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Expected Features of Android 5.0

Author Bio: I am a technology enthusiast, who blogs at, a technology and intuitive Android blog. He recently wrote about Subway Surfers for PC.

Android 5.0 is the most awaited version of Android. It is code named ‘Key Lime Pie’, name of a dessert food item, like the earlier Android version names. Apple has recently made it’s movie, by releasing it’s latest establishment of iOS, the iOS 7.

The iOS 7 didn’t manage to strike well with users’ response, It disappointed some with latest addons such as Flat UI, and was unable to update any core functionality. This time, it’s the Mountain view giant’s turn. There aren’t any official announcements or updates regarding the feature list of 5.0, however, i’ve compiled a list of expected features according to some rumors.

Android 5.0 Features

  • There are rumors circulating, regarding the update it’s core Kernel. Android 5.0 is rumored to be platformed on Linux 3.8 kernel, which would bring in several performance enhancements, increased battery life, e.t.c.
  • The major drawback of Android being low battery life, Google is striving to decrease power consumption as much as possible.
  • Android is going to be equipped with a unified, cross platform chat service. It will be integrated with Google+ as well. A lot of emoticons will be implement, you can directly send emoticons.
  • Coming to the interface, there hasn’t been a word, but it is most likely to sport a brighter interface, leaning away from the dark interface in it’s previous version.
  • Voice recognition will be improved, to detect all accents, words and multi-lingual support accurately.

I guess you are a die-hard fan of Android, Let us know, what feature you would love to see in the new version of Android, through comments.

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Huawei Ascend P6 claims to be the thinnest phone

Author Bio: This informative article is contributed by Gautham, who blogs at his informative Technology Blog, recently wrote about 160by2 recently.

Huawei has recently announced a new smartphone, Huawei Ascend P6 , which brings in an interesting feature. Perhaps we are witnessing the world’s slimmest Smartphone, and claims to have dimesions of 132.6 x 65.5 x 6.18mm, and is only going to weigh 120 grams.

The thickness is the only specification, the Chinese Smartphone company boasts ofThis time we talk about just 6.2 mm, which is an impressive figure.

Huawei P6 will sport 3 attractive Color versions, which are  pink, black and white . It is going to be equipped with 4.7 inch wide screen, with 1280 x 720p resolution display.

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Best Email Clients For Android

This Guest Post is by Akshay Jain from representing Remote Help Desk Support, making business processes simple and affordable.

Having an email account has become a necessity in today’s world. It’s like your online identity and is the best way to have communication on the internet. Always keeping stick to the laptop or PC is not a simple or say is an impossible task. Do you know that you can use your Android gadget to for email purposes? Yeah, it’s possible and can be done via the email clients. There are many email clients developed for the Android that we can download from Google Play. But which one to download?? Don’t worry, this list will help you in doing so.

1. Gmail

Gmail is the most popular email service and is from the search giant Google. Google has developed the official Gmail app for Android. You can receive messages and can compose email to others, while on the move. You can set the push mail feature to receive the alerts for all incoming emails. Moreover, if you have more than one Gmail account, then you can stay active in all from the single place.

2. Hotmail

Hotmail is the official Android app of popular email service, The app enables you to keep logging into your Hotmail account, send messages and receive emails. Push mail is also supported in this app. You can attach photos, documents and files to your message and can also view the docs in the incoming emails, within the app itself.

3. K-9 Mail

Presently, nobody wants to stick to one email service. Most of the people prefer to use multiple email services. For all those people, K-9 Mail is recommended app to have on their Android gadget. You can track the incoming mails of all email services you use. You can compose message and can attach media files with it. Protection from spam mails, Password manager are also part of its long features list. Moreover, you can switch between your email accounts with total ease.

4. MailDroid

Another good email client for Android supporting multiple email account feature is, MailDroid. Set the push email service On and start receiving alerts for incoming emails. Compose a message, change font size, color and a complete look of the message within the app. Attach files and view the photos, documents, presentations coming with the incoming emails. Want to compose same message from different email accounts? Don’t waste time by writing the message again and again. Simply write it once and select as many no. of email accounts, you want to select and compose it.

