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February 24, 2011


Seventh Murder in 7 Khoon Maaf

Saat-Khoon-Maaf-Unsolve-seventh-murder-mysteryA few days back I went to watch 7 Khoon Maaf.. Latest flick starring my once celebrity crush.. Piggy Chops..

I’m not any film critic and this is not a review.. if you came here searching for a review then you know where the cross button is..
I’m writing this post today to share and discuss with you guys the unsolved mystery in the film.. The 7th Murder.. While I was getting out of the theater every one was talking about who could have been the 7th victim.. as the movie shows only 6 husbands whom Susana (played by Priyanka Chopra) murdered and her 7th husband was Jesus as she became a nun in the end.

Mr. X in the red shirt with funny mustache.. NO! 7th victim can’t be Jesus as he’s already dead remember..

The movie is actually based on a Short story “Susana’s seven husbands” by Ruskin Bond who also played a role of the priest in the movie who officiates Susana’s 7th marriage with the Jesus.

I have came up with three possible explanations of the 7th murder mystery..

1) If you consider Aunt maggie jumping into the house set on fire by susana a victim of susana.
2) If you consider the Dog that she shot dead with his father’s pistol when she was a child as a murder.
3)  Killing herself (not actually) but her identity and past life.. and beginning a new life as a nun.

I don’t want the crap that “If you consider maggie as a victim then Mr Khan was also her victim..” NO he wasn’t he was the victim of the character (whose screen name I don’t remember, and I’m too lazy to open a new tab and goOgle it..) played by Naseeruddin Shah

Thats all my little brain can think of.. So I invite all you brighter minds out there to come up with other possible explanations.. and I don’t know if my blog is popular enough.. but who knows.. Vishal Bhardwaj sir.. If you are reading this.. then please throw some light at this.. a little light.. please.. c’mon..

I even wonder if theres even any mystery there.. maybe the movie makers just wanted to retain the number “7” as it is in the original title “Susana’s Seven Husbands”.. who know..

So start shooting comments below.. about what you feel about this unsolved murder mystery in the film


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Share your comments .. 🙂

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  1. Maddy
    Feb 25 2011

    According to th book , seventh 1 is jesus christ himself as she became nun in the end. wikipedia says the same

  2. Feb 25 2011

    But Title of the boOk is “Susana’s Seven HUSBANDS”
    nothing to do with seven murders..
    where as title of the movie is 7 Khoon maaf and also in the end susana while confessing says that I have to confess for all my 7 crimes..

  3. Feb 26 2011

    I haven’t seen the movie or read the book yet, but do the 7 crimes you talked about in your comment refer to the 7 deadly sins?

  4. Feb 26 2011

    Na Na.. nothing to do with it..

  5. Agam
    Feb 26 2011

    In the story Susanna’s seven husband, the first murder is of the dog…so she had seven husbands including Jesus but she killed only 6…So your option 2 is correct in this case!

  6. saransh
    Feb 27 2011

    1.neil nitin mukesh
    2.John abrahim
    3.irfan khan
    4.nassirudin shah
    5.aunt maggie(burning house)
    6.annu kapoor
    7.that dog…………..
    Note :russian guy suicide himself not murdered

    • nil
      May 6 2011

      Russian guy didn’t suicide Susannah made him to go in that veil buy putting those docs in it

  7. Feb 27 2011

    @saransh russian guy didnt do suicide.. susana threw his file in the well deliberately.. and then when he went down the well.. the snakes(which he didnt know were present there..) bite him..

  8. Feb 27 2011


  9. Star
    Feb 28 2011

    Voila! The Dog! You are a genius! I kept wondering the same, but never thought about the dog! The 2 options I was thinking were a) Herself (sacrificing her materialistic self) b) The doc (narrator of the story) whom she tried to lure into materialistic pleasures 😉

  10. Feb 28 2011

    nah! it cant be the doc.. as they showed him in the end of the movie 🙂

  11. Sandy
    Mar 2 2011

    The same question has been haunting me ever since I’ve watched this movie…
    Just a little deep thinking makes me feel that the Priest (played by Ruskin Bond himself) to which Suzanne admits her confessions at the end, might end up being her last victim… She might not want to leave any witness of her sins!
    What say …?

