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Vodafone revealed a Faster, Smarter, Better ZooZoo: A Super 3G ZooZoo

Its a Superman.. Its a Batman.. Its Rajinikanth.. NO! Its a ZooZoo.

Vodafone today revelaed a supernatural ZooZoo with a 3G logo, Something like eye patch and a Cape n everything..
The 3G Super ZooZoo seems like a hybrid of Superman, Mr. incredible and our favourite Rajinikanth.. going into the telephone booth for changing up like superman.. flying high in the sky saving people around.. stopping trains from falling off the bridges.. and running faster than the bullets..

I already said earlier how m a great fan of creative advertisments like these and Vodafone ZooZoo ads are already a benchmark for the Indian advertisment industry.

Vodafone ZooZoos already being hugely popular in IPL returned this time in ICC cricket world cup 2011 all excited up about watching something supernatural in the sky..  You must have seen those ZooZoo ads ending in “Fact or Fiction?“, “UFO or Alien?“, “Bird or Plane?“, “Dream or Reality?”  if you have been following the world cup..

The new character correctly signifies what vodafone is offering its customers – a FASTER, SMARTER and BETTER 3G broadband experience with top 3G speed at 21.1 Mbps.. now thats really super..

Heres the advertisement video if you haven’t seen it yet..

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HowTo: get refund for cancelled Bryan Adams’ Delhi concert

Refund Pricedure for Bryan Adams Delhi Concert ticketsNetsurf Communications Pvt. Ltd. today (24th February 2011) started the refunding procedure for the cancelled Bryan Adams’ Delhi concert tickets.

KyaZoonga have been appointed as its Ticket Refund Processing Agent for the cancelled Bryan Adams’ Delhi concert.

You’ll have to follow the following process to claim your refund for the cancelled concert tickets :-

Those who bought the tickets online:

  1. GoTo and fill out the application form before 2nd March.
  2. Refund process will start on 3rd of March on First Come First Serve basis. The ammount to be refunded will be credited back into your credit card, debit card or net banking account that you used for purchasing the tickets online.

Those who bought the tickets from retail outlets:

Those who bought the tickets from retail outlets like Planet M, Furtados, Landmark etc.. will have to visit the KyaZoonga’s Delhi office between 24th Feb to 2nd March – 11am to 5pm except for Sundays.

KyaZoonga’s Delhi Office Address:

13 institutional Area
Lodi Road
New Delhi – 110003

To claim you refund you must be carrying the following essential documents:

  1. e-voucher confirmations (if you hadn’t picked up your tickets).
  2. Physical ticket along with the confirmation numbers (if you opted for courier).
  3. Government issued Photo ID that matches name on the e-voucher confirmation.

If sending some one else to collect cash refund on your behalf they will be needing:

  1. A letter of authorization along with them.
  2. His/Her original Photo ID along with a photocopy to be submitted.
  3. Send your original Photo ID and its photocopy to be submitted.

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Seventh Murder in 7 Khoon Maaf

Saat-Khoon-Maaf-Unsolve-seventh-murder-mysteryA few days back I went to watch 7 Khoon Maaf.. Latest flick starring my once celebrity crush.. Piggy Chops..

I’m not any film critic and this is not a review.. if you came here searching for a review then you know where the cross button is..
I’m writing this post today to share and discuss with you guys the unsolved mystery in the film.. The 7th Murder.. While I was getting out of the theater every one was talking about who could have been the 7th victim.. as the movie shows only 6 husbands whom Susana (played by Priyanka Chopra) murdered and her 7th husband was Jesus as she became a nun in the end.

Mr. X in the red shirt with funny mustache.. NO! 7th victim can’t be Jesus as he’s already dead remember..

The movie is actually based on a Short story “Susana’s seven husbands” by Ruskin Bond who also played a role of the priest in the movie who officiates Susana’s 7th marriage with the Jesus.

I have came up with three possible explanations of the 7th murder mystery..