5. Yahoo Mail

Having an email account has become a necessity in today’s world. It’s like your online identity and is the best way to have communication on the internet. Always keeping stick to the laptop or PC is not a simple or say is an impossible task. Do you know that you can use your Android gadget to for email purposes? Yeah, it’s possible and can be done via the email clients. There are many email clients developed for the Android that we can download from Google Play. But which one to download?? Don’t worry, this list will help you in doing so.

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HowTo: Print from phone [Android]

 print-from-phoneHow cool would it be if you can directly print from phone. It could really be handy if you have to print out hand outs or few documents for your presentation and you’re stuck at travel. Innovation through smartphones made remote printing effortless.

If you are working with WireLess printers, you can remote print with just touch of a button. Choose from the wide range of apps associated with your printer’s manufacturer

HP iPrint Photo

It offers a flexible user interface and supports almost every wireless printer from HP and supports Google Docs, DropBox, Box e.t.c integration

You can get it for free here

Canon PhotoPrint

It allows you to print pictures and doesn’t support Office or text formats. You can remote print from a printer connected to your Wireless network

You can get it for free here

Brother iPrint and Scan

It supports pictures and PDFs. You need to configure the wireless network settings before remote controlling your prints.

You can get it here

Samsung Mobile Print

 Samsung MobilePrint allows you to Print Pictures, Office files, PDFs wirelessly. You can scan files too, you will need a wireless connection before stumbling with the prints

You can get it here

Using Google Cloud Print

You are going to need a Google Cloud Print enabled on your PC which is associated with your printer. You will need Google Chrome. By default Cloud Print is disabled, follow these steps to enable

  • In Google Chrome, Click the little wrench icon and click Settings
  • Choose Show Advanced Settings, Under Google Cloud Print, Loging to your Google account and Click Add Printers
  • You should receive a success message. That’s it you have enabled Google Cloud Print on your PC

Once you’ve set up Cloud Print on your PC, you need to integrate it on your Android Device.. Download and install Cloud Print from the Play Store. You can also use Cloud print feature directly from Google Docs without any external app.

If you can’t find the app associated with your printer, check the manual if it wireless enabled. Major Drawback of Cloud Print is, it requires a PC running to remote control your printer

Author Bio: Gautham is a technology addict and a designer. He is the editor of PowerPoint Backgrounds and Nature PPT Templates

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7 Steps To Choose The best Smartphone For you

There is no doubt that modern smartphones make our lives much easier. You don’t have to carry your notebook or netbook to be able to send emails or to read latest news or to get right directions or even to make some online shopping. These and even more you can do if you have a smartphone.

However, the number of smartphones is growing each day. Almost every week a new smartphone is released. And it is really hard not to get lost in this ocean of smarts, especially if you want to buy your first one.

Smartphones aren’t very cheap and that’s why first of all you should ask yourself if the functions of your old phone satisfy all your needs. If they do, you may go by and start reading the next article. But if they don’t and you are 100% sure that you do need a smartphone with all its features I would recommend you to read the article till the end because I’m going to tell you about the main things you will have to think about before buying a new smartphone.

So, follow these 7 simple steps and you will be able to pick the phone of your dream.

Step 1. Set your budget and choose a carrier

When you think about how much you are going to spend on a smartphone you will have to consider two different costs:

1) the price of the phone itself and

2) the price of the plan you are going to have.

The phone price is a one-time expense while the plan price is the one you will have to pay every month. There are dozens of different plans available today. Sometimes cell phone companies even offer free phones if you sign the particular plan.

But don’t hurry and do the following:

a)      Study the carriers, their plans and the quality of perception in your area.

b)      Compare different opportunities (including Internet technologies available in the area!) that are offered.

c)       Think over what will be more profitable in the long run: to buy a bit more pricy sim-free phone and to have a cheaper plan or to buy a phone-plan complex.

Step 2. Choose Mobile Operating System

Most popular mobile operating systems today are iOS, Android, Windows Phone Mobile, BlackBerry.

They all can’t provide the most basics functionality for your smartphone. However, there are 2 things to think about.

1)      The number of apps available.

iOS and Android have the best selection of the apps (free and paid) available for download, while Windows Phone developersalso do their best to expand the market with the apps for this OS. Blackberry OS can’t boast of such a variety of apps developed for it but Blackberry OS is considered to be the safest of all mobile OSes.

2)      Customization

If you are a big fan of all these customization things, Android was developed for you as you will be able to change it  in any possible way.

