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May 13, 2011


Osama Bin Laden is still alive!

On 1st May 2011 US President Barrack Obama declared to the world that they have killed Osama Bin Laden – Major culprit in 9/11 attacks and Leader and Founder of Alqaida, BUT he was not completely correct.

Osama Bin Laden Still Alive

Although he might have been successful in getting rid of the Alqaida terrorist osama hiding in Abottabad, Pakistan but the very same day new Osama(s) started to emeerge and terrorirze netizens and computer users all around the globe.
Within the few hours of declaration of his death the facebook feeds were flooded with posts like:
“Osama is dead, watch this exclusive CNN video which was censored by Obama Administration due to level of violence, a must watch. Leaked by Wikileaks.”
Links claiming to show footage of Osama being killed by US troops and Photoshopped images of him started doing rounds on people’s wall..
“Exclusive footage” that will “leave you speechless” has been leaked by “Wikileaks” and organisations like “CNN”
President Barack Obama has decided not to release any photos of the deceased Osama bin Laden, so any link claiming to show this photo or video should not be opened as they are nothing but spammy viruses.

Those accounts which fell prey of this spam attack automatically spam their friends’ wall too..

FBI also warned people to not to open thise unsolicited links even if they were posted to you by your friends.
In a statement FBI said:
Exercise caution when you receive e-mails that purport to show photos or videos of Usama bin Laden’s recent death. This content could be a virus that could damage your computer. This malicious software, or “malware,” can embed itself in computers and spread to users’ contact lists, thereby infecting the systems of associates, friends, and family members. These viruses are often programmed to steal your personally identifiable information.
The FBI further advised computer users to ensure that they have updated anti-virus protection to detect and handle such malicious softwares and to keep an eye for fraudulent messages that often feature spelling mistakes and poor grammar or nonstandard English.

Its not the first time that spammers have taken advantage of any such event and particularly the “Killing of Osama” have been rumoured many a times by the spammers on social networking sites and in emails.

Like with any other virus, the best ways to defend against the Osama virus is to make sure your antivirus software is up to date. Anti-Virus software companies continually update their databases to make sure that all new threats are addressed as they become known. If you don’t keep your antivirus up to date, you’re as good as with none at all.

Another way to stay protected is a two word mantra –  “goOgle it” rather than clicking on the doubted link.. thats what I do..
If its out ont the internet its surely on goOgle.

Also avoid granting Permissions to the Facebook applications that you don’t think they require.. Always read what permissions are you granting to any application before allowing granting them those permissions.

Facebook and other affected sites are working hard to get rid of the virus and making sure nothing like this happen again But its us Netizens who should stay alert at first place and not fall for these scams otherwise Osama will stay alive.. only this time he’ll be hiding inside our computer.


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