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June 15, 2012


Top Best Android Addictive Action Games For Teens

 Games for the Android platform are designed in great numbers and it is the dream of any developer to become the creator of the new sensation for Android operated devices. Here are some of the best Android Addictive Action Games designed for this fast growing market.

Best Android Addictive Action Games For Teens:

1.       Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand theft Auto III android game

The title may be familiar to those that used to play the game on PC in its earlier versions. Great news! The title comes to Android platform and it promises to be the same action packed game gamers have enjoyed throughout the series. Actually, Grand Theft Auto 3 follows the same adventures as on other platforms, but the touch screen experience may just add a lot to the way the game is felt and played. Some accuse the Android operated devices to be still in a searching phase, which may cause the controls to feel a bit convoluted, so you may take a bit to get accustomed to the risky way of driving so known to GTA 3 players.

Download Here

2.       Age of Zombies

Download Age Of Zombies for Android

Zombies are clearly the current horrifying nightmare that people want to shoot, splash, crash and kill on any interface they can get their hands on. Age of Zombies is one of the most addictive action games designed for Android operated devices. But what makes Age of Zombies different from any other zombie killing game? You do not only get to kill zombies, but you get to kill them in different ages, starting from prehistoric times. T-Rex had never seen that coming.

Download here

3.       Grabatron

Grabatron for Android

Aliens are still only Sci-Fi materials, so they could not miss from an action packed game made for Android. Unlike the usual scenario, where you play the role of a human soldier or you command an army to stave off the alien invasion, Grabatron takes you on a wild trip to the other side. With your giant claw, you can grab humans, throw cows around and make a mess, generally, in order to get to the next level, acquire upgrades, and become a better killing machine.

Download Here

4.       Meteor Blitz

Meteorblitz for Android

A shoot’em up type of game cannot be absent in a top including the most addictive action games made for the Android platform. Meteor Blitz is especially designed to prevent you from breathing normally, while adrenaline is pumped directly into the hands which you use to control the battlefield. Enemies swarm from all direction, and, what makes everything worse, you also need to be deft enough to avoid the fields of steroids that have a knack from flying directly to you. The meteors are, however, your secret weapon, since you can exploit their weaknesses, in order to increase the power of your weapons or to launch new attacks.

Download Here

5.       Minecraft

Minecraft for Android

Yes, Minecraft comes to Android operated devices, just to satisfy your urge to build something. The now famous indie game has an equally addictive Android version and it is guaranteed to keep players glued to their tablets or smartphones for many hours on end. You can even build your world while enlisting the aid of your friends, using the multiplayer option.

 Download here

About the Author:

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