Step 3. Size and display

  1. Size

Smartphones with big screens (more space, better reading and web surfing) are in trend now, but it doesn’t mean that the phones with 4.5” screens will suit you. It is not always convenient to navigate them with one hand, to make zooming or texting.

So, go to the store and test different smartphones with different screens and make a decision which ones are the best for your use.

  1. Resolution

Another very important thing to consider is the resolution and the technology of the screen. But if to speak short without any technical details, the higher resolution is the better.

 Step 4. Read About Battery Life

Almost all smartphones have one big drawback – battery life is very short. All apps take too much power and smartphones need regular (even daily) charging.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to judge the battery life by the size of the battery.  Phones have so many other features installed into them (ex. cameras, flash, WiFi, Radio, Accelerometer, etc.), that they will “eat” the power even without letting you know that they work.

I’d recommend you to do the following things:

1)      Read the reviews, forums, etc. where owners share their impressions and experience.

2)      Buy higher capacity batteries for you smartphone later.

 Step 5. Choose Keyboard

Touchscreens are the most typical for modern smartphones, and they work well in the major models. However, some users prefer full qwerty keypads as it is still easier to type using a physical keyboard rather than a virtual one. There are different types of physical keypads and you just need to find the one that fits you best (again through testing).

Step 6. Do You Need Cameras?

Is a front or back camera important to you in your new smartphone? The recent smartphones usually have back cameras of about 5 megapixels and above, as well as front facing cameras for making video calls.

Step 7. Updates of Operating Systems

Some of the smartphones that have been released a year and more ago won’t support the update up to the latest versions. However, it doesn’t mean that they will work badly. It only means that the hardware of the phones don’t support the newest developments.

Of all phone manufacturers Apple is the best in updates, supporting its phones for about two years. Microsoft has done better in updating gadgets than Google has with its Android devices, but the situation changed after Windows Phone 8 release (it is not supported by earlier Windows mobiles).

In Addition

1)      Read as many reviews, opinions, forums about smartphones as you can. Ask your friends for advice. And Try to test as many phones as possible. Don’t forget that store representatives want to sell you the most expensive phone.

2)      When you test a smartphone, do not forget to make a phone call to check the quality of the speaker and signal.

I hope that these simple steps will lead you to buying a smartphone that will satisfy all your needs and will be perfect for you.


About the author

My name is Katerina Merzlova. I’m a copywriter in Intellectsoft LTD., an IT company that develops advanced apps for smartphones. I spend lots of time reading and writing about mobile technologies. You may also read the blog to find out more about me and the team I work with.

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Top Best Android Addictive Action Games For Teens

 Games for the Android platform are designed in great numbers and it is the dream of any developer to become the creator of the new sensation for Android operated devices. Here are some of the best Android Addictive Action Games designed for this fast growing market.

Best Android Addictive Action Games For Teens:

1.       Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand theft Auto III android game

The title may be familiar to those that used to play the game on PC in its earlier versions. Great news! The title comes to Android platform and it promises to be the same action packed game gamers have enjoyed throughout the series. Actually, Grand Theft Auto 3 follows the same adventures as on other platforms, but the touch screen experience may just add a lot to the way the game is felt and played. Some accuse the Android operated devices to be still in a searching phase, which may cause the controls to feel a bit convoluted, so you may take a bit to get accustomed to the risky way of driving so known to GTA 3 players.

Download Here

2.       Age of Zombies

Download Age Of Zombies for Android

Zombies are clearly the current horrifying nightmare that people want to shoot, splash, crash and kill on any interface they can get their hands on. Age of Zombies is one of the most addictive action games designed for Android operated devices. But what makes Age of Zombies different from any other zombie killing game? You do not only get to kill zombies, but you get to kill them in different ages, starting from prehistoric times. T-Rex had never seen that coming.

Download here

3.       Grabatron

Grabatron for Android

Aliens are still only Sci-Fi materials, so they could not miss from an action packed game made for Android. Unlike the usual scenario, where you play the role of a human soldier or you command an army to stave off the alien invasion, Grabatron takes you on a wild trip to the other side. With your giant claw, you can grab humans, throw cows around and make a mess, generally, in order to get to the next level, acquire upgrades, and become a better killing machine.

