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My Bucket List

Bucket List Hi there.. This is my Bucket List.. Also known as Life List. Its a List of things I would like to See/Experience/Learn/Do/Achieve in my life before I die..Do read it till the end and If we share some of the items here.. maybe we can accomplish them together.. Or if you are in process of making a bucket list of your own.. a lot of bucket list ideas are listed here.. My Bucket list is categorized into the following 4 categories: For My Eyes Only – Things I want to witness. For Mind, Body & Soul – The Experiences I wanna have & Stuff I wanna learn. For The Sweet Crazy Thing Called Life – Things I wanna achieve & do for myself & for others For The Entrepreneur in me.
  • For My Eyes Only – Things I want to witness
  • See a Penguin..Preferably in their natural habitat.
  • See a Dolphin.
  • See a Whale or a Shark.
  • See New York skyline.
  • Spectate a Cricket match in a stadium.
  • Witness an accident.
  • Visit Paris and especially the Eiffel tower.
  • Visit Pyramids.
  • See the space through a telescope. – Saw at Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai
  • Sunrise at a beach.
  • Sunset at a beach. – Saw at Juhu Beach, Mumbai.
  • Witness a massive Volcano preferrably an erupting one.
  • Look inside a Volcano and shout hellO!
  • Spectate a concert.
  • Go bird watching..n m tokn about real birds.. Seriously!
  • Ride a Camel in a desert.
  • See a Polar bear.
  • See a Koala bear.
  • See a Lion or a Tiger and preferably ShoOt em’.. obv. with a camera.. I ain’t a Hunter 😛.
  • For Mind, Body & Soul – The Experiences I wanna have & Stuff I wanna learn
  • Break a bone. Yeah! m unbroken since birth..
  • Spend a day without Cell phone. – DONE, actually Spent 5 days without it 😉
  • Sky Diving.
  • Para Gliding.
  • Go on a Safari.
  • Get high enough to not remember anything.
  • Learn to make awesome Chicken.
  • Skii. – SkiED 😉 and Almost broke my leg.. 😛
  • Learn French. Bonjour!
  • Learn Windows App. Development. Learnt – N heres my “Stickies”. Give em’ a try..
  • Learn Android Application Development.Its the next one on the list 😛
  • Learn FB Application Development.and This one’s the next to next.. 😛
  • Live in Chandigarh.. maybe after retirement for some time..
  • Taste The Best Tea or Coffee..
  • Move to the silicon plateau.. Bangalore.. Moving to Bangalore is no more on the list as Startup Ecosystem in Delhi/NCR too is as HOt.
  • Bunjee Jumping.
  • Have food poisoning.
  • Indulge in a FoOd fight..Preferably a Cake fight 😉
  • Indulge in a not just verbal fight. I wish someone had taken a pictcha.. 😛 Had anyone??
  • Patch up with a foe.^^
  • Cruise somewhere far off.
  • Rock climbing.. or you know.. just climbing 😛
  • Get transported in an ambulance.
  • Ride a Rollercoaster.. WooHoo!
  • Try Fencing.
  • Learn guitar.
  • Ride in a Hot Air Baloon.
  • Ride a Mechanical Bull.
  • Ride an ATV.
  • Spend a day in a House boat. – SpenT 😉 at Dal Lake, Kashmir
  • Spend a Week at a 5-star hotel.
  • Spend a Night at a camp.
  • Learn to fly a Plane.
  • Learn to fly a Kite.This 15th August for sure..
  • Fly in a Helecopter.
  • Fly in a Plane. ExperiencedSunset from the Jet, Flying Above the clOuds
  • Travel in a Yacht.
  • Travel in a Boat.Experienced – Many times 😉 Heres a pic of a recent one.
  • Ride a Tractor. Experienced – Brand new Tractor..Just coming from the ShowroOm..
  • For The Sweet Crazy Thing Called Life – Things I wanna achieve & do for myself & for others
  • Become an Entrepreneur. Achieved – My First Startup: WebSthal
  • Start a Blog.. Achieved – Here we are.
  • Have my own Garden or a Farm. No! Farmville doesn’t count!
  • Make a perfect Omelette.U knw.. One of these days.. m gonna flip it n its not gonna tear apart. 😛
  • Own a Boat.hmm.. what should I name it??
  • Own a Plane.. while you are thinking the name for boat.. think one for the Plane too plz.. 😛
  • Buy a Blue Lancer.. Yeah Baby.. 😉
  • Drive my blue BMW.. Yeah Baby.. 😉
  • Scream out loud from a Limo..WOHOO! 😉
  • Own a Rolls Royce or some other biggie in its class.
  • Shake hands with PM/Prez.
  • Be rich enuugh to buy anything anytime.
  • Invent something magnificient.
  • Get hold of new coOl Gadgets as soon as they are available or even before 😛
  • Own a Resturant/Hotel/Resort.
  • Visit your Ancestral place.
  • Workout regularly.. Gym/Yoga.. nethng.. just do it man.
  • Save someone’s life..anyone up for this? 😛
  • Had a pic in a reputed newspaper. Achieved – Had it in “Times of India”
  • Been invloved in a law suit.I just wanna experience the “mahol” of the Court 😛
  • Been Stung by a bee.. Achieved – Killed that bastard with my woOdland 😀
  • Travel to some unknown place solely depending upon GPS.Will do very soOn!
  • Make photography a habbit/hobbyy.Already ON it..
  • Help a stray animal DONE! – That Cat never ate my bread and milk 🙁
  • Learn Shaving from my dad. well hez a busy man..
  • Donate blood.. DONE! – Twice as of now 🙂
  • Donate your eyes..
  • Own an island.
  • Become a Millionare That might take some time..
  • Become a Billionare That might take a little more time..
  • Become a Philanthropist Didn’t see that coming.. Did ya??
  • Have an account in Swiss bank
  • Make a life list.. DONE! – Here it is.
  • For the Entrepreneur in me
  • Start my own company DONE! – WebSthal
  • Make WebSthal a super success.
  • Fund a Startup other than ours.Hmm..
  • Interview a succesful Entrepreneur.
  • Work with a startup other than ours.
  • Sip a cofee with Bill Gates.
  • Share an apple with Steve Jobs.
  • Be interviewed by Oprah.
If you are still reading this.. then chances are you have nothing else to do.. so just write some of your wishes down in the comments.. and if we share a wish then maybe we can do it together 😉 More ideas for my list are also invited 🙂

