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February 1, 2011


FaceboOk SMS notifications or SMS Spam: A Netizen’s Dilemma

faceboOk recently sent the following SMS to its users suggesting to de-register from the DND service if they want to continue receiving messages from faceboOk.
Your number is registered with Do Not Call Registry.
To receive Facebook SMS after Feb 1 you must de-register by texting STOP DND to 1909.
The Reason:

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recently issued new regulations on the SMS industry in India.
Starting from Feb 1st 2011 every SMS service provider has to adhere to the new TRAI NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register (NCPR)) guidelines. Check for more details on new TRAI guidelines.
The primary objective is to ensure that consumers do not get commercial communications of promotional nature unless they have specifically opted for receiving them. No SMS provider is allowed to deliver SMS to NDNC/NCPR listed mobile numbers. TRAI New guidelines does not allow any service provider to use Numeric mobile number as the sender. So, starting from Feb 1 st, the new Message structure will be like -” TD- XXXXX” as the sender. These policies will also be applicable on internet-based mobile messaging websites.
What does this mean??

This means..
On a happy note..
  • No more SMSes about buying a SuperDuper Flat near Noida expressway or buying River view villas in Goa… and maybe no more SAUNA SLIM BELTS advertisement too.. 😛
On a note so happy note..
  • No more interactivity for facebook via text message.. You can’t like or comment on a friend’s status by replying to the message now, as SMS wont be coming from a real phone number as it used to come..
  • You can’t receive SMS notifications from faceboOk if you are registered on NDNC/NCPR
  • You can’t receive SMS notification between 9PM to 9AM even if you are not registered on NDNC/NCPR
  • You can’t send SMS from sites like way2sms with your own no. SMS would instead be sent from “TD- SNEHIL” like nicknames.
TRAI categorizes bulk SMS into two categories: Transactional and Promotional.
Transactional SMS is any message sent by Financial institution, Railways, Airlines or Educational institutions to it’s registered users. Everything else is termed as Promotional.
Telemarketer SMS and calls will be categorized in 7 categories namely:
  1. Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards;
  2. Real Estate;
  3. Education;
  4. Health;
  5. Consumer goods and automobiles;
  6. Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT;
  7. Tourism and Leisure.
Only Transactional messages will have full branded sender id (like TA-ICICIBANK) for others, there will be a 6 digit code (like TA-n12345 or TA-nABCDE), where n is the category of the message and further 5 digits are the unique code given by the telecom operator to each aggregator. All non-transactional messages will be compulsorily passed through the NDNC filter.
Obviously TRAI didn’t thought of these Internet based messaging services like faceboOk, goOgle SMS groups, messaging websites like way2sms, 160by2 etc before setting these guidelines..
TRAI guideline does not talk about these services, and since the operators are going to term any Bulk SMS as a promotional SMS.. so users are ultimately gonna loose the benefits of these sevices..
Although the policy was meant to be implemented from today (i.e 1 Feb) but I did received some messages from faceboOk from a normal numeric number.. so is it delayed??

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