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January 19, 2011


How to get Facebook mail id like [email protected]

In recent past FaceboOk launched “faceboOk messages” a new messaging system which some people are also referring to as faceboOk mail as faceboOk is providing addresses like [email protected] but Mark Zuckerberg (CoFounder and CEO) made it clear during the launch that it is not an email.
“It’s true that people will be able to have an email addresses, but it’s not email.”
-Mark Zuckerberg
facebook messaging

facebook messaging

Some people are also calling it as the “gmail killer“. The codename for the project is “Project TITAN” and it combines services like Instant Messaging, eMail, text messaging and regular messaging.
It also centralizes all your chats and long awaited “forward” feature in the messaging system is also finally here. It also allows to attach and send files and theres also an option to send a copy of the mail/message you are sending to the user as a text message too.
To activate “faceboOk messaging” you’ll have to request an invite and wait for your turn to get it.
To request an invite goto “FACEBOOK MESSAGING INVITATION PAGE” and register yourself in the queue for getting facebook mail id.

request Faceebook Mail Invitation

Your mail id would be same as your username for e.g if your profile page is your mail id would be [email protected]
If you dont have your username then get it from “FACEBOOK USERNAME PAGE
When I got “faceboOk messaging” last week I also got few invites to invite people from my friend list but when I invited them they didnt actually got the access to “faceboOk messaging” instead they were enqueued in the invitation list. Strange game faceboOk showed there playing “Hard to get”.
Facebook Mail Invite
I’ll post a detailed review of new “faceboOk messaging” system later today or tommorow.
I hope you guys also get new “faceboOk messaging” soon as it is of no utility to me until no one else in my friend list have it.
Adieu untill next time 😉

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