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Expected Features of Android 5.0

Author Bio: I am a technology enthusiast, who blogs at, a technology and intuitive Android blog. He recently wrote about Subway Surfers for PC.

Android 5.0 is the most awaited version of Android. It is code named ‘Key Lime Pie’, name of a dessert food item, like the earlier Android version names. Apple has recently made it’s movie, by releasing it’s latest establishment of iOS, the iOS 7.

The iOS 7 didn’t manage to strike well with users’ response, It disappointed some with latest addons such as Flat UI, and was unable to update any core functionality. This time, it’s the Mountain view giant’s turn. There aren’t any official announcements or updates regarding the feature list of 5.0, however, i’ve compiled a list of expected features according to some rumors.

Android 5.0 Features

  • There are rumors circulating, regarding the update it’s core Kernel. Android 5.0 is rumored to be platformed on Linux 3.8 kernel, which would bring in several performance enhancements, increased battery life, e.t.c.
  • The major drawback of Android being low battery life, Google is striving to decrease power consumption as much as possible.
  • Android is going to be equipped with a unified, cross platform chat service. It will be integrated with Google+ as well. A lot of emoticons will be implement, you can directly send emoticons.
  • Coming to the interface, there hasn’t been a word, but it is most likely to sport a brighter interface, leaning away from the dark interface in it’s previous version.
  • Voice recognition will be improved, to detect all accents, words and multi-lingual support accurately.

I guess you are a die-hard fan of Android, Let us know, what feature you would love to see in the new version of Android, through comments.

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PowerPoint Web Apps

Powerpoint now enables you to work on and edit your presentations online. It is useful to edit your presentation directly in a website or blog in which you have already uploaded your presentation. Office Web Apps open all Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote) on your browser.


The PowerPoint Web App enables you to work together with your colleagues on the same presentation simultaneously, You can work a single PowerPoint theme simultaneously.

Sharing your presentation

You can share a presentation  saved in a SharePoint document library, by sharing a link with custom access instead of an email attachment.

Broadcasting a Presentation

A presentation can be broadcast  from  PowerPoint 2010 desktop application by sharing a URL with the viewer, that connects to the slide show through the PowerPoint Web App. The presentation can be viewed on the browser synchronized in real-time with the presenter.

Switching between Web App and desktop App

Clicking the Open in PowerPoint on the PowerPoint Web App toolbar opens your presentation  in the PowerPoint desktop app, if it is already installed.

View mode and Edit mode

In the view mode, you can view the slide show,notes,or browse through the slides of your presentation.

Clicking the Edit in Browser on the PowerPoint Web App toolbar in View mode opens your presentation in Edit mode.

In the edit mode, you can edit your presentation like

  • Adding SmartArt, clip art from, insert photos, etc.,
  • Apply bullets or numbering.
  • Change paragraph alignment.
  • Choose from a gallery of animation and transition effects.
  • Choose from a gallery of built-in themes and variants.
  • Organize objects (Move, resize, rotate, Change from back-to-front or front-to-back).
  • Broadcast a slide show to a remote audience.
  • Embed presentations on websites or blogs.
  • Spell-check using the built-in dictionary.

Features not available in PowerPoint Web App:

  • Inserting audio and video files.
  • Presenter view.
  • Custom animations.
  • Full selection of animations and transitions.
  • Offline viewing and editing.
  • Inserting and editing tables.
  • Advanced design and reviewer tools.
  • Rich formatting of text,shapes,etc.,
  • Full ink support
  • Integration with Excel

Author Bio: Shalin Sharma is a institutional presentation designer, who works at designing PowerPoint Plantillas.

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