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Features of IRCTC Lite version

I’m sure you must have been pestered by the extremely slow and in-efficient servers of IRCTC website. In fact, you can find a myriad of references to it’s poor performance in many Bollywood movies and jokes. However, in a constant effort to improve it’s usability, Indian Railways have recently introduced a new version of the site called IRCTC lite.  Read moreRead more

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PowerPoint Web Apps

Powerpoint now enables you to work on and edit your presentations online. It is useful to edit your presentation directly in a website or blog in which you have already uploaded your presentation. Office Web Apps open all Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote) on your browser.


The PowerPoint Web App enables you to work together with your colleagues on the same presentation simultaneously, You can work a single PowerPoint theme simultaneously.

Sharing your presentation

You can share a presentation  saved in a SharePoint document library, by sharing a link with custom access instead of an email attachment.

Broadcasting a Presentation

A presentation can be broadcast  from  PowerPoint 2010 desktop application by sharing a URL with the viewer, that connects to the slide show through the PowerPoint Web App. The presentation can be viewed on the browser synchronized in real-time with the presenter.

Switching between Web App and desktop App

Clicking the Open in PowerPoint on the PowerPoint Web App toolbar opens your presentation  in the PowerPoint desktop app, if it is already installed.

View mode and Edit mode

In the view mode, you can view the slide show,notes,or browse through the slides of your presentation.

Clicking the Edit in Browser on the PowerPoint Web App toolbar in View mode opens your presentation in Edit mode.

In the edit mode, you can edit your presentation like

  • Adding SmartArt, clip art from, insert photos, etc.,
  • Apply bullets or numbering.
  • Change paragraph alignment.
  • Choose from a gallery of animation and transition effects.
  • Choose from a gallery of built-in themes and variants.
  • Organize objects (Move, resize, rotate, Change from back-to-front or front-to-back).
  • Broadcast a slide show to a remote audience.
  • Embed presentations on websites or blogs.
  • Spell-check using the built-in dictionary.

Features not available in PowerPoint Web App:

  • Inserting audio and video files.
  • Presenter view.
  • Custom animations.
  • Full selection of animations and transitions.
  • Offline viewing and editing.
  • Inserting and editing tables.
  • Advanced design and reviewer tools.
  • Rich formatting of text,shapes,etc.,
  • Full ink support
  • Integration with Excel

Author Bio: Shalin Sharma is a institutional presentation designer, who works at designing PowerPoint Plantillas.

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HowTo: Print from phone [Android]

 print-from-phoneHow cool would it be if you can directly print from phone. It could really be handy if you have to print out hand outs or few documents for your presentation and you’re stuck at travel. Innovation through smartphones made remote printing effortless.

If you are working with WireLess printers, you can remote print with just touch of a button. Choose from the wide range of apps associated with your printer’s manufacturer

HP iPrint Photo

It offers a flexible user interface and supports almost every wireless printer from HP and supports Google Docs, DropBox, Box e.t.c integration

You can get it for free here

Canon PhotoPrint

It allows you to print pictures and doesn’t support Office or text formats. You can remote print from a printer connected to your Wireless network

You can get it for free here

Brother iPrint and Scan

It supports pictures and PDFs. You need to configure the wireless network settings before remote controlling your prints.

You can get it here

Samsung Mobile Print

 Samsung MobilePrint allows you to Print Pictures, Office files, PDFs wirelessly. You can scan files too, you will need a wireless connection before stumbling with the prints

You can get it here

Using Google Cloud Print

You are going to need a Google Cloud Print enabled on your PC which is associated with your printer. You will need Google Chrome. By default Cloud Print is disabled, follow these steps to enable

  • In Google Chrome, Click the little wrench icon and click Settings
  • Choose Show Advanced Settings, Under Google Cloud Print, Loging to your Google account and Click Add Printers
  • You should receive a success message. That’s it you have enabled Google Cloud Print on your PC

Once you’ve set up Cloud Print on your PC, you need to integrate it on your Android Device.. Download and install Cloud Print from the Play Store. You can also use Cloud print feature directly from Google Docs without any external app.

