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gOogle wishes you happy Earth Day 2011

Last night goOgle uploaded one of the most innovative doOdle to mark the Earth Day Celebration round the world on 22nd April. Whats special about the doOdle is that how innovatively it is designed and animated..

Here have a look at it…

GoOgle's Earth day 2011 doOdle

And heres the anatomy if you don’t see the goOgle in the above picture..

GoOgle's Earth day 2011 doOdle AnatomyIf you haven’t yet seen it on goOgle’s home page then I say you  go there and experience the animations.. move the mouse over the different parts of the doOdle to see the action.. for instance if you hover over the penguins.. one of them jumps crazily.. if you hover over the lake.. a fish starts climbing the waterfall and at the top a bear comes out and eatthe fish.. now thats sad. but hey.. that’s the nature’s foOd chain..

Hover over the pandas they start playing.. then theres a koala bear doin something over the tree on the right.. and theres a sleepy lion which is too lazy to do anything but wave a tail.. then theres butterflies.. clouds and birds..  Do check it out yourself..

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50 years since First Human SpaceFlight

Chances are you have already noticed goOgle’s today’s doOdle.. In case you haven’t then I demand you to have a look at it right NOW.

50th Anniversary of the First Human SpaceFlight goOgl'e doOdle

50th Anniversary of the First Human SpaceFlight goOgl'e doOdle

Saw it? Yuri Gagarin.. The name sounds familiar doesn’t it??  Ofcourse it does.. Its the name almost every one knows.. Children are made to learn this name in the early classes and along with it an interesting fact.. that he was THE FIRST MAN TO GO INTO OUTER SPACE.

50 years have gone by since he took his and mankind’s first flight to the outer space.. On this very same day exactly 50 years ago i.e 12th April 1961, Yuri Gagarin a Russian astronaut or cosmonaut as what they are called in Russia  took off on his VOSTOK 1 – First Human Space Flight in history from the Russian launch pad and propelled to outer space, took a good round of earth and landed back on Russian soil safely. It took him just 108 minutes to circle around the earth and return to home land.

The event took whole world by a big surprise.. even Russians as Russia was a very secretive place back then, no announcements about the mission were made beforehand and most people came to know about it only after the man was back on the earth after his space expedition. This made Yuri Gagarin a celebrity and moreover changed Image of Soviet union (Russia) overnight from a backward oppressive society with a frightening array of nuclear weapons to a technological advanced nation.This milestone was one of the many benefits of the United States and Soviet Union Technological competition also knows as Space Race.

Painting of Yuri Gagarin and VOSTOK 1

Painting of Yuri Gagarin and VOSTOK 1

There are many interesting facts about this first human spaceflight:

  • Vostok 1 remained in orbit for 108 minutes and in that time it managed to orbit the earth once.
  • Entire flight was automated as Neither Russian scientists nor the doctors knew how the weightlessness would affect a man in space.
  • Gagarin’s controls were locked to prevent him from taking control of the ship. A key was available in a sealed envelope in case it became necessary to take control in an emergency.
  • Yuri gagarin did not landed with his spacecraft. He was ejected from the spacecraft 23,000 km above the earth and parachuted down as scientists were unsure if astronaut can land safely with the spaceship.
  • Three press releases were prepared, one for success, two for failures. It was only known ten minutes after burnout, 25 minutes after launch, if a stable orbit had been achieved.

Now if you are even 1 bit like me then the alphabets on the helmet(chances are it may not be called as helmet, but who cares :P) of Yuri Gagarin saying CCCP would bother you.. why CCCP.. what does it stands for?? USSR I can understand.. but whats this CCCP??

Actually CCCP is USSR only.. Its a thing called Cyrillic alphabet, used by Russians. USSR stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics which is equivalent to Soyuz Sovietskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik (in Russian) which is again equivalent to CCCP is USSR(in Cyrillic alphabets) which brings us to our CCCP.

I might have missed a fact or two.. If you know any then do share with us..

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