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Best Email Clients For Android

This Guest Post is by Akshay Jain from representing Remote Help Desk Support, making business processes simple and affordable.

Having an email account has become a necessity in today’s world. It’s like your online identity and is the best way to have communication on the internet. Always keeping stick to the laptop or PC is not a simple or say is an impossible task. Do you know that you can use your Android gadget to for email purposes? Yeah, it’s possible and can be done via the email clients. There are many email clients developed for the Android that we can download from Google Play. But which one to download?? Don’t worry, this list will help you in doing so.

1. Gmail

Gmail is the most popular email service and is from the search giant Google. Google has developed the official Gmail app for Android. You can receive messages and can compose email to others, while on the move. You can set the push mail feature to receive the alerts for all incoming emails. Moreover, if you have more than one Gmail account, then you can stay active in all from the single place.

2. Hotmail

Hotmail is the official Android app of popular email service, The app enables you to keep logging into your Hotmail account, send messages and receive emails. Push mail is also supported in this app. You can attach photos, documents and files to your message and can also view the docs in the incoming emails, within the app itself.

3. K-9 Mail

Presently, nobody wants to stick to one email service. Most of the people prefer to use multiple email services. For all those people, K-9 Mail is recommended app to have on their Android gadget. You can track the incoming mails of all email services you use. You can compose message and can attach media files with it. Protection from spam mails, Password manager are also part of its long features list. Moreover, you can switch between your email accounts with total ease.

4. MailDroid

Another good email client for Android supporting multiple email account feature is, MailDroid. Set the push email service On and start receiving alerts for incoming emails. Compose a message, change font size, color and a complete look of the message within the app. Attach files and view the photos, documents, presentations coming with the incoming emails. Want to compose same message from different email accounts? Don’t waste time by writing the message again and again. Simply write it once and select as many no. of email accounts, you want to select and compose it.

5. Yahoo Mail

Having an email account has become a necessity in today’s world. It’s like your online identity and is the best way to have communication on the internet. Always keeping stick to the laptop or PC is not a simple or say is an impossible task. Do you know that you can use your Android gadget to for email purposes? Yeah, it’s possible and can be done via the email clients. There are many email clients developed for the Android that we can download from Google Play. But which one to download?? Don’t worry, this list will help you in doing so.

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Get SEO Training in Urdu to Earn a Better Future

The web may be the next large factor in Pakistan and around the globe. Watch has become switching to i-business. Essentially an internet site is needed to operate on the web, however the story does not finish here. Creating a website is useless unless of course you receive visitors to it. You will find tactics which, when implemented brings visitors to an internet site. These tactics are classified as Search engine optimization which means Seo. If you are a who owns an internet site, or are intending to build one for the business you should know Search engine optimization. Learning Search engine optimization is simple when you get the best teacher. Search engine optimization learning Lahore is now able to easily acquired from Google licensed specialists. Google is actually a internet search engine enhancing the public find what they’re searching for on the web. It results in websites that are based on the search placed through the user. According to its ranking, the web site is displayed upon its search. Search engine optimization is all about ranking your site greater within the searches. This allows your site in the future on the surface of the searches which means you get the most traffic.


Because it is a known proven fact that most Pakistanis fight to comprehend the British language fully. So for his or her understanding, Search engine optimization learning Urdu can also be available. This gives Pakistanis to simply know very well what Search engine optimization is about and just how whenever they carry it out on their own websites. The question arises here why must a website owner learn Search engine optimization? As already talked about above, it’s important to understand Search engine optimization to ensure that you are aware how to create traffic aimed at your blog. Since the majority of the website proprietors are extremely busy to employ Search engine optimization for their websites on the daily business, they delegate the job to those who are experts about this. This can be a growing trend in Pakistan and around the globe. An individual who knows Search engine optimization could possibly get employment easily today that pays well. Every job hunter must keep themself up-to-date using the altering trends to ensure that he might obtain a job. Search engine optimization learning Lahore allows someone to learn Search engine optimization perfectly. Learning the skill of ranking greater in search engines like google enables employment seeker to go in the IT industry easily in Pakistan.

Everybody can’t be a graphic designer, developer or perhaps a content author because these require some abilities. If you don’t have such abilities you may still secure employment within the IT sector knowing how you can do Search engine optimization. Because it is a quick growing industry in Pakistan and particularly in Lahore, youngsters ought to learn about this. The web has become just about everywhere in Pakistan. The days are gone when purchasing a pc was restricted to the elite. Today almost everybody includes a computer both at home and even laptops. So it’s suggested to obtain Search engine optimization learning Urdu and open new horizons for the future. Find out about it today and you can secure highly compensated jobs within the quickest growing industry in Pakistan.

Author Bio

This post is written by LazyBloggers who works in a SEO motive company.

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MDU Rohtak B.E/B.Tech Result [19 September 2012] pdf / txt

Result is out for MDU!

Check your result here.. These are your marks out of 100. Internal marks are not in this list.

MDU ROhtak B.E/B.Tech Result pdf/text (.PDF format)

MDU ROhtak B.E/B.Tech Result pdf/text (.XLSX format, that is, MS Excel)

Best of Luck 🙂

P.S. This file I received in my eMail.. Although Some ppl are saying this may be fake. Since MDU’s site is not opening I’m not able to confirm.. Will do once the official site is UP
UPDATE: ITS NOT FAKE! I’ve confirmed with the result on site. Only difference is that this list may be the list of marks without Grace.. as I’ve observed that in many cases the marks in the line of 30+(I encountered case uptil 34 only) are increased to 40 in actual result.

