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March 10, 2014


Features of IRCTC Lite version

I’m sure you must have been pestered by the extremely slow and in-efficient servers of IRCTC website. In fact, you can find a myriad of references to it’s poor performance in many Bollywood movies and jokes. However, in a constant effort to improve it’s usability, Indian Railways have recently introduced a new version of the site called IRCTC lite. 

As it’s name suggests, it is just a ‘lite’ version of the website. Fortunately, it is basically a stripped version of the actual website without any advertisements, heavy images, UI elements, banners, e.t.c. It has been launched one month earlier and reportedly increased the overall performance of IRCTC servers.


How does IRCTC Lite version work?

If you are wondering how to switch to the lite version, don’t worry. Your default version will be switched to the lite version during the tatkal registration period automatically. That is, from 9:30 to 12:00, you will be served the lite version and normal standard website during any other part of the day.

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  • No obstructive advertisements, a major culprit for slowing down the website.
  • Unnecessary links and addons services are limited from the lite version.
  • Almost every image is eliminated from this version.
  • Fancy CSS styles, UI elements and buttons are removed for a faster browsing experience.
Previously, the number of total tatkal bookings per day was only in the range of 83,000, while now, it is increased to a figure of 92,000. It is definitely a boon for passengers looking for last-minute reservations.


In my personal experience, i found it to be effective and significantly faster compared to the standard version. However, the sluggish server response problem wasn’t completed solved with this version.

Contributor: This article was contributed was Rajesh, a technology blogger who regularly provides railway and related updates at You can connect with him on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.


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  1. May 14 2014

    83,000 to 92,000 numbers gradually increased, the automatic shifting in the automatic registration of time this is great we are not themselves struggling with the operations manual.

  2. May 21 2014

    Nice article. Quite useful information but I’m worried about it. Will it be efficient in case of Tatkal booking? I do not think it would work. IRCTC should upgrade their servers to tackle such huge traffic.

  3. Jun 22 2014

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  4. This new version of irctc is very much faster than lite version.

  5. Jul 11 2014

    U might be surprised to know that this latest site of irctc very much and can book tickets in minutes.

  6. Aug 4 2014

    IRCTC is finally giving priority to users. The new version of IRCTC is quite fast in comparison to its snail speed previous version.

  7. Apr 25 2015

    Finally we can book our ticket without any issues and i hope this lite version will not show any problem while booking tatkal tickets. Thanks for the information.

  8. May 8 2015

    This version is very fast then previous on thanks for the information.

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