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4 Simple Computer Tips to Speed up Your Broadband Internet

There are many internet service providers out there offering good broadband internet connection services. But some questions that tend to put confusion in our mind do arise when we have used a particular broadband internet for quite some time and we notice that our broadband internet connection is not working as it used to in the earlier times. In such situations, should we contact our internet service providers for help or try and take the risk of solving the problem by ourselves. Lucky you are here, the simple tips I will be giving here are worth the risk because there’s no risk involved in applying them to your wavering broadband internet condition. More so, the tips here does not involve you tampering with your broadband internet at all, so if after applying the tips here you don’t get the desired results you can still go back to your internet service provider.
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Kurukshetra University (KUK) B.Tech datesheet Jan – 2012

Kurukshetra university, Kurukshetra announced the B.Tech exam date sheet for Jan 2012 semester exams on its official site – Download the datesheet from below.
Herez the link to the Date sheet

Kurukshetra university, kurukshetra – jan 2012 Datesheet – I,III,IV,VII sem

ALTERNATE LINK: Kurukshetra university, kurukshetra – jan 2012 Datesheet – I,III,IV,VII sem

Best of Luck for your Exams
Happy EXAMS! to all!! 😛

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HowTo: Insert profile picture in faceboOk chat

Earlier Facebook chat used to be my last choice of communication.. all this changed when faceboOk introduced the modern messaging system code named project Titan. Post this I have never gone offline on FB chat to avoid chatting on it or told any one to come on gtalk instead..

Then FB added tons of other features to the chat like calling, video calling and whatnot..  now they have made another little but unique addition to the system.. you can now insert your mutual friend’s profile picture in the chat with your friends.

All you need to do is just write [[username]] and send it on the chat.. if the person haven’t selected the username yet then you can use his/her profile-ID instead..

It makes use of the goOd old Graph API to access the user’s image from this url:

For e.g:

I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do with this system but it really is one coOl feeature..

Insert profile pics in Facebook's chat

Also, I don’t think much people will be able to use it because no one even really remember their friends’ username.. let alone profile IDs.  And people today are too lazy to open a new tab of their friend’s profile to see their username or profile-ID. It would have been better if it was something like that of tagging system. Mark Zuckerberg.. If you are reading this.. take this advice.. I won’t ask for royalty or anything.. 😉

P.S. you too remember that its my blog’s Bday this sunday.. be ready with the presents 😉

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4 Reasons Why a Mobile Internet is one of the Best forms of Broadband Internet

The internet is now a major part of our lives and it is even inevitable considering the fact that the works and lives of so many of us depends on it. There are several multibillion dollar companies that depend on the internet to succeed and there are also countless small business owners who would vanish should the internet disappear.
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GoOgle’s holiday doOdle puts a smile on your face – Happy Holidays :)

Another awesome goOgle Xmas doOdle is here..

If in any case you haven’t noticed the awesome yet.. herez what you gotta do..

Close your browser.. shutdown the PC.. go and get a jug of water… and spil it all over your computer..

Seriously.. you dont deserve to own a PC..

But you know what.. as today I’m in all christmasy mood.. and thats essentially due the this amazing doOdle.. I’ll excuse you this time.. and as my Xmas present to you I’ll also tell you how to notice the “Awesome” in it..

At first you’ll be seeing a nice image of neon lights forming the word goOgle surrounded by Xmasy decorations..

GoOgle holiday DooDleNoticed that buttons below the alphabets… they are there for a reason you know.. Now press each button.. although pressing against it wont open the door to the secret world of narnia.. but still just press it.. Each button will turn the alphabet above it into a christmasy element..

G turns into snowflake
o turns into Santa clause
O turns into a bell
g turns into a snowman
l turns into a candle &
e turns into a giftbox

Once you have done pressing all the buttons.. the doodle will sing you Jingle Bells.. 🙂

goOgle's holiday doodle

Now if doesn’t brings smile on your face than you really either gotta go read that story with some Scrooge & Christmas carols.. or you should take a blade and cut your cheeks to make a smile on your face (like the Joker of Batman).

If you noticed yesterday’s doOdle then you’ll see that this is actually an extension over yesterday’s doOdle.. so tomorrow being the Xmas I am hoping an even better doOdle will appear overflowing with even more awesomenes.. :))

P.S. Happy Holidays! 🙂



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YMCA Faridabad, TIT Bhiwani, UIET MDU Rohtak B.Tech. Date-Sheet – Dec 2011

Here is Datesheet for YMCA Faridabad, TIT Bhiwani, UIET MDU Rohtak for December 2011 exams..
Download from link below..

Download Date-Sheet of B.Tech. – YMCA Faridabad, TIT Bhiwani, UIET MDU Rohtak

All the Best for your exams 🙂

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Geek’s Kamasutra – Tech Fun

Geek’s Kamasutra
Geek Kamasutra

More in Tech Fun

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Got a bug?? – Tech Fun

Got a bug??
got a bug??

Source:printed on image
More in Tech Fun

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That Awkward moment when.. – Tech Fun

That Awkward moment when..
even sheldon copper have a girlfriend

😀 (You wont understand this if you don’t watch “The Big Bang Theory”)
More in Tech Fun

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The day I lost control – Tech Fub

The day I lost control
the day i lost control
More in Tech Fun

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