If you can’t find the app associated with your printer, check the manual if it wireless enabled. Major Drawback of Cloud Print is, it requires a PC running to remote control your printer

Author Bio: Gautham is a technology addict and a designer. He is the editor of PowerPoint Backgrounds and Nature PPT Templates

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7 Steps To Choose The best Smartphone For you

There is no doubt that modern smartphones make our lives much easier. You don’t have to carry your notebook or netbook to be able to send emails or to read latest news or to get right directions or even to make some online shopping. These and even more you can do if you have a smartphone.

However, the number of smartphones is growing each day. Almost every week a new smartphone is released. And it is really hard not to get lost in this ocean of smarts, especially if you want to buy your first one.

Smartphones aren’t very cheap and that’s why first of all you should ask yourself if the functions of your old phone satisfy all your needs. If they do, you may go by and start reading the next article. But if they don’t and you are 100% sure that you do need a smartphone with all its features I would recommend you to read the article till the end because I’m going to tell you about the main things you will have to think about before buying a new smartphone.

So, follow these 7 simple steps and you will be able to pick the phone of your dream.

Step 1. Set your budget and choose a carrier

When you think about how much you are going to spend on a smartphone you will have to consider two different costs:

1) the price of the phone itself and

2) the price of the plan you are going to have.

The phone price is a one-time expense while the plan price is the one you will have to pay every month. There are dozens of different plans available today. Sometimes cell phone companies even offer free phones if you sign the particular plan.

But don’t hurry and do the following:

a)      Study the carriers, their plans and the quality of perception in your area.

b)      Compare different opportunities (including Internet technologies available in the area!) that are offered.

c)       Think over what will be more profitable in the long run: to buy a bit more pricy sim-free phone and to have a cheaper plan or to buy a phone-plan complex.

Step 2. Choose Mobile Operating System

Most popular mobile operating systems today are iOS, Android, Windows Phone Mobile, BlackBerry.

They all can’t provide the most basics functionality for your smartphone. However, there are 2 things to think about.

1)      The number of apps available.

iOS and Android have the best selection of the apps (free and paid) available for download, while Windows Phone developersalso do their best to expand the market with the apps for this OS. Blackberry OS can’t boast of such a variety of apps developed for it but Blackberry OS is considered to be the safest of all mobile OSes.

2)      Customization

If you are a big fan of all these customization things, Android was developed for you as you will be able to change it  in any possible way.

Step 3. Size and display

  1. Size

Smartphones with big screens (more space, better reading and web surfing) are in trend now, but it doesn’t mean that the phones with 4.5” screens will suit you. It is not always convenient to navigate them with one hand, to make zooming or texting.

So, go to the store and test different smartphones with different screens and make a decision which ones are the best for your use.

  1. Resolution

Another very important thing to consider is the resolution and the technology of the screen. But if to speak short without any technical details, the higher resolution is the better.

 Step 4. Read About Battery Life

Almost all smartphones have one big drawback – battery life is very short. All apps take too much power and smartphones need regular (even daily) charging.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to judge the battery life by the size of the battery.  Phones have so many other features installed into them (ex. cameras, flash, WiFi, Radio, Accelerometer, etc.), that they will “eat” the power even without letting you know that they work.

I’d recommend you to do the following things:

1)      Read the reviews, forums, etc. where owners share their impressions and experience.

2)      Buy higher capacity batteries for you smartphone later.

 Step 5. Choose Keyboard

Touchscreens are the most typical for modern smartphones, and they work well in the major models. However, some users prefer full qwerty keypads as it is still easier to type using a physical keyboard rather than a virtual one. There are different types of physical keypads and you just need to find the one that fits you best (again through testing).

Step 6. Do You Need Cameras?

Is a front or back camera important to you in your new smartphone? The recent smartphones usually have back cameras of about 5 megapixels and above, as well as front facing cameras for making video calls.

