Divyansh Peswani. He is currently blogging at Top Mobile Info 

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Do-Follow vs No-Follow back links – Which should I use?

Do-Follow Links vs No-Follow Links

Emerging as one of the internet’s biggest debate, No-Follow and Do-Follow often tends to confuse the webmasters when it comes to link building. Some say No-Follow links prevent the search engines from crawling back to your site thereby proving inefficient in improving your page rank, whereas some say building too many Do-Follow links might give a wrong impression to the search engines who are constantly looking to bust spam links, and then there are some who think building some No-Follow links along with Do-Follow will help you escape the claws of search engine and you can work on to get better rankings.

What exactly are No-Follow and Do-Follow links

No-Follow is an HTML attribute attached with your hyperlink which prevents the search engines from crawling back to your site thus ignoring you a SERP boost.

Do-Follow is not a tag or attribute as the links which are not No-Follow are automatically considered as Do-Follow. These links actually passes “link juice” from the originating site to the linked site helping them in acquiring more traffic to their, hence boosting their SERP.

Planning To Host a Blog: Take Right Decision

Google uses many algorithms to rank web pages, one of them being the number of in-links to your pages. It is up to the webmaster whether to host a No-Follow or a Do-Follow blog. Running through some of the pros and cons will help you decide better.

Pros (No-Follow Links)

1. Prevents spamming – Spammers looking to extract link juice will think leaving a comment on such a site will be a mere waste of time. This will filter out the top commentators providing genuine feedback.

2. Preserves link juice – Giving a No-Follow tag to all your external links will help you preserve your link juice and work towards attaining a higher page rank.

3. Helps develop trust – Search engines develop a trust for your blog as you are avoiding spam comments.

Cons (No-Follow Links)

1. Reduced blog activity – People looking for back links to their pages will always avoid a No-Follow blog making it difficult for you to get more traffic to your site.

2. Hard to get link juice to your site/blog – It would eventually become harder to get traffic to your site as commenting only on Do-Follow blogs can help you gather in-links.

Pros (Do-Follow Links)

1. Encourages Traffic – Loved by most webmasters, a high ranked Do-Follow blog always attracts more traffic to it.

2. Marketing point of view – As a marketer, you can encourage people by using the plus point and attract more visitors.

Cons (Do-Follow Links)

1. Increases spam activity – People looking for some link juice will always show up on your blog/site with some useless comments.

2. Sacrifice your authority – Providing links to every person will reduce your credibility. It is always advisable to be selective in whom you reward.

The Final Verdict

Do-Follow links will give you human traffic as well as SEO traffic whereas No-Follow links will provide you with human traffic which is still the best thing to achieve. Thus as some say, maintaining a balance between No-Follow and Do-Follow links would work the best, it is always advisable to ensure proper management of your links.

About the author: Rubela Jhonnie is a blogger and a writer. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on most expensive car in the world attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on BMW 7 Series.

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Time travelling with Facebook Timeline

Facebook introduced TimeLine and I just can’t get enough of it.. Every minute I’m discovering some new feature hiddens ome where in the big bulk of changes..

The best one I found uptil now is Time Travelling.. Yes now Facebook enables you to travel in time.. and NO, not just to view your past sories/events/albums/videos.. you can even upload or add stories/events/albums/videos in you timeline in the past..

Now isn’t that awesome..

I was always fascinated with the concept of time travelling and parallel universe travelling.. though real time travelling is few years away,  facebook has enabled us to time travel in our digital life though.. and I soon expect them to release something for enabling us to travel to an alternate parallel universe..

So I was feeling very bad when I remembered I forgot to wish myself on my birthday this year.. but now with this awesome facebook timeline.. I can totally go back in the past and make up for that..

Time travelling with Facebook Timeline

And obviously you can also just travel through your timeline to relive your old memories that you’ve posted on faceboOk..

