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Significant value of Tablets in business today

The use of tablet computers is steadily on the rise in today’s business world. In US alone there are around five million tablet users in the business category. Most of these people agree that they use tablet computers to improve on the overall efficiency. But many are raising questions like – are tablets really needed for business or is it just a fad? The supporters of this gadget have opined that business will only get better if the tabs are used on a regular basis in business. The Apple iPad 2 presently dominates the business market along with some other Android devices.

The Benefits of Tablets in Business

Taking Notes

Nearly 35% of the business people are using tablets for the purpose of taking notes in meetings and conferences. There are advantages of tablets over the netbooks as the former is lighter and more portable. Compared to the conventional pen and paper, the tablets are very hard to lose and there is no sound of ‘tapping on keyboard’.

Working on the move

A tablet is very beneficial when you want to work while on a business trip or during a journey. It is an essential device to check the emails and respond to them. You can actually work without even entering the office. If you are on your way to attending an important meeting then you can just open your tab, go through the documents and make the essential changes, if required. You need not make endless phone calls for a few tweaks to the important documents. Just open them on your tab and do it in the car. Nowadays, the tablets have the ability to run a number of customized applications which enables you to complete a number of tasks away from the office. The concept of remote working has grown steadily with the growing popularity of the tablets. There has been a big rise in virtual offices in big cities like London. In other words, business is becoming more flexible and less ties to a single geographical location.

Content Creation

Content creation is a new work area that has evolved on the tablets in the recent times. Very recently WordPress has launched an application for WebOS paving the way for creation of content on tablets. Though this whole concept is still at an infant stage and not so widely used, there is a remarkable chance that within a few months’ people will work on the tablets for more tedious works like content creation.


This is, again, a new feature in the tabs and still early days to comment on its viability and trends. The iPad 2 comes with both a front and rear camera although you can only get basic video conferencing applications. Such cameras are best for capturing video images rather than stills. The Cisco Cius business tablet has the ability to make video calls and one of the best in the field of business tablets.

These were some of the new features of tablets which are making it popular in the business domain. Some of these features are very new and not really tested but the trends show that a time will come when the business persons will shun the bulky laptops in favor of these sleek business tablets.


About the author: Rubela is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Horse Racing Games attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Vending machines.


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Letsbuy’s Official Android App launched

Pre Script: This is not review of the App.. I worked really hard with Letsbuy on this project and would really love to hear your feedbacks.. 🙂

If you love shopping and tech-savvy-ity is in your genes then you are definitely gonna love this..
Letsbuy recently launched Beta version of its Official Android Application

If you are the one who loves to window shop walking down the streets of market.. now you can do the similar, sitting at your home or while traveling..
For lazy people like me its an aid to browse and buy stuff quickly without getting out of the blanket & reach out to the laptop.. for geeks it is a place to pass-time while checking out the prices and specs of the gadgets they dream about.. for others it is a tool to research about a product they plan to buy while they are traveling and believe it or not, for some it comes to rescue for placing an order quickly while being scolded by their wives for forgetting to buy that Induction cook-top thingy..

Different people.. Different needs.. one App:

The process is as simple as it can get..
Browse and find the product.. Add to cart.. Enter shipping details.. and Voila! Payments will be collected upon delivery and shipping is obviously Free of cost..

If you own an Android device Click here and download the app from the marketplace..
If not, then..
1) You can still click that link and checkout the screenshots of the beautiful app that this is.. and
2) High time to buy an Android device.. you already know from where you can get one.. []

Happy Shopping to you!! 🙂

P.S: Spread the word.. tell your friends.. if possible, tell friends of friends too.. Facebook it.. Twitter it.. YouTube it.. Flickr it..

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How to Access WordPress Bypassing The SOPA Blackout and along with some major websites are blocked today in protest against SOPA and PIPA. Although we do support the cause but in case you want to access the WordPress Support Forum, here is the way.

P.S: Not all WordPress sections are accessible via this hack but you can access some support sections like this.

In order to view the regular WordPress Support Pages and not the black screen with message (see below) you need to disable the JavaScript in your browser.

WordPress SOPA Blackout

Steps to disable JavaScript in Major Browsers.

# Mozilla Firefox users click here.

# Google Chrome users goto this page (chrome://settings/content) (copy the link and open it in new tab) and select “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript” or you can go through these step by step instructions.

enjoy 🙂

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How to Access Wikipedia Bypassing The SOPA Blackout


You can also drag the bookmarklet below to your browser’s bookmarks bar on top and click it to access WikiPedia without disabling the JavaScript.

show.wikipedia <== (Drag this bookmarklet)

Wikipedia’s English version is blocked today in protest against SOPA and PIPA. Although we do support the cause but in case you want to access the Wikipedia English articles, here is the way.

In order to view the regular Wikipedia pages and not the black screen with message (see below) you need to disable the JavaScript in your browser.