Step 7. Updates of Operating Systems

Some of the smartphones that have been released a year and more ago won’t support the update up to the latest versions. However, it doesn’t mean that they will work badly. It only means that the hardware of the phones don’t support the newest developments.

Of all phone manufacturers Apple is the best in updates, supporting its phones for about two years. Microsoft has done better in updating gadgets than Google has with its Android devices, but the situation changed after Windows Phone 8 release (it is not supported by earlier Windows mobiles).

In Addition

1)      Read as many reviews, opinions, forums about smartphones as you can. Ask your friends for advice. And Try to test as many phones as possible. Don’t forget that store representatives want to sell you the most expensive phone.

2)      When you test a smartphone, do not forget to make a phone call to check the quality of the speaker and signal.

I hope that these simple steps will lead you to buying a smartphone that will satisfy all your needs and will be perfect for you.


About the author

My name is Katerina Merzlova. I’m a copywriter in Intellectsoft LTD., an IT company that develops advanced apps for smartphones. I spend lots of time reading and writing about mobile technologies. You may also read the blog to find out more about me and the team I work with.

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HowTo: edit comments on facebook

FaceboOk just rolled out another new feature..  And this in fact is something that was much awaited.. You can now edit comments on facebook.. Earlier facebook only allowed to edit within firs few seconds of posting the commenet by pressing delete and the comment would again appear in the textbox and you could edit the text and post it again..

But now you can edit comments on facebook in its truest sense.

To edit Comments on Facebook follow the below steps:

1. Hover over the comment an click on the Pencil icon Pencil Icon

Click on Pencil Icon

2. Click on Edit.

Click on Edit

3. Edit your comment and Press enter to save or Esc to cancel.

Press Enter or Esc to cancel

Edit comment and press Enter

Now The edited comment history would be visible to all who can see this comment.

Edit history


Since the edit history is visible to all you won’t be able to troll people like you used to do on goOgle buzz but still its a very useful feature.. And I feel FB came up with this very late..

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HowTo: Create Virtual wi-fi Hotspot from your PC or Phone

wi-fi hotspotYou can create virtual Wi-Fi hotspot from your PC or phone with incredible ease. Here are a few ways you can create virtual Wi-Fi hotspot from your PC or phone.


Ad-hoc Connections

Previously, if you wanted to create a ‘hotspot’ with a single PC, you would have to create ad-hoc connections and allow multiple computers to connect through it. However, setting up an ad-hoc connection is not the easiest task. If you have an internet dongle, the task could be simpler. Visit the Broadband Expert website to compares dongle deals.

Windows 7 Hotspots

If you have a PC with Windows 7 installed, you can use your virtual Wi-Fi drivers to create your own virtual Wi-Fi hotspot. Simply open up command prompt and type in the following:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<insert hotspot connection’s name> key=<insert network key>

For example, you wanted to create a local Wi-Fi hotspot under the name of “My Hotspot” with the password “Key”, you would type in:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=My Hotspot key= Key

Do not shut down command prompt just yet. From here, go to the network and connections section, right click your new connection and go to the sharing tab. All you have to do is enable internet sharing with your ‘Virtual Wi-Fi Miniport Adapter’ as your Wi-Fi hotspot.

Now, all you have to do is start the network. Go back to command prompt and type the following:

  • netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Connect through your phone and now you can browse the internet using your Wi-Fi hotspot.


It’s understandable that not everyone wants to do all the tasks mentioned above. Additionally, not everyone has Windows 7 or even virtual Wi-Fi drivers installed. For all of you who don’t have either Windows 7 or virtual Wi-Fi drivers installed or are just plain old lazy, you can use Connectify tocreate your Wi-Fi hotspot.

 Connectify is a simple program that you can download for free. Not only is the program powerful, it has an impeccably simple and easy-to-use user interface. The program also has a separate tab for hotspot settings and management.

 One great thing about Connectify is that you can easily share files over the network. You can even disallow the internet but allow network file sharing. If you like what you see, you can buy the full version of the software. This grants you access to a plethora of new and enhanced features.