  12. Shilpa
    Mar 2 2011

    The last theory is correct… she killed herself (her identity actually)

    • hanhan
      Apr 1 2011

      bull shit shilpa. its jesus, and a little something called the Original Sin. go understand the concept and then think about all this

    • Smitha
      May 30 2011

      The 7th one is jesus because she will tell one dialogue to Arun like “woh already mar ghaya hain, abhi sirf khoon choosna baaki hain”

      • hanhan
        May 31 2011

        thank god you agree, at least someone else has a brain and was listening!

  13. Mar 2 2011

    @sandy.. yeah.. at first i thought she would have killed him.. but while confessing.. she said i want to confess for my 7 murders.. so we’ll have to rule that possibility out unless she was talking to a dead priest 😛
    which could very well be a possibility 😛

  14. saba
    Mar 3 2011

    Can someone explain the beginning of the movie to me?? Doesnt she actually shoot herself???

  15. Aakansha
    Mar 3 2011

    I think this answer from IMDB explains it well enough:

    “Who is susanna’s 7th husband in the movie?

    In the end she is shown confessing to 7 murders. 7th murder is that of her maid [Usha Uthap] who is burnt to death while trying to save Susanna when she burns down the house while trying to commit suicide. ‘7 Khoon Maaf’ means she got away with 7 murders. The story on which the film is based is called ‘Susanna’s 7 husbands’, 7th husband being Jesus when she becomes a nun”

  16. Samir
    Mar 3 2011

    First thot after getting out of the theater was that it was the priest. (thats what my instinct said). Maggie aunty died of accident in fire. So was it a murder? Jesus was a imagination, right ? not real.
    still guessing….

  17. ashi
    Mar 7 2011

    i don’t think its the dog. it cannot be. at the time of interval, they say, “4 more to go”.. so it is quite certain that they weren’t counting the dog’s murder..
    the 7th husband is Jesus, that is okay. and when she tells the narrator-doctor, “I’m going to drink his blood”, she refers to the ritual of drinking red wine when a girl converts to a nun. they drink red wine, and red wine is considered as Jesus’ blood.
    so all that is okay.
    but im not sure what’s the mystery behind the broken spectacles :/ i feel, maybe i missed a point during the movie..maybe they showed something and i oversaw it..but idk :/
    and the seventh murder.. um, well.. i don’t want to believe it was Maggie Auntie. it could be her. buuut. i don’t think it would be. maybe the seventh murder means one at a figurative level, and not a literal one. maybe no person was just Susanna’s old self that died.
    i thot she killed herself, but..
    i don’t know.
    why would she kill herself; she would’ve died in a few years anyway.

  18. Mar 14 2011

    It was aunt maggie…! according to me too.

  19. Mar 14 2011

    Let me be a little more detailed:

    Actually I was having the same discussion with a colleague at office who was suggesting that Jesus is the seventh victim. This post helped me clear his doubt.

    Initially when I saw 6 husbands being killed and also featured on movie posters, I thought that the seventh murder is metaphorical and a misguide gimmick used by Vishal. But, when Sussaana says that she needs to confess her seven murders then I gave it a thought and immediately concluded that It has to be Aunt Maggie.

    It cannot be dog since if you start considering animal murders then you may have to account for numerous flies and mosquitoes and other kind of pests Sussanna may have killed in her lifetime. And a Butcher who slays animals for selling meat and make a living has to confess a 100 murders a day. So lets not consider the Dog here.

    Now, I read a comment about Vronsky as suicide. It was Sussana who threw his diary or some imp file or book into the well and Vronksy moves down to fetch it. He is not shown being aware of the residents of the well. It was a planned cold murder. All the 6 husbands were planned and executed. Well, I loved Tarafdar’s execution though. Pretty gritty and very well acted. While, Wasiullah deserved even more disgusting death.

    Aunt Maggie was not a planned murder and therefore not a cold blodded one like others but nevertheless its still a murder. A murder committed in psychotic conditions. A more legal term is Manslaughter( She created the circumstances under which Aunt Maggie died.

    Therefore, the seventh murder is definitely ‘Aunt Maggie’.

    There is no need to go metaphorical here discussing the 3rd option provided by Snehil, since we have our 7 victims.

