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November 8, 2012


Top 5 PowerPoint Alternatives

Best PowerPoint Alternatives

Due to it’s whopping price, PowerPoint may not be a choice for everyone. Though Microsoft claims PowerPoint as the standard for presentations, there are few better software with much intriguing feature. It is futile to spend hundreds of dollars on a productivity suite (MS Office) if do not use it by professional

Here’s a list of Best PowerPoint Alternatives in my opinion.


Probably the best and spectacular alternative of PowerPoint. It’s infamous ‘Zoom’ a feature makes it stand out of the league, Your presentation can be stored and access through the web directly.

That’s not all. Prezi also has some drawbacks: Although the developers have put their best for an easier interface, it is still not too simple to start learning. You need to spend a few days to familiarize with the interface and tools. One notable loophole the developers haven’t considered is the Flash format (in which the presentations are rendered) isn’t compatible in most of the upcoming devices


SlideOnline is a collaborative tool for creating web presentations. It has an intruiging interface which allows you to directly upload and share the presentations with your friends,. It is gaining popularity each day. It’s downside is it’s limited features and single layout but lack of annoying ads persuades me to use it

The application allows you to import slides directly from PowerPoint. On the other hand, unlike Prezi, SlideRocket doesn’t pose any problem to mobile users since HTML5 version provides access to presentations from mobile browsers.


The only free program that can compete with Powerpoint is OpenOffice Impress .
Presentations can be easily created utilizing the massive library of clip art and 3D drawings, animations and different display modes.

Alternatively, Impress can also create presentations and flash swf file to be embedded into websites

Google Docs

Google Docs is a web application, it is easy to use, fast to load and allows you to create new presentations, you can also collaborate with other users. You can change the theme and the background of the presentation, add text, images and videos, import individual slides and much more.

Author Bio: Gautham is a Technology blogger who designs templates for PowerPoint Templates and Free PowerPoint Backgrounds


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