 Using the program is simple. All you have to do is run the program, create a connection and set your preferences – it’s that simple. If you have the professional version, you can even name your connection and make your computer a repeater.

Create wi-fi hotspot from pc or mobile phone


There is one vital thing you must remember when sharing an internet connection from your phone. Considering the data caps on most mobile plans, it may be a good idea to not download any big files from your tethered connection.

Android Hotspot

With this method, your phone must have at least Google’s Android 2.2 installed on your phone. Devices with an earlier operating system will not support tethering and portable hotspots. This method also works better on rooted devices.

 Go to your phone’s settings page and select Wireless and Network settings. From there, go to Tethering & portable hotspot. Once here, configure your hotspot settings and then enable the service by swiping at the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot option. Interestingly, you can even share the internet connection via Bluetooth is some devices.

iPhone Hotspot

If you have an iPhone, you can easily create a Wi-Fi hotspot. However, considering the amount of data an iPhone uses, you should be cautious with your settings.

In the settings page, go to the ‘general’ section. Once there, go into the ‘network’ subsection and select ‘cellular data network’. Once here, scroll down to the internet tethering section. You will find a field that reads ‘internet tethering APN’. In the space provided, type the APN of your internet connection (normal connection you use; 2G, 3G or 4G).

 Now, go back to the network settings menu and swipe at the ‘personal hotspot’ section. This should enable your iPhone’s personal Wi-Fi hotspot.

With so many ways to make a Wi-Fi hotspot, you will never be without an internet connection ever again. Visit the Broadband Expert website to compares dongle deals and get started with Wi-Fi sharing today.

 The above article is written by Roxanne Peterson

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HowTo: Improve Alexa Rank of a Blog

Alexa logoThe alexa rank of a blog has become a big factor when it comes to advertising, guest posting or other such things. That is why it has become important for the bloggers to try and improve alexa rank of their blog. Most bloggers target alexa rank below 100K. This post tells you some top tips which many bloggers have used to get higher alexa ranks. I recommend you to read the post and then follow the steps to increase your alexa rank. Read on!

Tips to Improve Alexa Rank

improve alexa rank of your blog

Build Backlinks

Building backlinks has many advantages and better alexa rank is just one of those. This is the easiest method to improve alexa rank for free. Just make sure that you build your blog’s backlinks on some high quality blog. You should totally avoid spam kind of blogs. You can comment on do follow blogs, request link exchanging, write guest posts with your links in author bio or use other methods. All this adds more backlinks and helps to improve alexa rank of your blog. Just make sure that you keep adding those backlinks. The backlinks also help in improvement of page rank, more traffic and other such things so building backlinks should be an option which you should go for.

Use Alexa Toolbar

Even though this method is not fully tried and tested by me, but according to some many people, using the alexa toolbar is known to improve alexa rank to some extent. I have seen many people telling the others to download alexa toolbar in order to improve their alexa rank. I would also recommend you to go to and download the alexa toolbar if you are in need of desperate rank increase. It is known that 99% of the alexa toolbar users use it to increase their blog’s ranking. You may very well join in..

Write Posts  Regularly

I have experienced it and I wouldn’t like you to do so. In my recent exams, I was not able to update my blog for a couple of weeks. When my exams ended, I saw my alexa rank had fallen 🙁 It wasn’t really a good sight at that time but I had learned the fact that to improve Alexa rank, it is required that you update your blog regularly. It’s just that nobody likes a dead blog, so try to keep yours alive.

Get More Reviews on Your Blog on Alexa

You may have noticed the review tab when you check the details of a blog. Well, if you didn’t know till now, you should know that it matters. Better reviews and ratings is essential to improve alexa rank. You can ask your friends to review your site or you can encourage your readers to review your site by adding a widget which you can get from alexa.

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HowTo: Enable File Sharing In Windows 7

File sharing is something that is becoming an obligatory part for day today life. No matter it’s a corporate company or a small organization, if it as a poor file sharing system it becomes very difficult to be up to date with the information. In this article we provide a step-by-step guide to enable file sharing in windows 7.