Time travelling with facebook timeline

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Insight: Facebook updates News Feed

I always say “Facebook is like girls.. Just when you think you understood.. It changes..” and in its constant changing facebook came up with another change today..
Last week we saw some major changes like allowing users to subscribe to public posts of other users (Like Twitter), The New Lists which totally reminded every one of the new goOgle+ circles..

If you missed them then read it here..
FB Smart Lists – GoOgle plus Circle thingy.. Now on FaceboOk

Facebook launches subscription.. much like “follow” on twitter

This time facebook updates the New Feed

Just got this notification saying..

All Your News is Now in One Place
Top stories since your last visit are at the top
Each top story is marked with a blue corner
Recent stories are below, in the order they were posted
Learn more about changes to News Feed.
Facebook updates News Feed
“Top stories marked with Blue corner” Now thats something..
Top stories that may interest you..

But how do they determin Top stories anyway?
There’s how…
We determine whether something is a top story based on lots of factors, including your relationship to the person who posted the story, how many comments and likes it got, what type of story it is, etc. For example, a friend’s status update that might not normally be a top story may become a top story after many other friends comment on it.

If you’ve been away for awhile, you’ll see the top stories that happened since your last visit at the top of News Feed.

If you see something that isn’t interesting in top stories, hover over the right side of the update in question, click the arrow  and click ‘Unmark as top story’ from the menu.

click ‘Unmark as top story’ from the menu” So does this means they are also recording feedbacks to better determin top stories patters or they just unmark it and do nothing to recognize our patterns..

Another intresting change is in the top bar..

Facebook Updates News Feed & Top Bar
So whats intresting in it??
Lemme walk you through it..
To notice the interesting part we’ll have to go through a series of small images of the top right of the Facebook top bar..
Facebook top bar before
Facebook Top Bar NOwAnd on a TOTALLY UNRELATED NOTE:

GoOgle Top Bar
GoOgle Top Bar

IF you still didn’t get the interesting part then Gawd help ya!

Waiting for your awesome comments on this new News Feed Update by Facebook.. Start scribbling..

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Facebook launches subscription.. much like “follow” on twitter

Facebook launched a new feature this week inspired from the micro blogging site – twitter – “Subscrtibe”
Like “Follow” on twitter.. you can now “Subscribe” to people who have allowed to subscribe to their public updates..
This means you can read people’s posts with out them accepting your friend request.. if and onli if they have allowed subscription to their public updates and you have subscribed to them.

How to Subscribe?

To subscribe to any one’s public updates got to his profile and then from top right click on Subscribe.. given that, this person you’re trying to subscribe have allowed subscription.

subscribe on facebook

To allow subscription to your public updates.. goto Subscribers from the left sidebar and “Allow people other than your friends to subscribe to your public updates.” in Subscriber settings.

Subscriber settings on facebook
This is one hot new feature.. How useful is it in your opinion??

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Gadget Review: HTC Flyer Review

Video Not working Correctly Here.. Please Navigate to

“The force is strong with this one”
That’s what came to my mind when I first used The all new amazingly awesome HTC Flyer.
As the company boasts, Flyer is really a tablet like no other..
This one comes with a 1.5 ghz and 1gb ram, loaded with Android with HTC Sense and the all new HTC Scribe technology, its one of the best tablet out there in the market..

Read moreRead more

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Insight: goOgle’s +1 Button

[To see howto add +1 button to your website navigate here.]

What is goOgle +1 button?

First of all if you want to know what is this +1 button we’re talking about.. you need to see this video embedded below:

The +1 button is a shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1’s can help friends, contacts and others find the best stuff when they search.

This is goOgle’s  step towards making its search more socially bent and increase the relevancy of the search results. You can say that is goOgle equivalent to FaceboOk’s Like but still very different.

GoOgle launched “+1” a few months ago in their search results. Enabling you to “+1” any search result or Ad you would like to recommend to your social circle and the next time anyone in your social circle searches and encounter your recommended search result.. He’ll see a caption below the search result saying “You +1’d this”.