    • hanhan
      Apr 5 2011

      completely and totally wrong. Its Jesus and its an allusion to Original Sin

  20. sonia
    Mar 16 2011

    For God’s sake !!
    It can never be Maggi Aunty..
    Look, the word murder or khoon itself means intentionally killing someone, n that was an accident.. She never had an intention to kill her.. cant be !!

    n the dog.. interval “4 more to go” says it all… It cant be..

    I think, she submitted herself to God, by marrying Jesus.. she becomes a nun.. and in the end, she either kills herself (finally commits suicide) or towards the end she kills her character (virtually)

    the reason why she confesses 7 sins is again a mystery to me :/

  21. Arindam M Nandi
    Mar 18 2011

    jesus christ became her seventh husband…..

    this is a note i found from the last testament

    Below is a teaching sermon I shared about dating with members of our group called ‘THE VOICE OF THE ARCHANGEL’ . You are welcome to join the group.

    I just thought I would share on this as a continuation of what I posted on the wall yesterday.

    I would encourage you to read the entire chapter of John Chapter 4 but I will focus on this verse
    John 4
    7 There cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water: Jesus saith unto her, Give me to drink. 8 (For his disciples were gone away unto the city to buy meat.)
    9 Then saith the woman of Samaria unto him, How is it that thou, being a Jew, askest drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria? for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans. 10 Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water. 11 The woman saith unto him, Sir, thou hast nothing to draw with, and the well is deep: from whence then hast thou that living water? 12 Art thou greater than our father Jacob, which gave us the well, and drank thereof himself, and his children, and his cattle? 13 Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again:
    14 But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. 15 The woman saith unto him, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw. 16 Jesus saith unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.17 The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, Thou hast well said, I have no husband: 18 For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly.

    I love this bible story. This story relates to all of us who were once mired in sin but have been washed by the blood of Jesus Christ. Here we have a woman who tried to quench her thirst for the Lord Jesus Christ by being with several men. She had six husbands and none of them were her husband. She was an adulteress. She was thirsting for God and to quench that thirst she would go from one man to another. Today we have young brothers and sisters doing the same thing. Dating this boy and this girl from one partner to another defiling themselves and yet they are not ready for marriage. Dating is for people who are ready for marriage not for young people who are 4 or 5 years away from being married.
    Jesus Christ came and told the woman I am your husband all those men are not your husband. I am your true husband. This is because before the foundation of the world she was in HIM and was yearning to go back to HIM. So she went through six men until finally the The Seventh Man came. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself and said I will quench your thirst. Marry me and you will thirst no more. You will no longer go looking for men in the wrong places. Once you meet HIM and truly know HIM you will only seek to please HIM.
    Here was the Seventh Husband the Lord Jesus Christ Himself coming like a true Groom would do seeking His bride. He ignored the prejudice that existed between the Jews and the Samaritans and went through a place that Jews avoided to speak a prostitute whom no man would speak to during the day. We know the number seven is the number of God. For God rested on the seventh day and here comes the Seventh Husband saying come unto me all that are heavy with laden and I will give you rest. The heavenly first and then the earthly man. God always declares it in heaven first before He does anything on earth. That is why He said seek He first the kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you.
    The mistake the sister at the well made was to try to find a man herself. You consult God first before you seek your husband or wife. She thought a man would quench that thirst she had for the Lord Jesus Christ. God will provide for your needs after you seek HIM first then He will provide for your needs. First fulfill the spiritual needs then God will take care of your natural needs.
    We know one time God had a son called Adam. God Himself saw that Adam was lonely and he needed a helpmate. So you think God does not know your needs? Adam did not go to God and say he was lonely. The Omniscient God who knows all things knew His son was lonely and needed helpmate and provided him with a wife Eve. Adam at this time was fully obedient to the Word of God and as a reward God took care of his natural needs.
    My brothers and sisters find the Lord Jesus Christ first and be fully obedient to His Word then He will provide you with a virtuous wife or a God fearing husband when you are ready for marriage. Not playing games dating just for fun that is the devil’s trap. God is not the author of confusion. There is order amongst children of God. All things must be done in plain view with nothing done in secret. Back to our story. Once the woman at the well found her true husband the Seventh Husband she had found rest. Then she did not have to look no more for it is the responsibility of the Lord Jesus Christ to provide you with a husband or a virtuous wife. Not yours but His responsibility all you have to do is pray and be fully obedient to His Word. He knows all your needs and He will provide for your needs after you seek Him first. Seven is the number of completion. The woman was completed by her spiritual groom the Lord Jesus Christ. As I said God rested on the seventh day which was the Sabbath. A type of our rest in Jesus Christ today. Once you get into Christ Jesus you no longer have to labor for anything He labors for you. The Holy Spirit does the work for you. For you are now sitting in heavenly places in Christ Jesus no need to do anything for you find rest in Him and He works for you. So rest little bride rest for all is well as long as you are in Christ Jesus.