1) If you consider Aunt maggie jumping into the house set on fire by susana a victim of susana.
2) If you consider the Dog that she shot dead with his father’s pistol when she was a child as a murder.
3)  Killing herself (not actually) but her identity and past life.. and beginning a new life as a nun.

I don’t want the crap that “If you consider maggie as a victim then Mr Khan was also her victim..” NO he wasn’t he was the victim of the character (whose screen name I don’t remember, and I’m too lazy to open a new tab and goOgle it..) played by Naseeruddin Shah

Thats all my little brain can think of.. So I invite all you brighter minds out there to come up with other possible explanations.. and I don’t know if my blog is popular enough.. but who knows.. Vishal Bhardwaj sir.. If you are reading this.. then please throw some light at this.. a little light.. please.. c’mon..

I even wonder if theres even any mystery there.. maybe the movie makers just wanted to retain the number “7” as it is in the original title “Susana’s Seven Husbands”.. who know..

So start shooting comments below.. about what you feel about this unsolved murder mystery in the film

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HowTo: Hack a wi-fi network

Doesn’t it suck when you see your laptop’s catching so many wi-fi signals but none of them is accessible.. don’t you feel like “I wish I could some how break the password and dive into the deep oceans of the information” I beleive everyone should be able to have free internet. If someday I make it big enough and I’ll be having ample money.. I promise I’ll provide free wifi hotspots all over the places.. “Let there be INTERNET”.. even If I don’t get rich.. I’ll become a politician and would make Internet a Fundemental right to every citizen.. Now that would be something..

That’s enough with the Castles in the air.. now lets get back to reality..
What I can do for you right now is that I can tell you how to hack a wifi network to access Internet.. Some would call it stealing.. some like me won’t..
I’ll call it Sharing.. Sharing is what on which the whole Internet is build upon…
So.. Here’s how we do it..

Read moreRead more

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Insight: Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS)

As we know cricket is part n parcel of our lives when at least Cricket World Cup is on! For all those non cricketing background cricket fans, here is some info on the latest technological development.. the UDRS. So many times we shout at the umpire, “That was out” or “That was just not out “. The ICC (International cricket council) has devised the plan, to solve such indecisions in the match by giving both batting and the fielding team a chance to refer the decision with the TV or the Third umpire. Here when batting or fielding side player feels that decision was not made correctly, he can ask the umpire to call for UDRS by showing him a T sign with hands!

Now there will be no such things as “That hit the bat and still was given LBW” or” He nicked and is still bating.”

In the current world cup, each team has been given two referrals per innings. Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the first one to use it in the tournament. Earlier it was scheduled only for the knock out stage but later added to full tournaments. UDRS has been implemented in tests, but at discretion of the two nations playing games. India has been the only country to say no to UDRS as they feel technology is not fool proof (may be because of what happened in Sri Lanka tour in 2008). Other member countries have welcomed the development, saying it has to happen one day with improving technologies ! Indian superstar Sachin Tendulkar is not in favour of UDRS, but his look alike batsman Sehwag is !

On the contrary it may removes that luck factor and human error enjoyment from the game.. but game has to evolve , even if we reduce some uncertainty from it !

Whats your take on the new UDRS? Feel free to share in the comments below..

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HowTo: Follow ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Online

This afternoon.. The streets will be empty.. with no human wandering around.. deserted roads.. with the silence prevailing all over the universe.. and suddenly screaming and shouting coming from all over the place.. NO its not an apocylapse.. its ICC Cricket World Cup 2011..Starting TODAY! (aur is bar to India me ho raha hai 😉 )
And the screams are the screams of cheer.. the screams of joy.. Once again the world will soak in the joy of cricket..

Wait.. first let me exhale all my excitement out.. hoo hoo.. hey hey.. World Cup.. INDIA INDIA INIDA.. Oye Chak De Phatte.. aaaaaaa.. Woohooo..
Ohk.. M done..
NO Wait..
whohoo.. Chakh De Oh Chakh De INDIA.. OyeOyeOye..