Its like going to a new restaurant and finding on the door a note from your friend telling you its goOd. (For what I normally depend on 4Square.) But its not only for restaurants its for “Everything” (For what we DO depend on goOgle).

See example in the image below:

+1'd this

+1'd this

How goOgle determines my friends/connection/Social circle?

GoOd question! To know the answer to this first goto you goOgle Dashboard and scroll down to “Social Circle and Content”

There goOgle organizes all your social connections basically divided into 3 categories:

  • Direct connections from your Google chat buddies and contacts
  • Direct connections from links through Google Profiles or Connected accounts
  • Secondary connections that are publicly associated with your direct connections

So your connections consists of all you goOgle chat friends, your goOgle Contacts, your connections from connected accounts like twitter etc. and direct connections of your connections i.e your secondary connections (Friends of your Friends).

Why Can’t I see it in my search results?

First your have to create your goOgle profile if you don’t have one create one.. as all of your +1s get stored in your goOgle profile.

If you have goOgle profile then also you may or may not see +1 button in search results as goOgle haven’t rolled it out to all of its users. Currently its only visible to some of the randomly chosen users and its currently available for English searches on goOgle.COM only.

But you can activate this feature by enrolling in the experiment by goOgle here..

Once you join the experiment you will start seeing +1 button on the search results but only on goOgle.COM.

Where can I see all my +1s?

All your +1s get stored in your goOgle profile. You can manage all your +1s from the “+1” Tab in your goOgle Profile. You can even delete your +1s from there which you don’t want to recommend anymore.

You can see an example of goOgle’s +1 Button right here on our website in the top right side of this article just below the article’s heading.

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Insight: Does POP Up/Under affects goOgle ranking and hence traffic?

No doubt Pop ups or Pop unders are annoying to users.. But does they have a negative effect on your website’s goOgle search ranking and hence traffic??

There is no clear answer to this but here I present a little theory of my own based on some facts explained below:

  1. GoOgle hates Popups.
    Evident from:

    • GoOgle hates Pop-ups.. So much that even goOgle toolbar have a Pop-up blocker and goOgle Chrome have a built in pop up blocker.
    • GoOgle always favors a clean website with no pop-ups against a similar one with pop-ups.
    • GoOgle even disapprove Adwords landing pages with pop-ups.

    Or if even that’s not enough.. here’s goOgle saying it itself..  go to this page
    Read in the first line: “We find them annoying.”
    GoOgle have made it clear over the years that it loves quality content. And I don’t think it classifies a website forcing pop up ads as a goOd quality website.

  2. SEO Point of view.
    Landing page Loading time is an important SEO factor. So large ads or Pop-Up/Pop-Under which may slow down the loading speed can be a factor to consider.
    Although the intensity of impact is unclear. And there are still more unanswered questions like even if they consider a POP Up as a NO-NO! Do they treat all POP Ups the same way? Does their algorithms differ between forced popups and popus created by user interaction like clicking on a link?
  3. Now I present my final point with some evidential data.
    Look at the image below.. It shows last 20 days traffic of one of my website:

    Statistical Data to prove Pop up/Under effects goOgle search engine rank negatively

    Statistical Data to prove Pop up/Under effects goOgle search engine rank negatively

    We placed the code for Pop-under ads on 2nd May on terminal pages of the website and on 8th we placed Pop-under ads on the initial pages too.. (Something we regret.) and you can see for yourself what happened then.. The keywords for which our site’s results used to come on first page were not even until 5th page.
    In another case which I read on some blog this guy was having #4 and # 7 for 2 very competetive keywords on google, and the week after he placed the Pop-Up ads  #4 and #7 went to #142 and #200.

So my theory ends here.. BUT, there’s still one more thing I want to show you before we jump to a conclusion.

See this video of  Matt Cutts of Google:

Upon asking “Does goOgle reward or penalize for pop-under, directly or indirectly?”