    I know young brothers and sisters want a girlfriend or a boyfriend thinking that will make you feel loved . In most cases young girls end up getting hurt in the process. The young girl lets her guard down and end up getting intimate with this so called boyfriend and she is humbled by a boy who will never marry her. He moves on to his next challenge or conquest. The love you are yearning for is the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Agape love first then phileo love. That is why it is important to find a church that teaches the true word of God where you can grow spiritually. God hates divorce sorry I take that back he despises divorce with a passion so it is imperative to get it right the first time. I believe getting married is easy the challenge is staying married. The foundation of that marriage must be based on the Word of God. Jesus Christ must be the foundation of the marriage. That means a boy or girl first seeks Jesus Christ then Jesus Christ will look down on you like He did with Adam and say my son is lonely he needs a helpmate. Jesus Christ said if your own children ask for bread do you give them stones now if we sinners saved by grace know how to provide for our children’s needs how much more a Holy God who knows not sin.
    So find your spiritual husband first then He will provide you with your earthly husband. I read one time on FB a young friend of mine wrote ‘I need an angel’ . I thought he was looking for heavenly angel instead he is looking for a girlfriend. What we have to know is when the heavenly angel came to free Peter from Prison it was fetched by prayer. That is the way angels come by prayer and being fully obedient to the Word of God. When the time comes for a young man to marry, you go to God in prayer and God will provide for your needs by leading you in the right direction. Do not ever try to do it yourself. Moses at one time tried to free the Israelites from slavery on his own and he ended running to the desert afraid of Pharaoh. But he came with I AM that I AM and Egypt was on its knees. A one man invasion of a super power. But he had the backing of God. Look at Isaac we do not ever hear of him dating. When time came for him to marry what did his father do? He sent Eliezer to go get his son a bride. Where did Eliezer go to find a bride for Isaac? among Abraham’s kindred. You see that saints. A born again brother seeks a wife among his kindred one who is also a member of the body of Jesus Christ. Are we not descendants of Abraham? Are we not joint heirs with Jesus Christ of the promise to Abraham by faith? We are descendants of Abraham by faith for we are joint heirs of the promise through our baptism into the body of Jesus Christ. So we do not go around playing with girls and boys that is not Abraham’s seed. That is not what Isaac did. Only when it was time to marry did Abraham send his servant Eliezer to fetch a bride for his son Isaac. Isaac did not have to do a thing. Did Isaac go by himself? No. His father sent someone to go on his father. The same with us we go to the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer and say Lord I am ready to get married please provide me with a virtuous woman or a God fearing husband. God does not make mistakes but if you go without God you will make mistakes. Look at the woman at well. Do you see the order that was there when Isaac was ready to marry? God is not an author of confusion. There is order in the house of the Lord. You just do not have young men and women dating without order. Some going not among their kindred but outside to date people who are idol worshippers. Not everyone that claims to be a Christian is actually a Christian. You must be born again. That means a you are Holy Ghost filled Christian that is the man or woman you must marry otherwise you marry a religious person who will turn you away from God. We know there is thin line between being religious and being a Christian. Marriage is the second most important decision outside of salvation. That is why the best thing God can give a man or woman outside of salvation is a virtuous woman or a God fearing husband.
    I truly hope this helps our young brothers and sisters. It would be easier to be silent on such issues. As Martin Luther said and I am paraphrasing I am responsible for what I say and I am also responsible for what I do not say.

    God Bless You and keep me in your prayers.

    it shows dat she used jesus’s blood to cover up her 6 previous sins .and the name of the movie is- 7 “khoon” maaf…..khoon means murder as well as blood…..the first 6 “khoons” depict murder….bt the 7th “khoon” is a metaphor,which refers to christ’s blood….

  22. Mar 20 2011

    OHHH God , i am confused, Who the bloody hell is the 7th victim ?