Now days, a very commonly used Windows version is Windows 7 which can be found in any new laptop. In this version of windows, the file sharing method is a bit different from the previous versions but its easy to set up. It gives an extended control to the user to control the files and folders to be shared with the other computers in network.

Here we are providing very simple steps to start or enable file sharing in Windows 7 laptop or desktop. Even a person with no experience in networking or file sharing, can follow these steps and setup a simple home network for data sharing.

To enable file sharing in windows 7, follow the steps given below:

1. Open Control Panel and go to Network & Internet. Now click on the HomeGroup button or else just type in HomeGroup in the search option and it will open up automatically.

open Network & Internet

2. Now click on “Create a Homegroup” if there is not any existing one. It can also be possible that a HomeGroup already exists for you. So you will have to check that. If you are joining to an existing network then you should know the homegroup name and password set for that. But here we are just considering that you want to setup a new network. In later steps you can get to know about how to include other systems also in your network.

create homegroup

3. Firstly, the wizard gives options for what you want to share and with which computer(s) in your network. Just select the folders like pictures, music, documents or videos which want to be shared. There is no option to select a particular file but if you want it to be shared then add that in one of the shared libraries.

share with other home computers

4. On the nest screen you will get an option to enter a password. So just click on finish and we can set the password going forward.

5. Open the page for Control Panel you can find the option for Change password in the “other homegroup actions”. So you can set a password from here also.

6. For the other PCs or laptops with which you want to share the files, you have to do the same steps but instead of creating a new HomeGroup use the one which was created in the above steps.

7. Once that same HomeGroup is detected on the other system, click on that and then Click on Join Now. You can again select the files and folders to be shared but it will use the same password that was set while creating the homegroup.

These are some steps to enable file sharing in Windows 7. Once the file sharing is enabled it can be used for multiple functions like shared printing and music etc. Some advance sharing methods are also available in this Windows. However, this method is a little tough to setup and would need a more experience to enable.

In advanced sharing method, the person who creates the group has the maximum control over it. For normal file sharing, you may follow the above steps and start sharing you files instantly.

Post contributed by: Ilya Elbert, she writes about Computer Support for an IT Support company.

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HowTo: Build Backlinks for Your Blog

Building backlinks for your blog is one of the main things to do to get better rankings and more visits. When you build backlinks, the presence of your blog increases further and makes more people know about your blog. Building backlinks might be a problem for some people if they are not well experienced or are just starting up with a blog. Well, it is very true that building backlinks is very beneficial but it requires you to do some work. Read further to learn about some of the ways to build the backlinks for your blog.

Importance of Backlinks for a website or blog

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most used ways for building backlinks for your blog. You write a post for some other blog with your blog’s backlink in the author bio and if the post is published, you get the backlink. Usually, the guest authors target blogs with Page Rank 2 or more. Even blogs with Alexa rank less than 100K are much targeted. Well, if you are willing to turn into a guest author, try posting in groups and ask for the PR2+ blogs. You will get a lot of them. Or to begin with just write to us at: mailme[ a t ] to author a guest post for the Binary Log. We are PR 3.

Posting in Forums

Posting in forums also helps in building backlinks for your blog and the best thing is that it is quicker than guest posting. If you try this out, make sure that you post in some popular, high ranked forums and you also have to make sure that you follow the guidelines of the forum. Just add your blog link in the signature. Adding it in the post may not be a good idea. Also make sure that you never spam! Spamming will result in a permanent ban of your account. You should try out Digital Point as it is one of the most famous forums in the world.

Link Exchange

This is another quick method for building backlinks. In this, you have to place somebody’s blog’s link on your blog and in return that person will place your blog’s link in his/her blog. This provides as a good method for building backlinks quickly and it also proves good for not only one, but two people at the same time. Another variation of this is 3-way link exchange. In a 3-way link exchange if you own two (or more) blogs, you can ask some other fellow blogger to link back to your first blog and in return you can link him from your second blog. This will help to boost your rankings higher and thus will bring more traffic.

