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April 27, 2012


HowTo: Enable File Sharing In Windows 7

File sharing is something that is becoming an obligatory part for day today life. No matter it’s a corporate company or a small organization, if it as a poor file sharing system it becomes very difficult to be up to date with the information. In this article we provide a step-by-step guide to enable file sharing in windows 7.

Now days, a very commonly used Windows version is Windows 7 which can be found in any new laptop. In this version of windows, the file sharing method is a bit different from the previous versions but its easy to set up. It gives an extended control to the user to control the files and folders to be shared with the other computers in network.

Here we are providing very simple steps to start or enable file sharing in Windows 7 laptop or desktop. Even a person with no experience in networking or file sharing, can follow these steps and setup a simple home network for data sharing.

To enable file sharing in windows 7, follow the steps given below:

1. Open Control Panel and go to Network & Internet. Now click on the HomeGroup button or else just type in HomeGroup in the search option and it will open up automatically.

open Network & Internet

2. Now click on “Create a Homegroup” if there is not any existing one. It can also be possible that a HomeGroup already exists for you. So you will have to check that. If you are joining to an existing network then you should know the homegroup name and password set for that. But here we are just considering that you want to setup a new network. In later steps you can get to know about how to include other systems also in your network.

create homegroup

3. Firstly, the wizard gives options for what you want to share and with which computer(s) in your network. Just select the folders like pictures, music, documents or videos which want to be shared. There is no option to select a particular file but if you want it to be shared then add that in one of the shared libraries.

share with other home computers

4. On the nest screen you will get an option to enter a password. So just click on finish and we can set the password going forward.

5. Open the page for Control Panel you can find the option for Change password in the “other homegroup actions”. So you can set a password from here also.

6. For the other PCs or laptops with which you want to share the files, you have to do the same steps but instead of creating a new HomeGroup use the one which was created in the above steps.

7. Once that same HomeGroup is detected on the other system, click on that and then Click on Join Now. You can again select the files and folders to be shared but it will use the same password that was set while creating the homegroup.

These are some steps to enable file sharing in Windows 7. Once the file sharing is enabled it can be used for multiple functions like shared printing and music etc. Some advance sharing methods are also available in this Windows. However, this method is a little tough to setup and would need a more experience to enable.

In advanced sharing method, the person who creates the group has the maximum control over it. For normal file sharing, you may follow the above steps and start sharing you files instantly.

Post contributed by: Ilya Elbert, she writes about Computer Support for an IT Support company.


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  1. May 10 2012

    thx for this post now i m now how to file sharing is enabled in window 7 this will help in my collage in practical time or in many works.

  2. Jul 8 2013

    This info is very useful for me! Thanks for sharing.


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