    The DOC
    The DOG

  23. Devang
    Mar 24 2011

    can anybody tell me whats that all about the broken spectacles of that ‘sugar’ guy??
    why does this guy tell her that “ab apko kis iko maarne nahi dunga saheb”?? (thats before she become nun. .)
    is there a possibility that he HIMSELF had killed her. .at the end(coz its unsure wether the murder are done only by 1 single person??)
    and why does he says that “she is dead. . forever”?? when her wife is asking him at end???

    i m confused 🙁

    • Apr 24 2011

      yeah! thats all another mystery in itself..

  24. Lavneeta
    Mar 25 2011

    @Arindam M Nandi- I am highly convinced wid wat u hv written…

    She does use Jesus’s Blood to get herself free frm d sins tht y its called “7 khoon maaf”…
    Thoh i am still unsure as to wat happ wid Broken glass…n hw she dies?
    she died as in her identity was removed bt “Sugar” knew tht she was alive n so did Konkana Sen Sharma… So no need fr him to lie…
    N d possibility of him killing her is very very bleak…

  25. amrit
    Mar 27 2011

    i thnk d 7th murder is nt an actual murder its figurative as she is dead in d eyes of d world,
    so d 7th murder is she killing her identity………….

    • hanhan
      May 31 2011

      i thought so too in the beginning but a lot of dialogues and secret allusions point towards jesus

  26. Nadeem Naqvi
    Mar 27 2011

    Hi All
    According to me….. there was no reason mentioning the Dog in the movie (purposeless) but only if it is counted as a Murder done by Priyanka.
    But on the other hand, why doc. mentioned at the end “I will not let you kill the seventh one” this clearly shows the 7th murder is b/w this incident and Susaina’s confess.
    And hence Maggie Aunty and Dog can not be considered.
    The only left option is “Murder of Susaina’s herself i.e. murder of her old way of living life.”
    I am sure guys this is the only answer of the mystery. Isn’t it??

  27. Devang
    Mar 30 2011

    we cant rule out the possibity of Jesus as her 7 husband, coz hes already dead(although its uncertain how can one kill a dead person)

  28. hanhan
    Apr 1 2011

    I can’t believe people can be so limited in their imagination and general knowledge/inference quotient. The seventh husband she killed is obviously Jesus, but not just because now she has taken the oath to be a nun, as the snehil points out. It is because of the idea of the Original Sin – the idea in Christianity that Jesus died for our sins. We are all born sinners and someway responsible for Jesus’s death (as he dies for us). It is really quite simple, i am amazed at the level of the serious cinegoers conjecturing here.

    • Devang
      Apr 2 2011

      dude the possibility of Jesus NOT as her 7 husband was never ruled out, the thing is whether he can be adjudged as her husband or not, according to you he may have died because of ours sins but that doesn’t qualify him as a husband or will it???

      • hanhan
        Apr 3 2011

        wow! again the level 🙂 so when someone is sworn into the communion, to be a nun, she is not swearing to devote her life to Jesus? it doesn’t have to be that they exchange vows so that dense people understand. when you pledge your life to someone or for someone’s work, message etc, aren’t you metaphorically married to them more often than not? Meera and Krishna anyone? or better yet Hitler and Germany? that is the common interpretation… oh for the denser of the densest there is also a symbolic ring slipped into priyanka’s finger when she is taking her oath, that should have made it clear for many of you.. apparently not!!

        • Devang
          Apr 5 2011

          so be it, LET Jesus be the 7 husband(metaphorically), how can one explain the 7 murder then??

          • hanhan
            Apr 5 2011

            Phew! Devang! Its due to Original Sin! (I have mentioned his before!) She killed him as we all killed him. She is a devout Christian now, so she believes all the more in the concept, will be the normal interpretation. Please go read about the concept of Original Sin, i am sure you will understand it. When Mel Gibson was making the “Passion of Christ” the hands that are shown driving the nail into Jesus’s hands are Gibson’s own hands in a (metaphorical again) way to accept Jesus’s murder by himself. That is what Original Sin is all about — we all have contributed in killing Jesus, people who came before him and people who were born after him too. Jesus died for our sins and because we are all sinners (as is Suzanna) we all colluded in killing him.