The excitement is back.. The nail biting..all the nervousness.. the goOsebumps.. and the real joy when Sachin hits a century.. or Dhoni hits a huge SIX and Zaheer makes it hard for the batsmen.. this one’s gonna be the overdose of cricket..

M not that much a Biggie big fan of cricket.. but its world cup right.. and m Inidan.. we have something about it in our blood.. we just can’t help it..

While television remains the prime medium for sinking in all the excitement but you may not able to or wanting to spend all the time sitting in front of the idiot box.. so heres how you can catch up with all the action and excitement while working or while on road..

So  you are saying I can work/travel and still wont miss out the Cricket??

Yes mylord.. you heard it right…
and heres how..

To watch it live online on a PC
Heres the link..
Here you can watch the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 live stream, Match Summaries, Video On Demand (VOD) as well as Match replays..
You may also want to subscribe to ESPN’s youtube channel.. in that case heres the link..
But I’ll be travelling and No I Can’t carry my laptop with a data card along with me..
Easy there.. if you are smart enough to have a smart phone.. here are some cool apps you can download for free to keep yourself updated about the ongoing action..

For Android:
ESPNcricinfo – Click Here for details
Cricket World Cup 2011 – LIVE – Click Here for details

For Apple iOS:

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – Official – Click Here for more details
ESPNcricinfo – Click Here for more details
or you can always use the traditional ways

Oh mahn! thanx.. You saved my soul from wandering in hell for missing out all this exciting stuff.. but are there still any other means left to follow the action too?

Ofcourse there are..
You can follow all the excitement via RSS feeds too..
Just add the below quoted URL to your RSS reader…

ESPN’s ICC Cricket Worldcup 2011 RSS feed:

you can always use the traditional methods like SMS update or browsing through using your mobile GPRS

Use twitter to follow ICC Cricket World Cup 2011
For those of you who’ll rather follow it on twitter than anywhere else.. these are the hashtags I’ve seen so far..
#worldcup #cricket
You can also send your wishes to the Team India players who are on twitter..
My wishes to the indian team for cwc2011

I hope they have seen Starwars.. otherwise they may think of me as a fool 😛

Here are the twitter handles of few of our beloved players of Team India:


Woah! loOk at the time.. its 1425 already.. and I still have to make pop corn..
My Saturdays are NON Working.. so I’ll be watching today’s match on my 32 inch LCD (Yes I am trying to make you feel jealous! 😛 ) but you guys can follow it using any technique I described above..

So cya.. and enjoy the goOd Cricket..

P.S: All the techniques provided above is for informational purposes only.. Snehil Khanor won’t be responsible if your boss catches you watching cricket while working 😛

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Even goOgle soaked up in joy and excitement of Cricket World Cup 2011

Just in case you haven’t checked it out already.. goOgle’s today’s doOdle shows that even goOgle is soaked in the excitement and joy of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 starting today with the Inida vs. Bangaldesh fixture at 1430 IST (0830 GMT)

Heres the doOdle if you missed it..

goOgle's cricket world cup 2011 doOdleI’m already a big fan of goOgle’s doOdles.. if you are too or you want to become one.. you can check out the doOdle archives from here ..

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Bryan Adams’ postponed Delhi concert called OFF – Ticket Holders to get full refund

UPDATE: Click here for the procedure of the Refund Process

The much awaited “Bryan Adams’ Concert” in New Delhi is finally called off after getting postponed and rescheduled from the original date and venue 15th February, NSIC Ground, Okhla to the 20th February, Gurgaon.

This time it was called off due to “logistical issues”.

“The singer is performing in Kathmandu on Feb 19 and in London on Feb 21. However, Bryan Adams will return to India this year to fulfill his commitment to his fans. People who have purchased the tickets online and through retail outlets will get a complete refund
-Sujit Jain, Managing Director – Netsurf Entertainment

This is a HUGE Dissapointment for all the fans.. Although the organizers are promising that they will bring Bryan back in September to perform in Delhi.. But who can tell..