He says:

“To the best of my knowledge we don’t reward or penalize for having a pop-up or pop-under or any hing like that..users dont’t like it…..”

“To the best of my knowledge – I’m not familiar with every body and every single thing in the search quality but I don’t know of anything where we would say oh this site has a pop up or pop under so don’t rank it as highly. Its a common feature request.. A lot of people want us to do that.. but to the best of my knowledge we’ve never done anything like that ”

A few things to note in this video is:

  • Excessive use of “To the Best of my knowledge”.
    He didn’t denied it completely and used “To the best of my knowledge” 3 times thats a lot of times in less than a minute length of speech..
  • Its a common feature request.
    So they might add it in future.
  • Video is dated back to 5th April 2010 – almost an year old.
    GoOgle have changed its algorithm a lot since then. Recent being the “Panda” update. So there’s always a chance that they may have implemented it by now.

So I’m gonna give this benefit of doubt to the above stated theory and recommend NOT to use any pop-ups/under ads. They may give high CPMs but they hinder your traffic too hence nullifying the extra earning if any.. And even If you don’t have Search Engine Organic traffic then also you should avoid using them as they are really annoying to the users.

If you’re wondering who is this Matt Cutts I’m talking about..

Matt Cutts works for the Search Quality group in Google, specializing in search engine optimization issues.He is well known in the SEO community for enforcing the Google Webmaster Guidelines and cracking down on link spam. Cutts also advises the public on how to get better website visibility in Google as well as webmaster issues in general, and is generally an outspoken and public face of Google.

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Insight: Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS)

As we know cricket is part n parcel of our lives when at least Cricket World Cup is on! For all those non cricketing background cricket fans, here is some info on the latest technological development.. the UDRS. So many times we shout at the umpire, “That was out” or “That was just not out “. The ICC (International cricket council) has devised the plan, to solve such indecisions in the match by giving both batting and the fielding team a chance to refer the decision with the TV or the Third umpire. Here when batting or fielding side player feels that decision was not made correctly, he can ask the umpire to call for UDRS by showing him a T sign with hands!

Now there will be no such things as “That hit the bat and still was given LBW” or” He nicked and is still bating.”

In the current world cup, each team has been given two referrals per innings. Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the first one to use it in the tournament. Earlier it was scheduled only for the knock out stage but later added to full tournaments. UDRS has been implemented in tests, but at discretion of the two nations playing games. India has been the only country to say no to UDRS as they feel technology is not fool proof (may be because of what happened in Sri Lanka tour in 2008). Other member countries have welcomed the development, saying it has to happen one day with improving technologies ! Indian superstar Sachin Tendulkar is not in favour of UDRS, but his look alike batsman Sehwag is !

On the contrary it may removes that luck factor and human error enjoyment from the game.. but game has to evolve , even if we reduce some uncertainty from it !

Whats your take on the new UDRS? Feel free to share in the comments below..

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Insight: “faceboOk email” aka faceboOk’s “modern messaging system” Part – II

Read: Insight: “faceboOk email” aka faceboOk’s “modern messaging system” Part – I here..

I always used to think if I ever met Mark Zuckerberg i’ll tell him how faceboOk chat sucks and how he could improve messaging experience by adding few simple features like forwarding conversations, allowing addition of people to the threads of messages and allowing to save chat conversations.. But all this was Pre – faceeboOk’s Modern Messaging System time period. Now I use facebook chats as my primary mode of chatting all thanx to the “Modern Messaging System” and partly to “Rockmelt Browser” .. ‘ll write about Rockmelt later..

As faceboOk’s “modern messaging system” got it all.. Herez a list of all the modern features that faceboOk’s Modern Messaging System sports..

First of all the best ones..

Add people to the conversation:

Add people to the conversation

Add people to the conversation

You can now add people to the conversation at any point of time and also leave any conversation thread when it become UNinteresting 😛

Read moreRead more

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  • old facebook message

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