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HowTo: Enable Facebook Timeline now

So the facebook says this timeline feature of their’s will be available for everyone in a few coming weeks.. right now its only available to open graph developers..

So if you want it you can either wait for “a few weeks” or you can follow the below given steps and get it right away..

  1. Just login to your faceboOk account and goto
  2. Add the developers application to your account by allowing the permission which it asks for
  3. Then after allowing look in the top-right-ish corner and find a button to “Create New App”
  4. Name it anything and enter any 8 letter word as a namespace, agree to terms and click continue
  5. Now find “Open Graph” in the left side bar and click on it
  6. Now in “Get Started with Open Graph” section fill in the fields anything.. for e.g people can read a blog and then click on “Get started”
  7. Now on next screen do “Save Changes and Next” for all three steps.
  8. Now you’ve completed the process.. wait for a few minutes and goto your home screen and you’ll get a notification inviting you to enable the new Timeline

Her’s a screenshot of the invitation:

Facebook Timeline Developer release

If you don’t get the notification just don’t panic and wait a few more minutes.. It may take a little time.

Did this worked for you?? If yes how’d you liked the new Timeline?? Do tell in comments below..

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Time travelling with Facebook Timeline

Facebook introduced TimeLine and I just can’t get enough of it.. Every minute I’m discovering some new feature hiddens ome where in the big bulk of changes..

The best one I found uptil now is Time Travelling.. Yes now Facebook enables you to travel in time.. and NO, not just to view your past sories/events/albums/videos.. you can even upload or add stories/events/albums/videos in you timeline in the past..

Now isn’t that awesome..

I was always fascinated with the concept of time travelling and parallel universe travelling.. though real time travelling is few years away,  facebook has enabled us to time travel in our digital life though.. and I soon expect them to release something for enabling us to travel to an alternate parallel universe..

So I was feeling very bad when I remembered I forgot to wish myself on my birthday this year.. but now with this awesome facebook timeline.. I can totally go back in the past and make up for that..

Time travelling with Facebook Timeline

And obviously you can also just travel through your timeline to relive your old memories that you’ve posted on faceboOk..

Time travelling with facebook timeline

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Facebook introduces TimeLine

Just when you thought faceboOk done changing atleast for few months now.. BAAM! they did it again.. But what an awesome change it is.. It a feature that you’ve always wanted.. you just didn’t knew it..
Its a feature that allows you to dive into the deep sea of your memories of life (that you’ve published on facebook)
Drumrolls please…

*Facebook Timeline*

As name suggests.. Its a time line of your life (or the part of life that you’ve published on facebook)

Right now its available only to Open Graph Developers and will be available for everyone soon.. and if you want it right now.. I’ll tell you later how to get Facebook Timeline right now..
Update: How To: Enable Facebook Timeline now

Facebook Timeline Developer release

But first lets see what is this Facebook Time line I’m talkin so much about..

Facebook Timeline is a new kind of faceboOk profile.. Timeline is your collection of all the photos,posts,and apps that tell your story.

Here’s an overview of my TimeLine

Third person view:

Notice the months and years written in Top Right-ish.. Thats the real thing..

Will show detailed insight of the new Facebook timeline in my next post.

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Insight: Facebook updates News Feed

I always say “Facebook is like girls.. Just when you think you understood.. It changes..” and in its constant changing facebook came up with another change today..
Last week we saw some major changes like allowing users to subscribe to public posts of other users (Like Twitter), The New Lists which totally reminded every one of the new goOgle+ circles..

If you missed them then read it here..
FB Smart Lists – GoOgle plus Circle thingy.. Now on FaceboOk

Facebook launches subscription.. much like “follow” on twitter

This time facebook updates the New Feed

Just got this notification saying..

All Your News is Now in One Place
Top stories since your last visit are at the top
Each top story is marked with a blue corner
Recent stories are below, in the order they were posted
Learn more about changes to News Feed.
Facebook updates News Feed
“Top stories marked with Blue corner” Now thats something..
Top stories that may interest you..

But how do they determin Top stories anyway?
There’s how…
We determine whether something is a top story based on lots of factors, including your relationship to the person who posted the story, how many comments and likes it got, what type of story it is, etc. For example, a friend’s status update that might not normally be a top story may become a top story after many other friends comment on it.

If you’ve been away for awhile, you’ll see the top stories that happened since your last visit at the top of News Feed.

If you see something that isn’t interesting in top stories, hover over the right side of the update in question, click the arrow  and click ‘Unmark as top story’ from the menu.

click ‘Unmark as top story’ from the menu” So does this means they are also recording feedbacks to better determin top stories patters or they just unmark it and do nothing to recognize our patterns..

Another intresting change is in the top bar..

Facebook Updates News Feed & Top Bar
So whats intresting in it??
Lemme walk you through it..
To notice the interesting part we’ll have to go through a series of small images of the top right of the Facebook top bar..
Facebook top bar before
Facebook Top Bar NOwAnd on a TOTALLY UNRELATED NOTE:

GoOgle Top Bar
GoOgle Top Bar

IF you still didn’t get the interesting part then Gawd help ya!

Waiting for your awesome comments on this new News Feed Update by Facebook.. Start scribbling..

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Facebook launches subscription.. much like “follow” on twitter

Facebook launched a new feature this week inspired from the micro blogging site – twitter – “Subscrtibe”
Like “Follow” on twitter.. you can now “Subscribe” to people who have allowed to subscribe to their public updates..
This means you can read people’s posts with out them accepting your friend request.. if and onli if they have allowed subscription to their public updates and you have subscribed to them.