Download Here

4.       Meteor Blitz

Meteorblitz for Android

A shoot’em up type of game cannot be absent in a top including the most addictive action games made for the Android platform. Meteor Blitz is especially designed to prevent you from breathing normally, while adrenaline is pumped directly into the hands which you use to control the battlefield. Enemies swarm from all direction, and, what makes everything worse, you also need to be deft enough to avoid the fields of steroids that have a knack from flying directly to you. The meteors are, however, your secret weapon, since you can exploit their weaknesses, in order to increase the power of your weapons or to launch new attacks.

Download Here

5.       Minecraft

Minecraft for Android

Yes, Minecraft comes to Android operated devices, just to satisfy your urge to build something. The now famous indie game has an equally addictive Android version and it is guaranteed to keep players glued to their tablets or smartphones for many hours on end. You can even build your world while enlisting the aid of your friends, using the multiplayer option.

 Download here

About the Author:

Roxanne Peterson is a Cisco Technical Certified and freelancer writer and at present attached with Test 4 Prep. This is Best Source for CompTIA A+ Certification Preparation. You can try free demos and there is 100% Risk Free and Money Back Guaranteed.

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Significant value of Tablets in business today

The use of tablet computers is steadily on the rise in today’s business world. In US alone there are around five million tablet users in the business category. Most of these people agree that they use tablet computers to improve on the overall efficiency. But many are raising questions like – are tablets really needed for business or is it just a fad? The supporters of this gadget have opined that business will only get better if the tabs are used on a regular basis in business. The Apple iPad 2 presently dominates the business market along with some other Android devices.

The Benefits of Tablets in Business

Taking Notes

Nearly 35% of the business people are using tablets for the purpose of taking notes in meetings and conferences. There are advantages of tablets over the netbooks as the former is lighter and more portable. Compared to the conventional pen and paper, the tablets are very hard to lose and there is no sound of ‘tapping on keyboard’.

Working on the move

A tablet is very beneficial when you want to work while on a business trip or during a journey. It is an essential device to check the emails and respond to them. You can actually work without even entering the office. If you are on your way to attending an important meeting then you can just open your tab, go through the documents and make the essential changes, if required. You need not make endless phone calls for a few tweaks to the important documents. Just open them on your tab and do it in the car. Nowadays, the tablets have the ability to run a number of customized applications which enables you to complete a number of tasks away from the office. The concept of remote working has grown steadily with the growing popularity of the tablets. There has been a big rise in virtual offices in big cities like London. In other words, business is becoming more flexible and less ties to a single geographical location.

Content Creation

Content creation is a new work area that has evolved on the tablets in the recent times. Very recently WordPress has launched an application for WebOS paving the way for creation of content on tablets. Though this whole concept is still at an infant stage and not so widely used, there is a remarkable chance that within a few months’ people will work on the tablets for more tedious works like content creation.


This is, again, a new feature in the tabs and still early days to comment on its viability and trends. The iPad 2 comes with both a front and rear camera although you can only get basic video conferencing applications. Such cameras are best for capturing video images rather than stills. The Cisco Cius business tablet has the ability to make video calls and one of the best in the field of business tablets.

These were some of the new features of tablets which are making it popular in the business domain. Some of these features are very new and not really tested but the trends show that a time will come when the business persons will shun the bulky laptops in favor of these sleek business tablets.


About the author: Rubela is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Horse Racing Games attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Vending machines.


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HowTo: Save a cellphone dropped in water, coffee or tea

So you dropped your phone in water or spilled coffee/tea all over it?
Dont worry.. DONOT panic! Nobody will panic now! STOP Panicing..

how to save a cellphone dropped in water

First of all and most importantDONOT SWITCH ON THE PHONE (if its off already)
And if its on turn it off by removing the battery ASAP.
Take the battery out as soon as possible.
DONOT try to turn on the phone to check if its ok.
It will only worsen  things up.

If you turn on the phone when its wet.. it’ll short circuit the phone and hell will freeze over..

Dismantle the phone as much as you can and as quickly as you can.

Now take a tissue or a soft cloth to wipe the water of the dismantled parts..

Best way is to get a can of compressed air and blow it on your phone to blow the water inside your phone.
If you have a blow dryer.. use it(NOT RECOMMENDED THOUGH) but keep enough distance that the hot air doesn’t harm the components of the mobile phone. (If both unavailable skip to next step.)

