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Gantt Charts in PowerPoint

Gantt Charts are an illustrative medium or basically a chart to represent a schedule, or a timeline of a project or  an organization. It follows a revolutionary Work Breakdown structure, which makes it easier for the audience to understand the illustrated data.

Gantt Charts in PowerPoint

However, Designing Gantt Charts is basically very complex using native techniques of powerpoint.

A lot of tools and applications provide Gantt Chart generation capability, but it is never easier to import these charts into your PowerPoint Presentation. The only way i found working, is to convert it into a image. However, all the data will be lost and the chart can’t be edited later.

However, you can create Gantt Charts manually in PowerPoint itself using native basic functions.  You need to insert numerous shapes and placeholders to design a timeline or a chart. However, it would take literally hours to design manually.

So instead of spending hours and investing thousands, you can leverage OfficeTimeline, a free plugin extension for PowerPoint. It offers a wide range of pre-made Gantt Chart/Timeline templates. All you need to do is, configure the numbers and the desired text. It is integrates and saves you trouble importing charts.

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