Steps to disable JavaScript in Major Browsers.

# Mozilla Firefox users click here.

# Google Chrome users goto this page (chrome://settings/content) (copy the link and open it in new tab) and select “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript” or you can go through these step by step instructions.

enjoy 🙂

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MDU Rohtak revised B.Tech 5th sem datesheet – January 2012

Maharishi Dayanand University announced the following changes in the ongoing B.Tech 5th Sem. Examination December 2011-January 2012

Subject Code Subject (Nomenclature) Id No. Branch Date of Exam. Revised


EE-301-E Communication Engineering (E14) 2201 EL 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
ME-307-E I.C. Engines & Gas Turbine (E27) 2210 ME 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
IC-301-E Transd. & Sig. Cond. 2213 EI,IC 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
IT-303-E System Prog. & System Admn. (E02) 2216 IT 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
CSE-305-E Analysis and Design of Algorithms (E06) 2222 CSE 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
EE-311-E Electrical Machines -II (E11) 2231 EE, EEE 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
BTT-307-E Down Stream 2244 BTT / BME 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
PT-307 Printing Image Generation-I 2250 PT 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
CE-307 E Soil Mechanics (L25) 2267 Civil Engg. 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
AE-307 Wind Tunnel Techniques 2274 AE 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
EE-305-C Integrated Electronics 1054 EE 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
TT-309-F Textile Chemical Processing-I 24300 TT 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
TC-309-F Textile Design 24307 TC 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
FA-2309-F Apparel Prod.Planning Scheduling 24315 FAE 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
BME-307-F Bio-Medical Equipments 24273 BME 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
BTF-307 Diagnostic Techniques 24282 Biotech. 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
CE-307 F Soil Mechanics 24290 Civil Engg. 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
CSE-305-F Theory of Automata Computation 24266 CSE 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
EE-301-F Communication Engineering 24234 EL 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
EE-311-F Electrical Machine -II 24225 EE, EEE 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
IC-301-F Liner Control System 24244 IC 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
IT-303-F System Prog. & System Admn. 24250 IT 10.01.2012 22.01.2012
ME-307-F I.C. Engines & Gas Turbine 24260 ME 10.01.2012 22.01.2012

Here is the link to the official Notification:

Apparently they shifted all the exams to be held on 10th January 2012, Tuesday to 22 January 2012, Sunday (yeah.. sunday really..)

I hope it doesn’t messes up with any of your other exams..

Best Of Luck!

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Best New year Resolution – Happy New year 2012

With the very click of this Publish button that I am gazing upon.. we’ll enter 2012 and 2011 will cease to ForEver! (power of my button 😉 )
Welcome 2KXII 2K12 nay! 2012 feels much better.. so we are gonna reference it like this only for the rest of the year..

Last year I started this blog on this very day in this very hour.. and welcomed 2011 with somewhat open arms.. and here I am today not as much as welcoming 2012 but saying goOdbye to 2011..
Before I loose myself into this newest of years.. I’ld like to remember the year just gone by.. The year in which we won the worldcup.. The year in which Osama died.. The year in which I moved to a new place.. The year in which I almost bought an apple product.. The year in which I started a new job (that too at a startup).. the year in which I made a perfect omelette..  The year in which I lost my Idol – Steve jobs.. The year in which I bought a book worth 700 bucks  :O (Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson) (against my policy of not buying expensive books or any books at all)..

2011 had its ups and downs and like a sine wave my life experienced the newest lows and the highest highs.. but in the end.. with all the lemons that this year threw at me.. I learned to squeeze them into 1 part tequila & 1 part triple sec and make a nice margarita out of them.. 😉

This year, like past 3, is also starting with me burried under the burden of the books that I have to complete reading for my ongoing university exams. Last year I promised to publish list of my resolutions but I never did.. cause I never made any.. I just went through what life threw at me.. enjoying it! But for this Year I have made one.. just one.. and no its not 1024*768 its a very simple one.. “To be Happy”

The short list of things I look forward to in 2012:

  • My trip to Kasmir (paradise on earth) in Mid Feb.
  • Completing B.Tech
  • Starting UP
  • Maybe Sky Diving
  • Buying a Blue Lancer 🙂
  • End of World..
  • and many many more surprises..


So, I conclude this year with hope that next year is gonna be a even a better roller coaster ride.. full of scary falls and exciting rises.. and not to forget.. the twists and turns.. I wish to strike a few more things off my bucket list.. I hope to become a full time entrepreneur But with all these wishes aside I mostly aim at my one point resolution which I want all of you should also resolve to..  just.. be.. Happy 🙂

This may not have been the best of the years.. but I’m saying goOdbye to it without any grudges or regrets.. and welcoming 2012 with many new hopes and some old ones too.. I wish for myself and for you that 2012 keeps us hungr, foOlish and alive..

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