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Combat or Competition: A National Holiday..oops Bunk

Yes you guessed it right.. Its about Indo-Pak match which is gonna be started in just few hours from now.. 4 hours 12 mins and 32 seconds to be more precise 😛India - Pakistan Semi final worldcup 2011 Combat or competition

If I were Prime Minister of India.. I would declare this day a national holiday.. or at-least a half day.. because work gonna stop anyways.. so better make it an official off.. why being so selfish n going to see the match live alone where as people of the nation will have to work.. sorry Mr. PM No hard feelings.. but still.. 😛

I also pity my college faculty who will have to goto the college wheen all the students are participating in the national bunk..

National bunk.. whoa thats something..and yes its true.. I read in Delhi times today that

A survey says 60% of corporate India is on leave for the Indo-Pak match today

But its not the first time.. work have suffered a lot many times in history before durring the clash of the two neighbouring nations..

As I previously stated.. I’m not that a big fan of Cricket.. but when it comes to Worldcup and that too Indo-Pak.. I’m crazy like many others..

Now as the clock is ticking.. m waiting eagerly for the clock to strike 0230pm.. I’m gonna go complete some bank stuff.. uff the paperworks.. and a small very small meeting.. just for the sake of it.. (I hope my partners don’t read my blog :P) but m gonna keep my one eye on the clock and gonna free myself before 0130pm.. yeah 1hr margin is a must.. Don’t even want to miss pitch report and the toss 😛

India - Pakistan Semi final worldcup 2011 Combat or competition

So while I’m gone I ask you one thing.. Is it just a competition today or something more…like  a Combat??

Do reply.. I wanna see what is India thinking of this day.. even Pakistanis are invited to comment and share their feelings..

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GoOgle India’s Holi doOdle


First of all a very happy holi to all of you.. may this festival.of colors fill your life with lots of colors..
GoOgle India’s today’s doOdle is also based on holi..
Although its nice but I expect better from goOgle.. after all its goOgle..
But this one’s fine too.. Also I would have been happier if the doOdle was placed on too.. afterall we indians are spread across the globe and celebrate holi with great joy..
For our friends who dont knw wat holi is.. please folow this wiki link..
So how do you like this doOdle by goOgle.. I didnt like it much as the last few of them were amazingly great.. so expectations were higher this  time.. bt do feel free to express your views..

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Supermoon from nehru planetarium. Video:NDTV Coverage

Here i am standing in the queue to watch the supermoon at nehru planetarium.. i recorded here a video of the NDTV reporter and thot of uploading it to my blog..

Now m trying to take a pic from the telescope with my phone as am not carying my cam..
1 guy here took a pic from his cam and its awesome… have requested him to mail me the pics..will upload if he mails.
Also attaching some pics from naked eye..

Update: got pics of the pics of supermoon..
Now m waiting here for getting a telescope view of saturn which is expected to show up at around 8:15

Update 2: Tried many times to upload video. But couldnt.. will try again in the night..
Update2.1: upload successfull 🙂

Update3: saw the saturn and its ring.. it was awesome.. couldnt capture it with cam though..

P.S: This post was written from my mobile phone using wordpress for android.. so please ignore typos 😛

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Facebook announced Improved Facebook comments box for other sites

Facebook this morning posted a video on its official facebook fan page saying:

You’ll soon start seeing the Comments Box on some of your favorite blogs and websites across the web. You’ll be able to easily make public comments on other sites using your Facebook account, while seeing more relevant comments, less spam and an option to share your comments with your friends back on Facebook. Watch this video to learn more.

Here’s the video they are talking about..

In the video Austin, Project Manager at faceboOk tells about the new comments box feature.. See the video for details..

I’ll soon  experiment with the new feature and will post again..

What do you think about the new feature.. ?

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