          • Devang
            Apr 12 2011

            7 murder is of Jesus metaphorically.

            (i would be more impressed if i hadn’t used the word ‘metaphorically’. . .)

      • Apr 24 2011

        when some1 becum a nun.. she is considered to be marrying jesus.. shez even given a ring in his behalf.. and then she is made to drink the holy red wine.. which is considered to be the jesus’ bloOd..

  29. prankster
    Apr 9 2011

    LOL @ counting the dog as a murder and seriously would you want to ask for forgiveness for starting a better life (read killing herself) !
    No wonder people understand Akshay Kumar and SRK movies !

  30. Alex
    Apr 12 2011


    Just calm down and recall the first and last scenes of the movie.
    She prays to Jesus for forgiveness for 7 SINS, not 7 murders.
    The 6 sins are the murders of her 6 husbands [the Russian was lured to his death] and the 7th sin was the one she was going to commit-ie suicide. She kills herself by blowing her brains off with a gun.


    • Apr 24 2011

      the first scene was actually from the scene where she killed “Naseerud din shah” and not herself..

  31. hanhan
    Apr 13 2011

    @ Devang 🙂 I understand your pain 🙂

  32. Apr 22 2011

    Just come down and recall the first and last scenes of the movie. The russians was lured to his death and the seventh sin was the one she was going.

    payroll india

    • Apr 24 2011

      dude.. really?
      u want us to consider that post?
      Hez writing..
      “The father proposed her for the marriage in the bar.
      Even if this murder was not displayed in the movie I believe she killed the father.”
      Where as they were talking about her being becoming a nun.. as becoming a nun is considered marrying Jesus and drinking the holy wine is considered jesus’ bloOd.. remember her saying “This time I’m gonna drink hi bloOd”
      and also according to the story “Susana’s 7 husband” on which the movie is based.. her 7th husband was jesus only..

      • hanhan
        Apr 24 2011

        as i have been screaming from the beginning 🙂 its true its jesus and the concept of original sin, the sin of having killed jesus by her according to it

  33. natasha
    Apr 24 2011

    the 7th murder was of the person she confesses too….
    at the end, susanna is shown sitting in a confession box, and saying I want to confess my sins….

    so maybe she killed the person/priest she confessed too?

  34. natasha
    Apr 24 2011

    she is shown holding a gun to her head and then there is blood….at the start of the movie.

    guys she did not shoot herself…this scene is continued with nasruddin shah…she shoots him…the blood is hers

  35. DJ
    May 5 2011

    She said i want to confess to 7 sins…..

    so it can be thr in no 7th murder….
    at end they show broken spec of sugar guy….

    may 7th sin was she slept wid him… 😛

    but still confus due to title… it say 7 khoon maaf… 🙂

  36. Anni
    May 8 2011

    Guys, Calm down….. The Idea of Original Sin is absolutely applicable here….. and that is the hidden point….

    But I have really seen an awesome movie after a long long time 🙂 Hats Off…to Vishy and Piggy Chops….

    • hanhan
      May 13 2011

      finally someone who knows about the ‘original sin’!! thank you anni, i bow to thee 🙂

  37. May 10 2011

    So the movie was great ..until the ending when she supposedly marries her last husband – Jesus (to become a nun). Everyone who has seen the movie have been after the mystery of the 7th husband.

    The movie was based on the book “Susanna’s seven husbands” written by Ruskin Bond.

    The Indian MOVIE title is “7 khoon maaf” means seven murders forgiven. This means that the 7th husband should also have been murdered. But Jesus was her 7th husband and already dead! That was not a murder then.

    The English BOOK title is “Susanna’s seven husbands” . This title does not tell about any murder of any sort. Just mentions that Susanna had seven husbands. This means Jesus was one of them.

    My point is, the title of the Indian movie was inappropriate to have been put. There is a huge difference in the meaning of the two titles. One means seven murders were forgiven and the other means Susanna had seven husbands. Hence there was NO SEVENTH MURDER. There were only 6 murders. Perhaps the movies title could have been “6 khoon maaf” meaning six murders forgiven.

    I also think that to have been given a movie title such as Seven Murders Forgiven is very unethical putting in mind the fact that 7th husband was jesus ..the last murder was of jesus which is completely ridiculous.

    The Indian film industry really needs to get a grip of themselves and see what kind of unseen and illogical mistakes they really are making.

