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HowTo: Prevent Wi-fi Hacking or Secure Your Wi-fi Network

The internet is one of the most important tools for communicating with others because the world is changing and so is your need to stay connected with the world around you. People make use of the internet for various reasons, for instance, for following the stock market, shopping, making travel plans, checking the weather, keeping up with what is happening in the world, and many more.

All this requires a high-speed internet connection from your internet service providers. Regarding this, a wireless internet connection has proved to be the best option. This is because it is reliable, faster, and more affordable than satellite broadband. It provides you the fastest transmission as compared to others. Additionally, you do not need to experience any hassle that cable networks bring to you.

However, a wireless internet connection always has to face a major challenge, i.e. internet security. Since there are countless hackers out there, your internet connection can be in danger because they can hack it easily. You might find the speed of your internet connection slowing down. The main reason behind this situation can be that a person has hacked your network and you are unable to have access over it.

Your access to the internet will be limited unless you block hijackers to have access over it. Since millions of people go through the same security risks while using wireless internet connections, experts recommend some measures to secure your internet from hijackers.

Change Your Admin Username and Password

Your wireless internet connection will have higher probability of getting hijacked if you have been using it with its default configuration. This happens frequently because while trying to access your internet, hijackers check whether you have changed your router’s configuration from default to another admin password or not. If it is still set as default, then they can have access to your network easily.

Therefore, the first step is to change your admin password to avoid any attack. You can do it by changing your details through which you access your internet. For instance, you can add your own username in the accessibility settings. Others will not succeed in guessing your username that easily.

Disable SSID

You can inform others that you have a wireless internet connection if your SSID is enabled by default. Through SSID, your network signals are sent out to other computers and this is how hackers can know about your internet connection. It increases the chances of being hacked. Therefore, it is best if you disable SSID of your wireless internet connection. You can maintain your privacy this way and limit it to only you and your family.

Replace WAP with WEP

An internet security feature known as Wireless Connection Authentication is used for protecting your wireless internet connection from hackers. It is available in two forms, i.e. Wired Equipment Protocol (WEP) and WAP. The purpose of these features is to protect your network by a password.

Therefore, you can feel free from stress. It is better for you that you prefer WEP over WAP because using WAP is not as reliable as using WEP to secure your internet connection. WEP is considered the most effective for preventing hackers to access your connection.

Limit Accessibility by Using MAC Address

Whether you have a wired or a wireless connection, your network card consists of an identifier that is unique. It is known as a MAC address. Regarding this, you can make customized settings in your router which will only enable connections from MAC addresses that you have specified. Your wireless network will remain secured this way.

For doing this, you need to know the MAC address of your network card. Now you have to search for MAC addresses that you want to feel secure with. After that, you can take instructions on how to secure your MAC address by visiting the website of the company that manufactured the router of your wireless connection. This should not be difficult but you can also consult IT professionals or internet service providers for their support or If you face any small issue you can always ask me in the comments.

If you are feeling lazy to follow these simple steps then let me tell you the three main reasons for which you should follow the above mentioned practices.

  1. If some freeloader is accessing you wifi and you are on pay per usage plan then you are screwed.. BIGtime..
  2. If some one is hacking into your wifi and using it then you’ll experience slow speed as your net speed will be distributed between you two.
  3. And this goes without saying that any one can misuse your internet for any offense or crime and you may end up arrested. This has happened a lot of time with a lot of people..

So don’t be lazy and follow these simple steps and prevent you wifi from being hacked.

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My take on GoOgle’s Valentine Day 2012 doOdle

And goOgle is back with another innovative doOdle.. If you haven’t seen yet.. see now on goOgle homepage.
And this time its on the allegedly most romantic day of the year.. This time there’s a story line to the doOdle.. I don’t remember any other doOdle with any story line.. although I wont trust my memory at this hour of the night when I’m already half asleep.. so I recommend you don’t do either..
Anyways back to the current discussion.. the doodle shows a “miserable loser guy”.. just like you and me.. but a little more miserable..