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27 Comments Post a comment
  1. Vaibhav
    Apr 30 2011

    Kewl 😉
    Additions jaari rakhna 😀

  2. Apr 30 2011

    Would love to see some of your tasks too..
    I bet we share a lotta em’ 😉

    • Vaibhav
      Apr 30 2011

      Of course 🙂

  3. Ramandeep singh
    Apr 30 2011

    1. buying my own treadmill..
    2. having a personal table tennis table…
    3. a house on a hill station…
    4. a foreign trip…..(preferably US,UK)
    5. a road trip….

  4. Poorva Mehndiratta
    Apr 30 2011

    meri one and only desire to spend my life happily with someone I love and with the people who matter to me!

  5. abhishek
    Apr 30 2011

    1.i wud lyk to buy ROYAL ENFIELD for my bro…
    2. own a house in narkanda, varanasi
    3. abhi ke liye itna hi ………

    • Apr 30 2011

      🙂 bhai mere lie bike..
      I’m obliged :,)

      • abhishek
        Apr 30 2011

        hehehehe 😀
        only in ur dreams

  6. Ritika
    Apr 30 2011

    visit paris 😛

  7. ayush
    Apr 30 2011

    watch liverpool vs manchester united match live at Anfield.
    watch live metallica concert

  8. Apr 30 2011

    nace man :p

    My desire is to settle in New York with someone very special 😛
    and To achieve everything thats makes me and my closed ones 🙂

    • Apr 30 2011

      Ek aur Brain Drain 😛

      • May 1 2011

        No! It’s not. Ghar pe paise bhejta rahega, donate-donuut b kar dega thode se. India me b rehta toh isse zyada kya kar deta? Kya brain drain? Tax? Nahi dena chor Neta’s ko tax. Agar achi life mil rahi hai NYC me, toh why not? Haan, ye hai k we are very very much connected to our Punjab – and that’ll reflect even when he (or anyone of us) is out abroad.

        • May 1 2011

          seems like u too have plans of settling in foreign.. 😛

          • May 5 2011

            Settling in foreign, no. No such plans. But I will live abroad for sure if given a chance.

  9. Apr 30 2011

    makes happy

    nace–>nice 😛

  10. May 1 2011

    Spectate a cricket match in a stadium
    – You must come down to Hoshiarpur with me, some time – we play on most of the weekends, there 😛

    Look inside a Volcano and shout hello!
    – Make that the last one on your list, lol.

    Go bird watching..n m tokn about real birds.. Seriously!
    – What, no birds in your area? Sit on the rooftop one fine day and enjoy yourself. Or go to a bird sanctuary somewhere ( Chattbir, near Chandigarh) or some lake or HP?

    Break a bone.
    – Let us know when you need some help! What are friends for, after all? 🙂

    Live in Chandigarh.. maybe after retirement for some time..
    – Nice! Now you’re talking.

    Taste The Best Tea or Coffee..
    – We don’t even know our coffee, that must change. You’ll find Coffee for your coding needs interesting. Also, some people I know love the tea at Chai Bar (The Oxford Bookstore) but have seen them not very impressed with the service. I’ve been there a couple of times and the experience was nice! Only except for that one time when there was Saturday rush n the waiter kinda wanted us out, we’d just finished our beverage and he was on with the bill. We wanted to try out another, but decided to leave.

    Indulge in a FoOd fight..Preferably a Cake fight
    – Dude, cake fights are fun, I tell you! They are F.U.N.

    Make a perfect Omelette.
    – And you should totally have me over when you fry one of those 😉

    just wanna experience the “mahol” of the Court
    – Chandigarh aa ke chalaan karva le! 🙂

  11. Gaurav
    Feb 7 2012

    Hi Snehil
    You write omegaawesum dude..
    And in my BUCKET LIST ,there is only one thing write now that i want to have my own startup.. and write now working for it … 😀

    • Feb 11 2012

      What u working on??

  12. govil
    Jun 18 2012

    To live my own life and not someone else’s life!!!
    may b its pretty obvious frm this… 🙂

  13. Audrey-Anne
    Sep 12 2012

    If you want, i maybe can help you with french 🙂

  14. Nov 24 2016

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