    • hanhan
      May 13 2011

      The last murder is jesus and its not ‘unethical’ it is a normally accepted christian view, please go read about the concept of ‘original sin’. i have been shouting hoarse about it. i think its a good metaphor and a very well made movie. she killed jesus, just as we all killed jesus because we are all sinners and the product of the ‘original sin’ ; as in we all have contributed in killing jesus. thats the logic behind the seventh murder, and yes it is a murder and not a death.

      • Sorabh Dutta
        May 26 2011

        Even though the idea of original sin seems to work at some levels and is probably the most plausible argument of the seventh sin/murder but having said that i do not think if thats really the case. because of the the fact that original sin is in fact something thats accepted by every christian as a general rule nobody goes to the church for confessing the fact that they killed Jesus as all it really is a default stand of all christians so even though the Original sin argument makes sense it wouldnt really be accounted for considering the commonality of that particular crime. it might just have to do something with the doctors spectacles at the end. ( Non linear screenplay…so the doc scenario actually happened first and then she goes in to confessing her crimes/sins).

      • Sorabh Dutta
        May 26 2011

        “just as we all killed jesus because we are all sinners and the product of the ‘original sin’ “.

        Just to keep it simple – I didnt kill Jesus….. you cant kill a person that never existed..

        • hanhan
          May 31 2011

          wow sourabh is such a great intellectual!! i never meant ‘you’ killed him or ‘I’ killed him, i dont believe in the concept just as much as you dont believe in jesus’s existence. its a matter of faith and personal belief to believe in jesus and the original sin. however just as you dont believe in jesus, the bible does, ok? and it is entitled to believe in what it preaches, right? and the bible espouses the concept of original sin, saying that all human beigns are born sinners as all of us (according to some christian school of thought) have killed jesus. now that suzanna is a ‘believing’ christian, actually a nun, she also believes in the concept. the movie is from her perspective, not yours dear sourabh 🙂 i would recommend to know more or read more before airing your ignorance sweetie, but i totally believe you when you say you didnt kill jesus haha, i will be your alibi in the courts too! 😉

          • hanhan
            May 31 2011

            oooh and by the way even if it is a ‘non linear screenplay’ and his thing happened first, do you think he is that stupid as to get assaulted by her first, go out to encounter his wife and police and then go right back in to be killed by her, so that she could fit your description of the seventh murder, i.e killing him??? hahahahahaha. you are too keeping it very simple, simple and plain dumb!!!

  38. Sukhrajbir
    May 13 2011

    7 Khoon Maaf (meaning ‘seven forgiven murders’) also stars Neil Nitin Mukesh, John Abraham, Irrfan Khan, Aleksandr Dyachenko, Annu Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah and Vivaan Shah as Susanna’s doomed husbands.

    dats this page saying… all 7 names

    • hanhan
      May 31 2011

      vivaan shah was not one of her husbands

  39. May 26 2011

    In my humble opinion, she was never satisfied with any of the husband. She killed 6 of them before and then decided to be a nun. In the end confessing of 7 sins, I think she referring the 7th one as reverting back to the normal life and leaving to be a nun forever as she is not satisfied with the 7th husband. She can’t kill him but she can break the marriage (leave the nun thing) anyway. Hope it makes sense.

    • Sorabh Dutta
      May 27 2011

      This actually makes sense…. The jesus factor but not including the original sin bullshit..

      • hanhan
        May 31 2011

        hahaha why dont you go read about the concept (original sin) ignoramus? that ‘bullshit’ then will make immense sense to you. knowledge is key, you seem to have none 😛 without the concept, the ‘killing’ of jesus doesnt make sense.

  40. SD
    Jun 15 2011

    i think the 7th murder is the one of her butler who drinks the mushroom soup and dies. She probably asked him to drink the soup, thus commiting murder no. 7.

    • hanhan
      Jun 19 2011

      SD? Sorabh Dutta? Egad! the guy doesn’t quit! kudos for a great pseudonym though

  41. gili
    Jul 14 2011

    The seventh murder was of a man.
    Sorry guys – no god. no dog. no aunt maggi.

    The seventh victim was the one who has accepted her with all her faults – the one who forgave her – and saved her – Arun.