Comment at Do-Follow Blogs

There are certain blogs that are do-follow. It means the links on those blogs help in increasing the page rank. First step is to find blogs with the CommentLuv plugin. Search for a list of blogs using this plugin and you will get a good list. Now, the commenting process begins. You just have to make sure that you don’t spam in between the comments because you will get a link without it. Also, write some productive and relevant comments. Don’t just copy-paste the comments.

Do comment with your opinions about the points that are shared in this post.

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HowTo: Prevent Wi-fi Hacking or Secure Your Wi-fi Network

The internet is one of the most important tools for communicating with others because the world is changing and so is your need to stay connected with the world around you. People make use of the internet for various reasons, for instance, for following the stock market, shopping, making travel plans, checking the weather, keeping up with what is happening in the world, and many more.

All this requires a high-speed internet connection from your internet service providers. Regarding this, a wireless internet connection has proved to be the best option. This is because it is reliable, faster, and more affordable than satellite broadband. It provides you the fastest transmission as compared to others. Additionally, you do not need to experience any hassle that cable networks bring to you.

However, a wireless internet connection always has to face a major challenge, i.e. internet security. Since there are countless hackers out there, your internet connection can be in danger because they can hack it easily. You might find the speed of your internet connection slowing down. The main reason behind this situation can be that a person has hacked your network and you are unable to have access over it.

Your access to the internet will be limited unless you block hijackers to have access over it. Since millions of people go through the same security risks while using wireless internet connections, experts recommend some measures to secure your internet from hijackers.

Change Your Admin Username and Password

Your wireless internet connection will have higher probability of getting hijacked if you have been using it with its default configuration. This happens frequently because while trying to access your internet, hijackers check whether you have changed your router’s configuration from default to another admin password or not. If it is still set as default, then they can have access to your network easily.

Therefore, the first step is to change your admin password to avoid any attack. You can do it by changing your details through which you access your internet. For instance, you can add your own username in the accessibility settings. Others will not succeed in guessing your username that easily.

Disable SSID

You can inform others that you have a wireless internet connection if your SSID is enabled by default. Through SSID, your network signals are sent out to other computers and this is how hackers can know about your internet connection. It increases the chances of being hacked. Therefore, it is best if you disable SSID of your wireless internet connection. You can maintain your privacy this way and limit it to only you and your family.

Replace WAP with WEP

An internet security feature known as Wireless Connection Authentication is used for protecting your wireless internet connection from hackers. It is available in two forms, i.e. Wired Equipment Protocol (WEP) and WAP. The purpose of these features is to protect your network by a password.

Therefore, you can feel free from stress. It is better for you that you prefer WEP over WAP because using WAP is not as reliable as using WEP to secure your internet connection. WEP is considered the most effective for preventing hackers to access your connection.

Limit Accessibility by Using MAC Address

Whether you have a wired or a wireless connection, your network card consists of an identifier that is unique. It is known as a MAC address. Regarding this, you can make customized settings in your router which will only enable connections from MAC addresses that you have specified. Your wireless network will remain secured this way.

For doing this, you need to know the MAC address of your network card. Now you have to search for MAC addresses that you want to feel secure with. After that, you can take instructions on how to secure your MAC address by visiting the website of the company that manufactured the router of your wireless connection. This should not be difficult but you can also consult IT professionals or internet service providers for their support or If you face any small issue you can always ask me in the comments.

If you are feeling lazy to follow these simple steps then let me tell you the three main reasons for which you should follow the above mentioned practices.

  1. If some freeloader is accessing you wifi and you are on pay per usage plan then you are screwed.. BIGtime..
  2. If some one is hacking into your wifi and using it then you’ll experience slow speed as your net speed will be distributed between you two.
  3. And this goes without saying that any one can misuse your internet for any offense or crime and you may end up arrested. This has happened a lot of time with a lot of people..

So don’t be lazy and follow these simple steps and prevent you wifi from being hacked.

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