I myslef was super excited when I first read about Bryan Adams coming to New Delhi for performing.. but this time due to some financial crunches wasn’t able to buy the ticket.. but if the organizers really did Re-organize the concert in september.. then who know maybe I will also be standing there in the crowd and screaming with the Legend.. 😉

And again I feel pity for those who bought the ticket.. had their hopes up.. and now are left with no choice but to get their tickets refunded.. Especially for my friend Abhishekh Mishra. 😛

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Bryan Adams’ Delhi Concert Postponed

UPDATE: Click here for the procedure of the Refund Process

In the morning when I updated my status this:

Mere bina Bryan Adams ke Concert pe jaane wale.. bhagwan kare baarish aa jae aur concert cancel ho jae 😀
Dedicated to Abhishek Mishra

Little did I know.. that concert is going to be cancelled for real.. 😀

I so pity on Abhisekh right now… Sorry bro.. really sorry.. Loss is mine too as now I know you wont record it for me 😛

So what actually caused the cancelation??

Here’s what..

The organizers of the mega event failed to get mandatory clearance (NOC – Non Objection Certificate) from Delhi Police, Traffic Police and Fire Department which led to the mass disappointment of the thousands of fans.

The Primary reason stated by the authorities for not providing the organizers with the NOC was SECURITY and OverSale of tickets.. Around 10K tickets were sold for a venue to  hold 6K people.

We were not okay with the venue, the traffic and the vehicle parking arrangement, neither with the tickets being sold in numbers exceeding the capacity. We have had several objections since day one and based on that, we haven’t given them an NOC. How can they go ahead if we didn’t give any clearance? The concert is postponed. We had a meeting with the organisers and we explained what all they need to do in order to get all clearances. Unless they get approval on all those factors, the concert cannot happen. You can speak to them for rescheduled dates.
-Virender Chahal, additional Commissioner of Police (South-East)

Now What??

Don’t worry If you spent the money on the ticket its not wasted.. the concert would be rescheduled to a new venue most probably on 20th Feburary in Gurgaon..

The official site for selling the Concert’s tickets – also posted a notice on their site stating the postponement of the concert..

Per instructions we have received from the organizers, the Bryan Adams concert in Delhi has been postponed. For customers who have booked tickets online and through retail outlets, please DO NOT go to the NSIC venue to pick up your tickets. Details of the new venue, date and time will be available later this evening. Should customers choose not to attend the rescheduled concert, their ticket purchases will be refunded. The process of ticket exchanges/refunds will also be announced this evening. Please check this space for more updates.

Excerpt from HERE

Why Only In Delhi??

The Bryan Adams concerts in bangalore and in Mumbai went smoothly then why only in Delhi this SH*T happened?

Viraf Sarkari, director, Wizcraft International Entertainment tells why..

Getting licenses for events in Delhi is a very tedious process. There are 25 licenses one needs and for the longest time now, we have been trying to tell the authorities through the Event and Entertainment Management Association that there needs to be a single window clearance for permissions for such large-scale events.

And its not the first time that any Mega Event got cancelled due to Security concerns in Delhi..

Remember Grand Opening of Delhi Eye by Shah Rukh Khan?? and there many more too..

So lets see what happens next and how hard the organizers try to “Make a Night To Rememeber” by Delhi fan base of Bryan Adams.

Did you bought the tickets too?? What’s your take on it?? Feel free to shout out in the comments below..

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GoOgle’s Valentine doOdle inspired from Robert Indiana’s Love Artwork

Just came across another interesting doodle by GoOgle for this Year’s ( 2011) Valentine day.. which upon hovering wishes you “Happy Valentine’s Day from Google & Robert Indiana

google valentine doodle - robert indiana

This doodle of goOgle is inspired by a famous artwork of Robert Indiana an American Artist and the LOVE artwork is one of his best known work..

GoOgle’s doodles are making web search fun and enjoyable for us from years.. as long as from 1998 and if you by chance miss any of them heres where you can see the old doodles..

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