    Remember what she said last to Arun: I refuse to share your love now, or in future. (he thinks its because she wont marry again – but the truth is that she wasn’t willing to share it with Arun’s wife)

    She also invites him to church the next day – he agrees.
    But He never arrives – coz he is dead by then –

    Remember the last scene with him – he is seen crying – and the background is NOT the church – its his own room – when he got back – he realised she has poisoned him too – and he understood the whole thing.

    There are two other reasons for why she may have killed him:

    1. He was the only person who knew she was alive and a murderer.
    2. He was not honest with his wife – therefore – not a good husband – and she has only one solution for such men.

    And my idea is that its vishal bhardwaj’s own brain working here. Not the book

  42. hanhan
    Jul 24 2011

    HA HA HA HA HA your version is as much fun as Vishal’s fiction, but one question why is it steeped so deeply in idiocy? please go watch the movie before you intentionally ignore other facts and unintentionally make us all laugh HA HA HA HA HILARIOUS

  43. carion
    Jul 30 2011

    Susanna tells arun she finally is getting married the next day to someone who accepts her, knowing all of her sins. Finally in spirituality, She imagines her seventh husband to be Jesus one who is full of love, and already ‘dead’ as she becomes a nun at the end.
    it means that jesus is her 7th husband.

  44. Rajat
    Jul 31 2011

    hanhan..all my respect for ur patience with these guys who can’t try to understand a simple thing..
    the dialogues “I am going to drink his bloOd”, ‘tum use nahin bacha sakte..wo to kab ka mar chuka hai’, , the belief of marrying Jesus through becoming a nun, weaking a ring, drinking red wine as a symbol of Jesus’ bloOd, susssina being a cristian and the concept of ”original sin’, everything adds PERFECTLY..thanks a lot for sharing and good luck making these people understand a hindi movie.

    • hanhan
      Aug 30 2011

      Rajat! you are my new best friend 🙂 its so elementary that you and I don’t even have to be Sherlock and Watson. But thanks for writing here, my faith in logical reasoning has been restored!

  45. Askwith13
    Feb 4 2012

    I agree with hanhan that 7 th husband is jesus and its his murder we are talking about in the title “saat khoon maaf”. But the 7th sin that is confessed is definitely identity theft – a non virgin becoming a nun. Confessing to jesus killing makes less sense. Wot say .

    • DSR
      Jun 17 2012

      I agree with han han..she confessed to 7 sins which includes 6 murders or sins and the 7th sin is based on the “original sin”..

  46. MCM
    Jul 10 2012

    I’m pretty sure it was Jesus she was married to. There’s many points that point to Jesus: when she’s with the “young boy” and she tells him that she will drink his (Jesus’s) blood, the ring she gets when she’s converted, and also that by the end of the movie she had confessed all her sins to the Father (whom people think is the 7th, but in my opinion isn’t).
    I’m going to be frank, if I was the Father and I heard someone tell me they killed 7 people, I’d tell them to give me a second to let it all sink in, get out, lock them in the confession booth, and … well, I’d still feel pretty bad for her.

  47. howdy
    Oct 6 2012

    the movie is based on ‘ Sussana’s 7 husband’ and the directory did a lousy job to translate it to 7 khoon maaf…..I believe the 7th sin was never commited but director just chose to say so to keep up with the title of the movie.

  48. Joy
    Jan 13 2013

    It was her unborn child with the major (first husband)

  49. shishir
    Sep 5 2013

    A lot of people think it was the maid Usha Uthup who was the 7th victim, but I think the
    way she died was an accident and thus does not qualify as a ‘khoon’.
    I believe the 7th husband was the father of the church where Priyanka became a nun.
    She was seen with this father in a bar in same attire she was shown on beach with
    Vivaan Shah towers the end of the movie, where she says 7th is already dead. The father
    proposed her for the marriage in the bar. Even if this murder was not displayed in the movie I believe she killed the father. She did not kill herself for sure, I watched movies twice in parts and Priyanka’s avatar in
    the first scene where it seems she has committed suicide, and the when she kills
    Naseeruddin Shah is same. Even the way blood is spread around is same.

  50. kastor troy
    Nov 23 2013

    The 7th nurder is Arun Kumar, just before at the beach scene she says I have never shared you in the pas and wont share you in future. He also doesnt soeak again, sge killed all her loves including ger true live Arun.

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