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December 14, 2011


HowTo: Save a cellphone dropped in water, coffee or tea

So you dropped your phone in water or spilled coffee/tea all over it?
Dont worry.. DONOT panic! Nobody will panic now! STOP Panicing..

how to save a cellphone dropped in water

First of all and most importantDONOT SWITCH ON THE PHONE (if its off already)
And if its on turn it off by removing the battery ASAP.
Take the battery out as soon as possible.
DONOT try to turn on the phone to check if its ok.
It will only worsen  things up.

If you turn on the phone when its wet.. it’ll short circuit the phone and hell will freeze over..

Dismantle the phone as much as you can and as quickly as you can.

Now take a tissue or a soft cloth to wipe the water of the dismantled parts..

Best way is to get a can of compressed air and blow it on your phone to blow the water inside your phone.
If you have a blow dryer.. use it(NOT RECOMMENDED THOUGH) but keep enough distance that the hot air doesn’t harm the components of the mobile phone. (If both unavailable skip to next step.)

Now take a bowl of rice and cover the parts of your phone in the rice completely.
Rice is a desiccant it will help sucking the excess moisture from your phone.

Desiccant:A hygroscopic substance used as a drying agent.

Keep it in there for at-least 1 or 1 and a half day.

Take out the parts and asseble your phone..

Check if it works.. Chances are it’ll work. if so.. blow out the rice powder using compressed air or blower(from far).

This method will work only if your phone was dropped in a simple water i.e without any salt sugar

But if you spill tea or coffee on it then..
In that case:

You’ll have to take an extra step to get rid of the clogged salt or sugar.

After seperating the peices of your mobile dip the parts in alcohol (It may seem that I’m drunk and all but I’m not.. It really works)

For the science students out there.. here’s the reason behind dipping it in alcohol..
“Alcohol is hygroscopic.”

Hygroscopic:Tending to absorb moisture from the air

After soaking the phone in alcohol take out the phone and shake it to remove alcohol from the phone (I know you hate when alcohol is wasted like this.. but No.. licking is not an option here..)
Dont worry if you cant remove all the alcohol from the phone.. as another property of alcohol is that it evaporates at room temperature..

Now, if you still feel there is more salt or sugar clogged inside.. then go buy a bottle of distilled water from some electrician. Distilled water is what they sell to put in invertor batteries.
Soak your phone in that.. sugar and salt will dissolve in it..

Now.. do the remaining steps to dry the phone as explained above.

To Summarize:

  1. Take out the phone from the water or from under coffee/tea.
  3. Turn it OFF (if not already), Dismantle ASAP.
  4. Soak in alcohol or distilled water if dropped in liquid with salt or sugar.
  5. Wipe with tissue or soft cloth.
  6. Blow out the water using compressed air.
  7. Cover it in bowl of rice for 24-36 hours.
  8. Take out and test.
  9. Blow off the rice powder using compressed air.

Best Of Luck 🙂

Share this with your friends to save them from the loss.


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