The “Miserable loser guy” is trying to “patao” (or cajole.. Yeah.. I know english.. I just chose not to flaunt my knowledge of it..) a “Miserable loser girl”.. I mean come on.. she’s skipping rope in the middle of the day in a park that too on valentine’s day.. Even I got better plans than that.. (like playing chess on my tablet in my office when my boss is not looking at me.. FOREVER EVER EVER ALONE..)
So this “Miserable loser guy” we’re toking about.. he is trying to patao this girl.. wait.. I think I said that already.. ohk.. let it be.. m too lazy to delete it now..So, in his first attempt that “Pathetic loser guy”.. wait.. Not pathetic.. that “Miserable loser guy”.. although we must agree that he’s pathetic too.. so lets settle on that “Pathetic miserable loser guy”.. he tries to cheap out.. and present this “miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day” with a cheap single bud of flower (m sure he didn’t bought it.. and plucked it from some old lady’s garden).. And as any miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day should ideally do.. she ignored him..

Pathetic miserable loser guy gifting rose

But our “pathetic miserable loser guy” here is no ordinary “pathetic miserable loser guy”.. he goes back to home.. asks his mommy for some allowance in advance and bought her a nice pack of chocolates.. but as one should expect from a “miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day”.. she ignored him again..

Pathetic miserable loser guy gifting chocolates to Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day

COME ON “pathetic miserable loser guy”.. think of something better.. So this time our “pathetic miserable loser guy” goes back to his home and stole his little brother’s favorite dinosaur tee-shirt and the “miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day” ignores her yet again.. although this time I don’t blame her.. I mean come on “Pathetic miserable loser guy”.. you’re better than this(I Guess)..

Pathetic miserable loser guy giving stolen dino tee to Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day

But this time he sunked to even lower levels..he stole a baloon from some little kid playing in the park.. and as expected got ignored from “Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day” yet again..

Pathetic miserable loser guy giving stolen pathetic miserable baloon to Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day
Then he realsied.. He’s really goOd at stealing.. and then he steals some more stuff.. like a pie.. television set.. magician’s cap.. a teddy bear.. a heart shaped baloon and one more weird thingy that I can’t recall what its called..And I guess there was an paper plane too.. but ALAS! “Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day” still ignored him.. NOW COME ON MISERABLE LOSER GIRL SKIPPING ROPE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY ON A VALENTINE’S DAY.. what else do you want..

Pathetic miserable loser guy giving stolen gifts to Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day
Now If I would have been the director.. i’ld have taken the the “Pathetic miserable loser guy” to the bar and there he’d sink in the alcohol until he’ld have passed out.. but as this is not reality.. weird things can still happen here..

So what this “Pathetic miserable loser guy” do.. he stole some other “miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day” ‘s skipping rope and starts skipping beside “miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day“.. And what happens next is history.. she leaves her rope and starts skipping with him on his rope..

Obviously I don’t get this part.. If any lady reader can explain this part to me I’ll be happy to take her for a coffee today..

only possible explanation I can think of is that “Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day” ‘s hands were really hurting from all that skipping rope all day on the valentine’s day.. and she just wanted a break so he threw her rope and started skipping on his’.

Pathetic miserable loser guy skipping together with Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day

Pathetic miserable loser guy and Miserable loser girl skipping rope in the middle of the day on a valentine’s day finally together

Then doOdle shows six other couples – “Alien octopus with an astranaut”.. “Princess and a Frog holding skipping rope”.. “Dog and a cat.. holding skipping rope”.. “another pathetic miserable loser boy and miserable loser girl”.. holding skipping rope.. “A couple of gay fellas”.. not holding skipping rope (This prove’s men are intelligent).. “A cookie and a milk carton”.. holding skipping rope.. aah! great.. now m hungry..

Pathetic miserable loser guys and Miserable loser girls

So moral of the story is: If you are single on this valentine’s day.. and you’re not gay or not wandering somewhere in space with one eyed alien octopus.. GO BUY A DAMN SKIPPING ROPE!
Now I really regert all those years of loneliness when the secret of becoming a couple was something as stupid as something like “Skipping rope”.. shya!

By the way if any of you miserable loser wondering which song is that in the background of the doOdle..

Its “Cold, cold heart” from Tony Bennett

Lyrics of which goes like this..

I tried so hard, my dear to show
That you’re my every dream
Yet, you’re afraid each thing I do
Is just some evil scheme
A memory from your lonesome past
Keeps us so far apart
Why can’t I free your doubtful mind
And melt your cold, cold heart

And if some other pathetic miserable loser out there whose wondering why even Valentine day is celebrated?? Here’s why..

Valentine’s Day is observed in honor of one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. The day first became associated with romantic love in the High Middle Ages when the tradition of courtly love flourished. Source:Wikipedia



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