How to Subscribe?

To subscribe to any one’s public updates got to his profile and then from top right click on Subscribe.. given that, this person you’re trying to subscribe have allowed subscription.

subscribe on facebook

To allow subscription to your public updates.. goto Subscribers from the left sidebar and “Allow people other than your friends to subscribe to your public updates.” in Subscriber settings.

Subscriber settings on facebook
This is one hot new feature.. How useful is it in your opinion??

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FB Smart Lists – GoOgle plus Circle thingy.. Now on FaceboOk

So this week apart from allowing users to subscribe each other (inspired from “follow” on twitter), faceboOk introduced one more feature – Smart Lists i.e is more or less like Circles from the goOgle+ minus the coOl JS animations that goOgle+ have..

So what are the Smart Lists?

Smart Lists automatically update themselves with coworkers,classmates,local friends and family members based on your friends’ profile info.
It provides a quick, optional way to organize friends so you can control what you see in your News Feed and post updates to specific people.
Your friends dont get to know if you add them to these three new lists:
Close Friends: Your best friends, who should show up more in News Feed.
Acquaintances: Friends who should show up less in News Feed.
Restricted: Friends who can only see posts and profile info you make public.
Smart List on Facebook
If you’ve been using the old Lame not so smart lists of FB then don’t worry you still have your old lists
If you previously created lists you can continue using them, merge them with your new lists or delete lists you don’t need any more.
With Smart Lists in action.. you can Share with Just the Right People
Post your updates straight to the friends and family who will find them most interesting, without worrying about bothering anyone else.
Share with just the right people
So what do you think of this new feature?? Do you think these Smart Lists are smart enough?? Share your precious thoughts in comments..

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Said goOdbye to an old, Very Dear friend today..

GoOd Ol' Friend

GoOd Ol' Friend

Said goOdbye to an old, Very Dear friend today..
A friend whos been alongside for the last 6 years..
A friend whose responsible for Whatever I am today.. Whatever I’m gonna be tomorrow..Whatever I know.. Whatever I’ve learned.. Whatever I’ve ever done.. and Whatever I’m gonna do in future..
A friend with whom I’ve played the games, listened to the music, saw the movies, shared the laughs with and the tears too..

Said goOdbye to an old, Very Dear friend today..
Said goOdbye to My First PC.. The good ol’ HCL eZeebee
I still remember 6 years ago when it greeted me the first time displaying the “Welcome” screen.
Earlier I was not ready to let go of him.. but then I realised how its of little help to me and can be of so much use to somebody else.. its now time for him to make another kid happy.. do everything what he did for me for some one else now..
Its like an End of an Era.. Will always remember the time spent together..
You’ll be remembered.. Always.. 🙂

On behalf of Dexter , Dexter the II, Mandy & Myself.

P.S. for those who don’t know..
Dexter is My Dell Studio Laptop
Dexter the II is My HTC smartphone
Mandy is My Acer Iconia Tab A500

P.P.S: For those of you who are looking for a word to call me.. Then lemme help you.. yes I’m a “Geek”.

Last Group shot:-

eZeebee, Dexter, Mandy and me & Dexter the II on the other side of the pic

eZeebee, Dexter, Mandy and me & Dexter the II on the other side of the pic

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Acer rolls out Android Honeycomb 3.2 update for Iconia Tab A500 in India

So yesterday I got this System Update message from Acer for my Acer Iconia Tab A500.
System Update 7.006.03
(350.25 MB)
I haven’t Downloaded and Installed it yet.. will dot that very soon..
Meanwhile I researched on it a little and got assured that this time its not causing any problems like last time’s when It caused Wi-fi connection problems turning the tablet into nothing more than a 10″ brick.. 10.1 if you are “whiny for precision” types..

Acer Iconia Tab A500 3.1 Android honeycomb update

Their last update i.e to 3.1 was packed with some pretty major changes.. But the word is that this time apart from 3.2 update there’s nothing very amusing about this update like last time’s.. One advantage that Android 3.2 upgrade provides is support to display apps and games built for smartphone screens to appear scaled on the larger tablet screen without distortion. This is done by pixel scaling versus stretching that makes the images look bad. Rest all are the under the hood performance changes and that’s what I’m looking towards the most.. Last time’s update increased Touch Sensitivity and over all processing performance of the device.

Their Last update i.e Acer Iconia tab A500 3.1 Android update contained the following major changes
1. Support for EAS – Exchange Active Sync.
2. USB Host improvements:
a. USB mouse support with cursor.
b. MTP camera support.
3. Adds media CODECs for WMV/WMA.
4. Improves media player capabilities for MPEG-4 simple profile.
5. Adds 1080p HDMI output to HD display.
6. User agent selection in browser settings allowing you to force using desktop view.

I haven’t found the official list of changes for this update yet.. Will update as soon as I get hold of it..

Will soon post on my updating experience.. Subscribe to blog, facebook or twitter for receiving the update notification..

Also If you’ve already installed the new update.. do share your experience  in the comments below

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MDU Rohtak B.E/B.Tech Result[1 september 2011] pdf / txt 1st – 8th Sem

UPDATE2: You can check B.E / B.Tech Dec – May/June 2012 result
UPDATE: You can check B.E / B.Tech Dec – Jan 2012 result declared on 2nd may from here. Full detailed marks are now available.

Result is out.. and as usual official site is down..

Check your result here..

MDU ROhtak B.E/B.Tech Result pdf/text

Thanx to Sumit Bhatt for sharing the file 🙂

Best of Luck

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