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The F2P Extravaganza

Free2 PlayNothing in this world is truly ever free, but a fair number of video games are now operating from a free-to-play (F2P) business model.

What is F2P or “Free-to-Play”?

The addition of “to-play” at the end of the business style hints at the nature of it. A F2P game will typically only require the creation of an account with a name and basic information in order to play the game. Additional content is locked, and is usually earned either through playing the game or purchasing a game currency to spend on the items. There are variations on what exactly can be purchased through games that fall under the category of F2P, but they will all have the same underlying model.

The Origins of “Free” Gaming

The first F2P games were developed in the style of MUDs, or Multi-User Dungeons. Iron Realms LLC released the game Achaea in 1997, and in the relatively niche market of text adventuring it proved highly successful. Players could purchase credits, which were used to learn skills, to buy powerful and unique items, or to sell on the market for the in-game currency of gold. As players could purchase credits with gold or real money, a dedicated player could eventually have as much strength in the game as someone who paid. On this model, the game gained a large and steady player base that kept the game active, while those who did make purchases earned the company enough profit to eventually expand into four more text-based games.

 Social Gaming

Facebook has proven itself as a fertile ground for F2P games, with several start-up companies like Zynga, the developer of FarmVille, exclusively dealing in the model. The expansive member base of Facebook allows an immense number of subscribers, and the games reward players for advertising and recruiting their friends to the game. The relatively low cost of production of these games combined with a business model that takes advantage of the social network has resulted in the company earning over a billion dollars a year.

The New Era

In the past, F2P games were generally seen as being the province of non-competitive games or reliant on the addictive and repetitive nature of games like FarmVille. The key issue when converting the F2P model into a version compatible with competitive gaming is most F2P games relied on selling gameplay advantages. Riot Games was one of the first to bridge this chasm of design, and used the highly popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre with a business model that relied primarily on selling digital artwork to create League of Legends (LoL). Now the game is played in competitive tournaments, with millions given out in prizes yearly. With this proof of concept, the number of F2P, high quality games began skyrocketing, and some games, like Team Fortress 2, even switched from a more conventional business model to F2P.

 The Future of Gaming

While the F2P market is primarily the domain of PC gaming in the present, a time may come where even consoles enjoy the benefits of the style. A time may even come when spending a single penny on video games is a choice, rather than a necessity.

Justin McGenity is a freelance writer, programmer, and game design enthusiast. He has played all the games mentioned in this article extensively, and spent more than is reasonable on “free” games. She contributes to Degree Jungle, providing information for future college students.

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HowTo: Print from phone [Android]

 print-from-phoneHow cool would it be if you can directly print from phone. It could really be handy if you have to print out hand outs or few documents for your presentation and you’re stuck at travel. Innovation through smartphones made remote printing effortless.

If you are working with WireLess printers, you can remote print with just touch of a button. Choose from the wide range of apps associated with your printer’s manufacturer

HP iPrint Photo

It offers a flexible user interface and supports almost every wireless printer from HP and supports Google Docs, DropBox, Box e.t.c integration

You can get it for free here

Canon PhotoPrint

It allows you to print pictures and doesn’t support Office or text formats. You can remote print from a printer connected to your Wireless network

You can get it for free here

Brother iPrint and Scan

It supports pictures and PDFs. You need to configure the wireless network settings before remote controlling your prints.

You can get it here

Samsung Mobile Print

 Samsung MobilePrint allows you to Print Pictures, Office files, PDFs wirelessly. You can scan files too, you will need a wireless connection before stumbling with the prints

You can get it here

Using Google Cloud Print

You are going to need a Google Cloud Print enabled on your PC which is associated with your printer. You will need Google Chrome. By default Cloud Print is disabled, follow these steps to enable

  • In Google Chrome, Click the little wrench icon and click Settings
  • Choose Show Advanced Settings, Under Google Cloud Print, Loging to your Google account and Click Add Printers
  • You should receive a success message. That’s it you have enabled Google Cloud Print on your PC

Once you’ve set up Cloud Print on your PC, you need to integrate it on your Android Device.. Download and install Cloud Print from the Play Store. You can also use Cloud print feature directly from Google Docs without any external app.

If you can’t find the app associated with your printer, check the manual if it wireless enabled. Major Drawback of Cloud Print is, it requires a PC running to remote control your printer

Author Bio: Gautham is a technology addict and a designer. He is the editor of PowerPoint Backgrounds and Nature PPT Templates

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Points to Consider Before Buying a Hosting!

Whenever you have to start a site which is not going to be hosted on Blogger, you will have to look for the hosting services out there. There are a lot of them such as Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost, etc. This post doesn’t focuses on which hosting is better but it focuses on the points you have to consider no matter which hosting you are going to buy. Well, if you are looking to buy a hosting, then you should read this post or even if you are not looking to buy a hosting right now, you may want to buy it later. So, read this post to see which points you have to consider before buying a hosting.


Unlimited-Ness of The Hosting
Always try to buy the hosting which offers you with more unlimited features such as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, etc. If you are planning for a site which you think will receive much visits and will acquire more space, you should definitely buy a hosting which is offering some unlimited features but if you don’t want such unlimited features, you can always go for some limited ones. But it is always recommended to go for unlimited ones since you never know when the limited features get used up.

Price & Coupons
Always do enough research before buying a hosting because you may always find a better deal in the next hosting you find. Once you settle for a hosting, always search for its discount coupons which can decrease the overall price of the hosting by a drastic margin. Also, ask for people with affiliate links on Facebook which will benefit you as well as the person providing you the affiliate link.

Customer Support & Up-time
Every hosting is prone to have some problems and for that you need to have quick solutions. Always try to buy hosting with 24×7 customer support so that whenever you have any problem, you can easily sort it out at that time itself. Also, buy the hosting which has 99.9% uptime because you wouldn’t want the visitor to be disappointed to see that your site is not opening. So always buy a hosting which has enough uptime and has a good customer support.

Ask for Personal Experiences
Before buying the selected hosting, you should ask people for their personal experience on the hosting. Ask on Facebook or use any forum site to get personal experience from the buyers of the hosting. If you get some good reviews from the people, then go for the hosting and vice versa. But, it is always good to ask for personal experiences before buying the hosting.

Author Bio
This post is written by Lazybloggers who works in a web design company and likes to research on SEO services in India.

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