Now take a bowl of rice and cover the parts of your phone in the rice completely.
Rice is a desiccant it will help sucking the excess moisture from your phone.

Desiccant:A hygroscopic substance used as a drying agent.

Keep it in there for at-least 1 or 1 and a half day.

Take out the parts and asseble your phone..

Check if it works.. Chances are it’ll work. if so.. blow out the rice powder using compressed air or blower(from far).

This method will work only if your phone was dropped in a simple water i.e without any salt sugar

But if you spill tea or coffee on it then..
In that case:

You’ll have to take an extra step to get rid of the clogged salt or sugar.

After seperating the peices of your mobile dip the parts in alcohol (It may seem that I’m drunk and all but I’m not.. It really works)

For the science students out there.. here’s the reason behind dipping it in alcohol..
“Alcohol is hygroscopic.”

Hygroscopic:Tending to absorb moisture from the air

After soaking the phone in alcohol take out the phone and shake it to remove alcohol from the phone (I know you hate when alcohol is wasted like this.. but No.. licking is not an option here..)
Dont worry if you cant remove all the alcohol from the phone.. as another property of alcohol is that it evaporates at room temperature..

Now, if you still feel there is more salt or sugar clogged inside.. then go buy a bottle of distilled water from some electrician. Distilled water is what they sell to put in invertor batteries.
Soak your phone in that.. sugar and salt will dissolve in it..

Now.. do the remaining steps to dry the phone as explained above.

To Summarize:

  1. Take out the phone from the water or from under coffee/tea.
  3. Turn it OFF (if not already), Dismantle ASAP.
  4. Soak in alcohol or distilled water if dropped in liquid with salt or sugar.
  5. Wipe with tissue or soft cloth.
  6. Blow out the water using compressed air.
  7. Cover it in bowl of rice for 24-36 hours.
  8. Take out and test.
  9. Blow off the rice powder using compressed air.

Best Of Luck 🙂

Share this with your friends to save them from the loss.

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Acer rolls out Android Honeycomb 3.2 update for Iconia Tab A500 in India

So yesterday I got this System Update message from Acer for my Acer Iconia Tab A500.
System Update 7.006.03
(350.25 MB)
I haven’t Downloaded and Installed it yet.. will dot that very soon..
Meanwhile I researched on it a little and got assured that this time its not causing any problems like last time’s when It caused Wi-fi connection problems turning the tablet into nothing more than a 10″ brick.. 10.1 if you are “whiny for precision” types..

Acer Iconia Tab A500 3.1 Android honeycomb update

Their last update i.e to 3.1 was packed with some pretty major changes.. But the word is that this time apart from 3.2 update there’s nothing very amusing about this update like last time’s.. One advantage that Android 3.2 upgrade provides is support to display apps and games built for smartphone screens to appear scaled on the larger tablet screen without distortion. This is done by pixel scaling versus stretching that makes the images look bad. Rest all are the under the hood performance changes and that’s what I’m looking towards the most.. Last time’s update increased Touch Sensitivity and over all processing performance of the device.

Their Last update i.e Acer Iconia tab A500 3.1 Android update contained the following major changes
1. Support for EAS – Exchange Active Sync.
2. USB Host improvements:
a. USB mouse support with cursor.
b. MTP camera support.
3. Adds media CODECs for WMV/WMA.
4. Improves media player capabilities for MPEG-4 simple profile.
5. Adds 1080p HDMI output to HD display.
6. User agent selection in browser settings allowing you to force using desktop view.

I haven’t found the official list of changes for this update yet.. Will update as soon as I get hold of it..

Will soon post on my updating experience.. Subscribe to blog, facebook or twitter for receiving the update notification..

Also If you’ve already installed the new update.. do share your experience  in the comments below

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Gadget Review: HTC Flyer Review

Video Not working Correctly Here.. Please Navigate to

“The force is strong with this one”
That’s what came to my mind when I first used The all new amazingly awesome HTC Flyer.
As the company boasts, Flyer is really a tablet like no other..
This one comes with a 1.5 ghz and 1gb ram, loaded with Android with HTC Sense and the all new HTC Scribe technology, its one of the best tablet out there in the market..

Read moreRead more

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