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Alexander Calder 113th Birthday goOgle doOdle

Today we woke up (as I sleep early now a days.. Earlier I used to see these at midnight.. miss those days…) to see another cool doOdle on the homepage of goOgle (Nothing in comparison to goOgle guitar doOdle though). Todays doOdle is in tribute to the American artist Alexander Calder.
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Howto: Invite your friends to goOgle+ (plus) project

Earlier there was no direct way to invite your friends to google plus you needed to share your posts with there email ID and they’ll get a mail saying that you have shared a post with them and in that mail there would be a link to “Learn More” about goOgle+ and clicking it would navigate them to the signup procedure..

Learn More Email to join goOgle plus

But now There is a Send Invites section at the bottom of the right sidebar
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HowTo: Get The goOgle+ (Plus) project invite

The GoOgle Plus(+) projectSo The goOgle plus is creating a lot of buzz that google’s last social project called buzz failed to create.. (See how i played with the words there.. ;))
And every one is desperate to get an invite.. since at present its only an invite based service..
Here I tell you some easy ways to get you an invite to the goOgle + project.
1) Request goOgle to send you an invite
This one’s pretty lame.. and most probably you have already done that..
But If I were You.. I wont sit back and wait for their invite..
So what would I do??
Read on..

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What is The Google plus (+) Project?

To know how to get goOgle+ invite, Click here.
The GoOgle Plus(+) project

The goOgle + Project is another social network in the web town.. And as the name suggests.. it is by goOgle..

So you thought goOgle is gonna sit quietly after the goOgle Buzz chapter.. well it didn’t 😉
goOgle’s new social project is called The goOgle + Project, not to be confused with goOgle plusOne although that is also integrated with the google + project..
Here is an excerpt from the google blog post

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