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PowerPoint 2013

Latest Features of PowerPoint 2013

Consumer Previous of Office 13 has been recently update which left many users impressed with these updated tools.

My first Hands on PowerPoint 2013 via the consumer preview revealed Microsoft did a complete overhaul from it’s predecessors. The new touch, cloud storage and web functionality brought in many additional feature sto impress it’s users who have been faithful to this product since over a decade

1. Metro Interface: PowerPoint now sports a all new Metro Interface completely optimized for touch screen users (Tablets) running on Windows 8. The Ribbon UI prominent from it’s predecessor Office 2013 is improved and works conditionally when Powerpoint is being run on a Tablet.

2. Improvised HomePage: The HomePage or the Homescreen which is displayed when the user launches the application, is improvised featuring web and local templates to work with and the sidebar consists of links to your recent works. Additionally you can sign in your Windows Live or MSN account from here

Powerpoint 2013

3. Color Schemes: PowerPoint 2013 Templates will now sport multiple color schemes you can easily choose from. You no longer to need use a rather completely new template or edit the whole template to change the color scheme, you can use it with different colors by default

4. Cloud Storage: You can now directly upload your PPT to your SkyDrive Account. There hasn’t been any update whether it adds compatibility to DropBox, GDrive e.t.c, Uploading PPT was previously possible through Google Docs plugin which directly integrates the presentation with the Google Docs account

5. Support for Web Elements: PowerPoint 2013 has updates it’s support for web resources like photos, videos e.t.c, You can directly embed videos, photos from the web, doesn’t require local streaming. As mentioned above, You can also import these elements from your Cloud Storage account

6. Support for Multiple Resolutions: If you going to present your PowerPoint presentation in a widescreen monitor, you no longer to need to manually edit the aspect ratio and resolution which is a hefty task. The Powerpoint 15 has built in, default support for widescreens, say Goodbye to all the hassle

Microsoft also did various UI changes in PowerPoint 2013. Everything feels smoother, from your movement with the cursor if you type, for the way animations show up in your presentation. Microsoft in addition has tried to improve the feel and look of the interface

Author Bio:- GowthamN is a PC addict who digs on latest updates from Microsoft, Macand Apple. He manages PowerPoint Presentation site

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How to Pick the Correct SEO Company

Having an internet site is really a primary part of driving your organization to greater levels. A web page will not only open your organization inside the neighborhood market but furthermore the worldwide market. The key for you to get a effective website is to really make it visible towards the possible clients. The approach of rising your internet site on the web visibility is known to as search engine optimization. Search engine optimization like a procedure attempts to understand how different search engines like google like google operate as well as what keywords and phrases your prospective customers will search in order to uncover marketing and services. Search engine optimization isn’t a challenging approach but because of the matter that most businessmen are involved in enterprise activities, it is ideal if the approach remains to qualified Search engine optimization firms.


The way to select the correct Search engine optimization company

Experience is extremely significant regarding the strategy of Seo. Due to this, appear for any Search engine optimization company that’s been practicing for a while. Request these lenders based on how extended they’ve been practicing along with the internet sites which they have done. Have more information and details regarding how lengthy it takes for just about any site to position elevated inside the search engines like google like google.

Expense is really a different determining problem when choosing the Search engine optimization Company. Take a look at distinct companies and evaluate their quotes. Pick a single that you just are able to afford to cover the service. Nonetheless, cost should certainly be looked at after making certain the organization is going to do the function effectively.

You might achieve a reliable enterprise by reference from the buddy or any other reliable people who personal internet sites. Reach understand which organizations they utilized and when these were pleased with their benefits. By means of reference, you’ll be able to learn much more concerning the precise organizations that you just must prevent.

For anyone who is prosperous in finding the correct corporation, you will then be satisfied to delight in numerous advantages that include your internet site ranking bigger in unique search engines like google.

 Rewards of Search engine optimization services

Among the strengths of those services incorporate specific traffic, bigger roil, enhanced product visibility, and elevated sales. Correct Seo guarantees that files are enhanced and properly validated. This will make the files more compact and for that reason makes your website to easily load even just in reduced internet connection. Your decision of a good key phrases and phrases guarantees that the customers come with an easy amount of time in finding your products and services.

When you are looking at advertising and marketing your solutions and services, Search engine optimization is among the perfect online marketing tools easily available. This method guarantees simple ease of access for the web-site, mix-browser compatibility additionally to much better usability. Effective Internet search engine marketing encourages repeat organization, elevated sales, and credibility and referral enterprise. It is also a highly effective tool in creating up client’s royalty.

You should realize that most search engines like google like google entries aren’t any cost. When Seo is performed properly, you’ll be capable of see outcome following a brief time. It is not just the ranking of the site that will rise but additionally specific traffic inside your website. It’ll be much simpler to transform this traffic into sales. A great Seo is much better that any high listed advertising and marketing campaign. Search engine optimization is really a continuous procedure and really should not really quit even if your online sites ranks within the initially page of internet search engine search.

Author Bio

This article is written by LazyBloggers who works in a company named SEO Miracle LLC.

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