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How to Create PowerPoint Timelines in Seconds

No matter, You are a professional or an amateur in PowerPoint, Creating Timelines is never a child’s play, I personally spend hours trying to design the proper template and layout for my timeline

Office Timeline

What are Timelines

Timelines are simply visually attractive illustrations of the timeline of various events, milestones or memorable happenings pertaining to your company or personal life.

I’m going to show you, how you can leverage Office Timeline, an intuitive Timeline Maker to design Timeline and templates in few minutes.

How to Use Office Timeline

  • First Download Office Timeline application from the link mentioned above. The basic version is free, Download it and install the add-in.
  • Run PowerPoint, you should be able to see a new tab on your ribbon titled ‘Office Timeline’. Click on it to start the wizard.
  • There are several patterns to choose from like Gantt, Intervals e.t.c.
  • Once you choose your desired pattern type, proceed to add milestones (intervals), you can customize the shape or the specific milestone.
  • Click Finish, to finalize the timeline and insert it into the current slide.
  • Once published, you can also tweak the timeline using the settings tab. You can modify the milestone data, the shapes and the intervals without any hassle.
  • For detailed tutorials of this simple app, Check out the range of video tutorials in the ‘About’ tab.
Author Bio: Gautham is a passionate writers who currently blogs at PowerPoint Timelines blog


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